Top 6 best Endura mountain bike clothing 2021

We’re about to expose to you the best Endura mountain bike clothing in this article today. These tend to offer reliable protection, ranging from gloves, helmets to pants. Furthermore, some people would like these clothes to endure clouds of dust and dirt on the trails. When biking, there’s no way to avoid something like that from taking place. But how unique are these cycling garments anyway?

Well, they can withstand all conditions. But more importantly, the clothing suit any riding scenario. They offer enough warmth while keeping low weight for the riders to feel more comfy and breathable. Also, the clothing is both waterproof and extremely versatile. However, there are many manufacturers specializing in mountain bike clothing. Well, here’s our roundup of the top best Endura mountain bike clothing every rider would love to spend on.


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6 Best Endura mountain bike clothing 

Top 1: Endura Hummvee Baggy Cycling Short

With the use of decent Italian Lycra, the Endura Hummvee Baggy Cycling Short provides a specific fit for intense cycling activity. Especially when you’re riding on hot summer days, the exceptional fabric tech could reflect ultraviolet rays from the sun. Doing so will help prevent extra heat from being released more while offers the bikers the UPF50 protection. 

Apart from that, the Endura Hummvee Baggy Cycling Short used to be chosen for an Editor’s Choice award in the previous year. So you shouldn’t worry much about them, especially when this version is much better than you thought. By availing a set of panels that can imitate the biking position, you no longer feel irritated or too tight when putting them on. The material is thin enough to know where your skin ends, and the shorts start. 


  • Great comfort
  • Different pad options
  • Protect skin from sun and rain
  • Good leg length 


  • Not flatlock seam in bib 

Trust me or not, you would be amazed at how well the Endura Hummvee Baggy Cycling Short fit your body. As it comes to the leg length, it feels right!. Meanwhile, the bibs won’t ever cause you to feel restrictive at all. 

Top 2: Endura Fit Sublimated Bike Jersey

Endura Fit Bike Jersey gets kicked off with the use of water-resistant materials that are stretchy enough for the biker’s comfort. The jersey also features the primary panels that are not only waterproof but also breathable to put on. It comes with a pair of arm warmers allowing the riders to adapt to the changeable conditions with ease. To prevent rain, the front part will do its job perfectly. 

Another bonus of Endura Fit Bike Jersey is its special area to protect any item you bring along. Now the classics II Jersey is available in dark blue and vivid orange, so feel free to pick out your favorite. It’s one of the best Endura mountain bike clothing you need for any speedy ride in unexpected weather conditions. 


  • Amazing waterproof materials
  • Lightweight and breathable 
  • Prevent rain and keep the wind out 
  • Comfortable fit and well-built


  • The material is a bit stretchy.

Last but not least, the Endura Jersey features better breathability as compared to a traditional shell jacket for real. It’s easy to spot that on the test rides. Besides, the material Endura used is stretchy so that it can help keep the wind out and prevent rain from soaking your body.

Top 3: Endura MT500 Mountain Cycling Booty Overshoe

The Endura MT500 Cycling Overshoe has brilliant waterproofing features that can help keep any rain and wind out of the bikers’ body. It’s also a badass choice to make for cool days when you need a shell jacket for protection from the weather conditions. However, one of the things you’ll love the most about it is the shoe. It seems that Endura has chosen a shaped and multi-panel buildup with unique stretch sections to make it move with you. 

In other words, you’ll find it ideally flexible on your bicycle. It’s stretchy and breathable enough to cover your skin on cold days thanks to the brushed inner. 

Apart from it, the Endura MT500 Cycling Overshoe also features a zip with one storm shield inside along with underarm vents. These certainly offers added ventilation without needing the bikers to open the front of their jacket. 


  • Impressive weather protection
  • Good fit and well-built
  • Useful underarm vents
  • Sealed seams 


  • Feel a bit hot inside 

Last but not least, the Endura MT500 Cycling Overshoe feature three different pockets in which the chest one can offer plenty of space for storage. So go to pick it up and try it on now!

Top 4: Endura FS260-Pro Aerogel Mitt Cycling Glove

Now, are you seeking the warmest gloves available among several Endura mountain bike garments? If so, then here you go: The Endura FS260-Pro Cycling Glove would tell you how to do it best. By having the closest fit, the outer softshell of these gloves is the key to keep your fingers dry and cozy among the harsh rides. 

Just go for them for your long downhill rides in freezing weather conditions. The palm material of the grip padding is very protective for your skin.


  • Good waterproof function
  • Synthetic leather gloves
  • Long cuff with a snug fit
  • Extremely flexible on the bike


  • No adjustment at cuff

Above all, their seam-sealed membrane maintains the rain out and helps prevent sweat from getting away. The Endura FS260-Pro Cycling Glove is indeed a considerable option.

Top 5: Endura Pro SL Cycling Bibshort

With the military-grade material from Endura, the socks certainly give you a luxurious feel. Though these are not as effective as wool, the 5. Endura Pro SL Cycling Bibshort are quite breathable and lightweight to put on.

Apart from these great features, they do such a brilliant job of wicking away moisture. Above all, the Endura Pro SL Cycling Bibshort would bring your body the warmest sensation in every winter. 


  • Nice warmth with medium thickness
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Highly breathable 


  • Limited colors 

In short, once your body feels cold during a ride, it’s almost impossible to warm them up again. But now you have Endura Pro SL Cycling Bibshort already, they will help insulate without adding any thickness. 

Top 6: Endura Clickfast Coolmax Mesh Liner

The base layer of the Endura Clickfast Coolmax Mesh Liner has a form-hugging style, but it won’t cause you to feel uncomfortable at all. By blending Lyocell and Merino wool, it’s possible to keep the riders warm on the trails.

Whenever it’s cold, pull this out and put it on to concentrate on your riding instead of caring much about your body. However, the Endura Clickfast Coolmax Mesh Liner tends to be heavier than synthetic fiber, so it takes a long to dry out. Last but not least, the cut of this product is slim but not too skinny.


  • Comfy to wear
  • Good value for the money
  • Versatile and warm
  • Odor-resistant feature 


  • Takes longer to dry. 

In other words, feel free to go for the Endura Clickfast Coolmax Mesh Liner on casual occasions, not only for mountain biking tasks. Its long back hem is blended with a mobile sleeve, which offers all racers great freedom of motion as well.

Why should you buy Endura mountain bike clothing?

As you know, Endura was known as a manufacturing agency that has been specialized in creating mountain bike clothing at its own facility in Scotland. If you think of getting some biking garments to withstand harsh weather conditions, then this is the right place for you to buy some pieces of clothing. The company ensures its clothing to allow all riders to move in any weather. They still feel comfy on their bikes at the same time.

Who should buy Endura mountain bike clothing?

Ranging from mountain riders, road cyclists to commuters, they all need to get Endura mountain bike clothing for sure. Most of them tend to choose loose-fitting shorts and waterproof jackets to protect themselves from heavy rain and wind. These types of clothing would help them boost the riding experience by not feeling too restrictive on the trails. Well, Endura also offers the kit for one of the fastest racer teams of Movistar. 

Best Endura mountain bike clothing FAQs

What does the term “Pro SL” mean?

Pro SL of Endura lies at the top of the garment range that gets worn by the UCI professional cycle team (also known as Team Movistar) and Women’s UCI Professional team (also known as Cervelo Bigla).

What does Endura have in their modern jerseys?

Every modern jersey avails one zip closure coming in various lengths. The short zip goes for mild weather, while long zips are perfect for hot days. Here, you can freely open the jersey while climbing and let the breeze cool your skin down.

What should we wear for a mountain biking journey?

There are a couple of items you should always put on when biking, such as a helmet, a pair of mountain bike shorts/pants, jersey, mountain bike gloves, goggles, and shoes. 


If you spend any time outdoors cycling, it’s inevitable to get soaked in the rain. Therefore, a nice waterproof jacket or jersey would be helpful a lot here. Go for your favorite among the top 6 best Endura mountain bike clothing we’ve mentioned in this article. Most of them feature a great blend of warmth, comfort, and water resistance. 

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