Best Bicycle Cover in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are an enthusiast, you know how many problems can arise during the conservation phase of the bike. In this guide, we explain how to choose the best bicycle cover for your needs.

To protect your bike and its various elements, nothing like a specific cover. Today, manufacturers offer models for the entire bicycle and the wheels. Practical and durable, these protections will protect your two-wheeler from frost, sun, and humidity. So, your bike can spend the night outside without ever getting damaged! We have written this article to help you find the best bicycle cover. Whether it is protecting your entire bike or just the wheels, you will need to make a wise choice. Read our advice and browse our selection to find the best cover for your bike!


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Top 6 Best Bicycle Cover For Your Bike

Top 1: Hanmir Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Cover

This Hanmir cover comes to protect bicycle and mountain bike wheels from dust and moisture. Compatible with all-wheel sizes, it offers a robust nylon composition. Highly resistant to water, UV rays, and friction, this material can offer effective and durable protection to your front or rear wheel, depending on the specifics of your bicycle cover. Indeed, some models require us to remove a wheel to wrap the entire bike.

The efficient closure system comes from a sturdy zipper. The diameter of the cover reaches 78 cm. As being unpadded, it takes up brief space. Thanks to this qualitative and practical accessory, you will transport your bicycle wheel without difficulty.

Ergonomic handles come to facilitate the transport of the effectively protected wheel. The wide opening facilitates the extraction and insertion of the wheel. Finally, a central reinforcement is provided to protect the hubs. Considering the composition and design of this cover, we think your bike wheel will be perfectly protected and easy to transport.


  • Dust and moisture resistant
  • High compatibility
  • Durable and solid
  • Sturdy construction


  • Non-water-resistant

Top 2: TeamObsidian Waterproof Outdoor Bike Cover

This TeamObsidian cover can wrap the entire bike. Convenient, it will not require you to remove the rear wheel, unlike other models. However, you will be forced to remove the front wheel. So, you will not have to bring tools to fit your bike into this sturdy protective cover. Even the saddle height can remain unchanged!

Equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle, the TeamObsidian bike bag will allow you to move around with your bike while protecting it from the natural elements, friction, and shocks. As being brilliantly designed, it will cover your bike in seconds!

Because it keeps the rear wheel on the bike frame, this cover preserves the integrity of the transmission, more particularly of the rear derailleur, chain-stays, and seat-stays. An included fork protector provides complete protection. Besides, this cover can accommodate a few tools and things to the bike. Because of its specificities, we think we can attest to its ability to combine maximum protection and practicality.


  • Sturdy protective cover
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Preserves the integrity of the transmission
  • Fork protector


  • Low protection from wind/storm

Top 3: Puroma Outdoor Waterproof Bike Cover

Puroma carrying case accommodates a front or rear wheel of a bicycle or mountain bike. Made of 420D polyester, it is waterproof and highly resistant to wear. The unit comes with an ergonomic carrying handle that will complete your bicycle cover and forces you to remove a wheel.

This specific transport bag for bicycle wheels has a diameter of 73 cm and weighs only 480 g. It is compatible with 26-inch wheels. Based on its description, we think it will offer convenient storage and effective protection for your front or rear wheel.

As being lightweight, resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, and easily transportable, it has a large and robust zipper that will facilitate the insertion and removal of the wheel. Against dust and humidity, it will durably preserve its integrity.


  • Premium materials
  • Waterproof and resistant
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Against dust and humidity


  • Low durability

Top 4: CyclingDeal Bike Cover For Indoor Storage

The feature of the CyclingDeal cover is its ability to completely cover the bike, from the front wheel to the rear wheel. To protect the latter from UV rays, rain, and dust, it does not require disassembly. You can install it in seconds like a blanket. Secure, it has a keyhole that will allow you to use a lock. Thus, you will protect your bike both against theft and against the vagaries of the weather.

Compatible with all sizes and types of bikes, it features a high-quality design offered by a high-density polyester. Its closure system is provided by a buckle and an elastic at the bottom of the cover. Thus, it will stay in place even in strong winds.

However, this bicycle cover is not a transport cover. It does not have a handle or offer a closing system suitable for movement. Thanks to it, you can park your bike in your garden while effectively protecting it from bad weather and the sun.


  • High level of protection
  • Easy to install
  • high-density polyester


  • No handle or closing system for movement

Top 5: Ripstop Bike Cover for Outdoor

This cover comes with a handle to allow you to carry your front or rear bike wheel. Its closure system is provided by a large and robust zip that will facilitate the insertion and removal of the wheel. Thanks to quality manufacturing materials, this protective carrying bag promises a perfect seal and excellent wear resistance.

As being lightweight and foldable, this cover can be easily stored when not in use. It will accommodate and protect the 26-inch front or rear wheel of all types of bikes. If you have a bicycle transport bag that requires the removal of a wheel, you will brilliantly complete your equipment and can finally take your two-wheeler everywhere to enjoy your passion.


  • Closure system
  • Large and robust zips
  • Quality manufacturing materials
  • Lightweight and foldable


  • Low durability

Top 6: Puroma Bike Cover for Outdoor

This waterproof polyester cover is the perfect protection for your bicycle against humidity. Its resistance is indisputable. Puroma cover is practical thanks to a storage bag and a zip pocket.

As being resistant, lightweight, and water-repellent, this cover protects bikes during the journey and when stationary. Having the window to insert a reflective sign allows optimal safety during journeys. It has a Velcro closure and four tabs for attachment. Finally, it fits perfectly with the shape of the bikes.


  • Against humidity
  • Waterproof polyester
  • High resistance


  • Small size

Why Should I Buy a Bicycle Cover?

Bicycle Cover is a flexible protective cover, made with light, waterproof, and resistant fabrics. It plays several roles, used at home, whether you store your frame indoors or outdoors. It is used to protect your bike from dust, UV rays that discolor the paintwork and dry out the tires and seals, humidity, or any scratch that someone could accidentally cause by passing nearby.

When you take your bike somewhere, for example, in a car to join a race, the cover can also help to protect it a minimum and to facilitate its handling in the passenger compartment. Bike covers come in different sizes and can sometimes accommodate two bikes. Also, a shoulder strap can facilitate carrying by hand.

Who Should Buy a Bicycle Cover?

To ensure the durability of your material goods, you must gain the accessories that contribute to their maintenance. With bicycles, there are covers intended to secure them against dust, but especially against scratches. Among the best proposals, there is the Hanmir bike carrier cover that can protect your 2-wheel devices against foul weather. You can also flash on the TeamObsidian Bicycle Transport Bag the multipurpose and easy to carry Saddle Bag.

Best Bicycle Cover FAQs

How to choose the right bike cover?

Thanks to the bicycle cover, you will keep its new condition for longer. The choice of this accessory does not pose any difficulties. But we must study certain criteria to benefit from effective protection. To get started, make sure the dimensions of the cover match your bike. It must be completely covered to be perfectly protected against poor weather. A cover that is too small and difficult to install and remove will not protect your two-wheeler.

In terms of the closure systems, you will have the choice between the zip, buttons, or straps. All of them will prevent dust and moisture from passing through. Thus, performing your bike will be preserved over the long term. On some covers, a keyhole is present to allow you to secure your bike.

To make the right choice, you can also look at the textile composition of the cover. Polymer and nylon are synthetic fibers that are extremely resistant to sun and rain. Make sure the fabric is waterproof and tear-resistant.

Another element to consider is the carrying capacity of the cover. Are you looking for an accessory that just protects your bike at home or allows you to carry your bike everywhere? In this second case, carrying handles must be present. Finally, prefer the protective covers sold with their specific storage bag if you want to protect your bike during your travels.

Which bicycle cover to choose?

A few simple precautions will help you make the right choice. Even a top-of-the-range model has to be well suited to your bike and you used to play its role. Always check that the dimensions of the cover are compatible with your bike, especially if it is a hardcover. Remember that to transport your mount in a hard or semi-hard case, you will need to disassemble some components.

Do not underestimate the weight of hard carrying cases. Select the lightest models with quiet castors. Call your airline to find out the weight limitations in the hold and avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

Is accessory cover essential?

To transport your wheels separately, or to secure a second pair of wheels, the manufacturers have developed specific covers, reinforced and practical to transport. Covers for other components exist such as chain cover, transmission cover, fork cover, battery, or even extension covers for triathlon or time trial bikes. They make it possible to secure the most fragile or prominent parts of your machine.

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