Best Action Camera Under 200 Euros: Reviews and Buying Guide

Action cameras are a simple way to film your sporting exploits or the landscapes of your walks. Here is our pick of the best action camera under 200 euros.

Whether during an active vacation or to film the daily performances, the sports camera has become the athlete’s best ally. As being simple to use, it offers increasingly impressive visual performance. But what are the features to consider when making your purchase? Which brands are to be preferred? To help you with your choice, we share with you the best tips for the purchase of the best action camera under 200 euros. Based on a neutral study of hundreds of customer reviews, analysis, and aim ratings, our comparison chart of the best sports cameras will save you a considerable amount of time in your research. Enjoy it!


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Top 6 Best Action Camera Under 200 Euros

Top 1: GoPro HERO7 Black with Extra Battery

It is difficult to compare sports cameras without first talking about the GoPro brand. It is a pioneer in the on-board shooting. People consider this model as the best in the field. The firm also offers many models. But the most popular with consumers remains the GoPro HERO7 Black.

Compared to its less recent counterparts, such as the GoPro HERO6 Black or the GoPro HERO5, it is slightly more accessible since it goes below 200 euros. In terms of its technical performance, the GoPro HERO7 Black is identical to the GoPro HERO6 Black with a 12 MP photo sensor and an image of 4K at 60 fps. The improvement is in the integrated HyperSmooth functionality. It offers optimal image fluidity (motion prediction and camera shake correction) in screen resolution of 320 x 480.

For all these reasons, the comparison with other sports cameras is difficult to understand. In terms of performance, this model exceeds in quality of most of the competition. The GoPro HERO7 is not suitable for everyone, but only for users who are looking for a professional rendering on social networks. It is a digital camera to recommend to influencers.


  • Ultra HD in 60 pixels
  • HyperSmooth stabilization
  • Voice commands
  • Water resistance up to 10 meters
  • Powerful touch screen


  • Need to disassemble to change the battery or SD card

Top 2: Crosstour Sport Camera

The second sports camera in our review of the best action camera under 200 euros is the Crosstour Sport Camera CT9000. Crosstour is a brand of digital sports cameras that focuses above all on the ease of use, ergonomics, and autonomy of its devices. For the video level, you can expect a classic 4K.

As for the photos, they reach a definition of 16 mega-pixels. Compared to the price, these are more than honorable performances. Unfortunately, it does not materialize in the field, especially when the light is less.

The Crosstour Sport Camera CT9000 also comes with two batteries. Each of them offers an autonomy (official) of 90 minutes that is a significant advantage when you want to film continuously. Besides, the model is waterproof up to 30 meters. It is enough to film your outings in the depths without the risk of breakdown.


  • An affordable price (less than 100 euros)
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters
  • Wireless control for settings


  • 32GB limit
  • Poor sound quality

Top 3: DJI Osmo Action Camera

We continue our analysis with the DJI Action Cam. DJI, the leader in drones, has entered the sports camera market. For this, the Chinese firm offers a product of excellent performance, capable of competing with GoPro cameras. A feat that is logically accompanied by resistance to falls, waterproofing up to 11 meters, and give voice commands for essential functions.

Regarding the device and the photo or video quality, the DJI Osmo Action Cam has a 12 megapixels sensor and can film in 4K/UHD 60p 100 Mb/s or FHD up to 240 fps. As a bonus, the camera also has a Rocksteady stabilizer and a shooting mode. It allows for nice transitions between light and dark areas. Thanks to these performances, the DJI Osmo Action Cam is one winner of our sports camera test.


  • Efficient software navigation
  • Good battery life, even with stabilization activated
  • Good photo quality (equivalent to GoPro products)


  • No HDMI socket
  • Some sensitivity to lens flare

Top 4: Sony FDR-X3000 Action Camera

A little originality in our comparison of the major sports cameras is the Sony FDR-X3000R. It is a mini-camcorder, so the only one featured in this buying guide for a good reason is an innovative stabilization system. Indeed, the Japanese brand was inspired by its traditional camcorders to offer a stabilizer that is both electronic and optical. It comes with Full HD (even in slow motion), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and remote control. Overall, you are in the presence of one sports camera that won this test.

The brightness is poorly adjusted which makes it difficult to read the information displayed when there is too much or too little light. But this defect is only a detail since the Sony FDR-X3000R has many advantages. They are its irreproachable image quality and its foolproof stabilization.

The camera also offers different angles (wide, medium, and narrow) and allows you to get nice slow motion. As you will have understood, choosing this sports camera is to privilege the technical aspect to the ergonomics. Sony FDR-X3000R is a more than successful test carried out by Sony!


  • Impeccable image quality
  • One of the best stabilizers on the market
  • The possibility of making the very nice slow motion.


  • A format that may put off GoPro design aficionados.
  • Hardly legible screens (camera and control)

Top 5: YI Technology 4K Action And Sport Camera

YI Technology has many points in common with its competitor Xiaomi. And for good reason, the two Chinese manufacturers share this desire to innovate to surpass GoPro products while gleefully drawing inspiration from their design. And YI Technology has strongly marked this race for innovation by offering the first sports camera to film in 4K 60 pixels. This achievement is amazing because, despite this success, the company continues to offer more than attractive prices compared to those of the competition.

As the third sports camera marketed by YI Technology, the 4K + takes the recipe that preceded while still bringing some small novelties. On the design side, the camera has a front shell made up of small checkerboards while presenting the same shape as the previous version. Optionally, two Type-C adapters, which allow the camera to be connected to a television or an external microphone, have been added.


  • An attractive price despite everything
  • Backward compatibility with the accessories of the previous model
  • Good picture quality
  • Integrated microphone adapter
  • Many settings available


  • Perfectible sound
  • Many settings can be put off.

Top 6: Activeon CX Gold Action Camera

In the last spot, we stayed at Activeon with the CX Gold model. Displayed at the lowest price, this model has everything to please. While remaining simple, it does not forget to improve the image quality compared to the CX, adds the Full HD 60p video, electronic stabilization, and switches to a 2-inch touch screen. The waterproof case is even supplied automatically. The camera is ideal for those who have moderate use of their action-cam and wish to gain one at the right price.


  • The lowest price
  • Excellent image quality
  • Full HD 60p video
  • Electronic stabilization


  • Too simple function
  • Low autonomy

Why Should I Buy an Action Camera for Under 200 Euros?

The advantages of sports cameras according to customer feedback.

  • Ease of use: If we limit ourselves to leisure use, sports cameras are ergonomic and easy to handle.
  • Good value for money: For a supplemental camera to complement a traditional camcorder or DSLR camera, low-cost action cams offer good value for money according to most users.
  • Gradual generalization of optical stabilization: While it is not fully mastered by all sports camera manufacturers, stabilization is more widespread on alternative models. Special mention for the Sony FDR-X3000R.
  • Improved connectivity: to share their adventures on social networks, the big companies in the sector now allow their customers to film live with a decent image quality (720 pixels).
  • Design and ergonomics: The Discreet design of the GoPro has now become a standard. In terms of ergonomics, this camera is easily transportable and easy to attach. They are the qualities that all buyers recognize.
  • Different visual options: Different angles, lighting effects, and many visual options are now available on sports cameras. It considerably improves the rendering of shots.

Who Should Buy an Action Camera Under 200 Euros?

In video equipment, there is an enormous amount of equipment. But to record videos on the spot, in motion, or during an effort, we have the sports camera, also called an “action camera”.

What is its specificity compared to traditional camcorders? We can already quote its robustness, its compactness, and its wide-angle lens. They allow you to get excellent shots during your escapades. This type of camera has long been associated with the GoPro brand before being gradually offered by other manufacturers (almost) as efficient.

Belonging to a constantly strengthening market, on-board cameras offer more impressive technical prowess. Image stabilization, 4K video, 360-degree shooting, and connectivity offered by these little video gadgets are endless.

Best Action Camera Under 200 FAQs

Which motorcycle sports camera to choose from?

The best motorcycle camera on the market remains the GoPro. It is also its basic use. Special mention to the Sena 10C Pro that has an Intercom option.

Which sports camera for diving to choose from?

For diving, opt for waterproofing when choosing your camera. You can also equip your cam with a waterproof case if you use it for anything other than diving.

How to film with a sports camera?

The settings of an action cam are often very simple. On the screen, thanks to an application or a manual or voice command, all you have to do is start the video. There are no other manipulations to perform.

How to connect a sports camera to your smartphone?

Turn on your camera’s Wi-Fi. As soon as your smartphone’s Wi-Fi signal is active, select the network, and enter the code in the corresponding application (depending on your brand). Finally, you are connected.

Which sports camera for mountain biking to choose from?

An on-board mountain bike camera must meet two important criteria: good electronic (or optical) stabilization and solid mounting. In these areas, GoPro and DJI emerge victorious in the test.

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