Best Aero Wheelsets and Disc Wheels – Reviews 2021 Updated

The wheels are vital since they are the only elements with the tires connecting with the road. Here are our six best aero wheelsets and disc wheels.

The wheel is a part of particular importance for every bicycle. Their quality of assembly, rigidity, and the material of manufacture condition the behavior of each bike. As being lighter and more rigid, the best aero wheelsets and disc wheels know how to perform particularly well, especially when the road rises.

 If you are a regular cyclist, you will know your wheels as a connection to the road surface. Therefore, to choose the best aero wheelsets and disc wheels, you must consider minor details such as the quality of the assembly, their hardness, and the materials that make up a wheel.


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Top 6 Best Aero Wheelsets and Disc Wheels

Top 1: Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 Wheel

The Vicenza brand is a part of cycling history not only because of its derailleurs but also for its wheels. Bora Ultra 50 WH-18 Bright Label with tires is part of this story with significant technological advantages. They design this wheel for peak performance for mountain bikers.

The 100% carbon rim has an average diameter of 50mm. It comes with an outer width of 24.2mm, ensuring exceptional lateral stiffness. The AC3 braking surface, associated with the seals supplied with the wheels such as a trolley cover, Quick Release, or valve extension. It allows exceptional braking even in rainy weather. This model is one strength of all Campagnolo Bora models.

Flat steel spokes adopt Ultra-linear or DRSC geometry. There are 18 spokes at the front and 21 at the rear, equipped with internal G3 technology. It goes toward a great lateral rigidity, toward an increase in performance. The carbon hubs use high-quality USB ceramic bearings.


  • Lateral hardness
  • Assembly quality
  • AC3 brake
  • Roll qualities


  • Only for regular competitors

Top 2: Campagnolo Bora WTO Unisex Wheel

These Bora One 60 Bright Label cylinders are high-end wheels developed over the decades by the Italian expert in bicycle derailleurs, Campagnolo. Besides, the Bora range is synonymous with excellence.

The brand has done here a lot of work on aerodynamics. It comes with OMC technology considering the overall aerodynamics of the wheel. The rim measures 60mm in diameter, 19mm inside, 26.5mm outside, optimized for 700X25 tires. The tubes are ready; they allow the use of almost any tire on the market, which is a definite plus. Note that they have kept the AC3 brake band. With the skates offered for purchase, the slowdown was exceptional.

The one-piece aluminum hub with ceramic USB bearings is without a doubt one of the quietest on the market, at least at this level of reach. With an official weight of 1496g (verified at 1499g), these Campagnolo Bora OMC WH-20s are truly versatile, although climbers and punchers will get the most out of them.


  • General aerodynamics
  • Lateral hardness
  • The quality of the centers
  • The quality of the brake


  • Almost only a competitor

Top 3: SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9100 Carbon Road Wheelset

Shimano, the Japanese cycling equipment giant, has built a reputation for being serious about its products. The quality is always there. The WR-R9100-C40-TU wheels, which appeared in the catalog in 2018, are also not outside this rule.

The wheel is responsive and robust; it rolls on rough tracks such as forests, mountains, or valleys and is aimed at professional players or demanding cyclists. If the configuration of the rim remains the same (37 mm) for this tubular version, their width has been slightly increased to 28 mm, allowing a wide choice of rim section. Aerodynamics has been concerned, while lateral stiffness is simply exceptional. It makes sense since the interior width is always standard (17c). There are 16 steel spokes, flat and radial at the front.


  • Production quality
  • The quality of the centers
  • Lateral hardness
  • Lightweight


  • Only for the most powerful cyclists

Top 4: SHIMANO 24MM Aluminum Tubeless Wheel

The brand of the Campagnolo group has made bicycle wheels its specialty. Every cyclist will find the right set of wheels here so that you can ride the bike as you wish. With this 24MM, SHIMANO offers those looking for lightness, responsiveness, rigidity, and comfort. It is an excellent set of wheels in terms of quality/price ratio.

The carbon rims provide excellent lateral stiffness, they are 30 mm in diameter on both sides. And above, the wheels all have a distinct profile. The inner width is 17mm (17c), the outer width is 24.5mm. The optimum size is 700×23 to 700×35. The brake wheels come with Twill carbon fiber that has been treated with AC3 for exceptional braking capacity.

There are 16 spokes and a front radial. The aluminum makes them lighter. At the rear, the same spokes are 14 on the right and 7 on the left, according to diagram D3. The carbon, aluminum flange centers feature high-quality ceramic ball bearings.


  • Production quality
  • Lateral hardness
  • Road brake
  • Excellent value
  • Ceramic bearings


  • The basic design for competitors and cyclists

Top 5: DT Swiss C 1800 Spline Wheel

With DT Swiss C 1800, the Swiss cycling expert, DT Swiss, is dedicated to lovers of stopwatches and triathlons. With a 62mm rim configuration, it could not be otherwise. Aerodynamics is a top priority, thanks to the application of Aero technology that combines handling, efficiency, and high-level drag.

The tubeless rim is carbon. Their interior width of 17 mm (17c) allows the use of most road tires on the market. Thus, almost any compromise between comfort and efficiency is possible. The external width of 27 mm goes toward the lateral stiffness.

This arrangement is classic, preserves lateral stiffness without sacrificing ability, especially on the front wheels. The hubs are the superb DT Swiss C 1800with exceptional ride quality in perfect harmony with the spirit of the wheels.


  • Excellent lateral stiffness
  • Driving quality
  • Think about simplicity and execution
  • Insensitive to side winds
  • Good inertia


  • Not applicable to climbers

Top 6: Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubular Wheel

Zipp, a brand of the SRAM Group, has been established since its inception in 1988 as one of the world’s leading experts in high-end bicycle wheels. Its unique secret, the Indianapolis brand has adapted perfectly, with carbon rims, then disc brakes.

These Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon discs offer the advantage of a standard ready without a tube. The 45mm profile is the ideal compromise, in terms of lateral stiffness, to suit many runners and cyclists, whether on the plains, in valleys, or the mountains. It is true, as they have a full toroidal Firecrest setup, which is a quality product in terms of looks.

Timing experts will appreciate the laps. The inner rim width is 21mm, which allows most tires on the market to be used, although the optimum is 700×25 to 700×32. 24-digit Sapim CX-Rays spokes, crossed in pairs, front and rear. The hubs are the new 177D / 77D. They are oversized, and the quality of the bearings has leaped forward for exceptional ride quality.


  • Excellent rigidity quality on the roller side
  • Compatible without tube
  • Supplied with quick couplers, shaft adapters, ready-to-use tubeless rim strips, and valves.


  • Versatile, but exclusive

Why Should Buy Aero Wheelsets and Disc Wheels?

Comparison sites offer aluminum or carbon wheels. The rim height of your bike will determine the choice of the best wheels. Carbon wheels offer an aerodynamic advantage thanks to the shape of the rim. The biggest selling point of the best carbon wheels is the weight. You will find models weighing less than a kilo on comparison sites.

Besides the weight, the carbon wheels offer more comfort. By doing a test, you notice that these better absorb the many faults of the road. Compared to the aluminum wheel, the carbon wheel also offers much better rigidity. Also, you will have a wide choice of size for carbon wheels that will suit both flat terrain and mountains.

Who Should Buy Aero Wheelsets and Disc Wheels?

To make a comparison on the best carbon wheels, you will also need to determine the type of terrain and the activity you plan to do. Indeed, the choice of the carbon wheel will not be the same if you plan to follow the mountain tracks or do time trials. If you plan to cycle through the mountains, pay more attention to weight. Choose carbon wheels with low rims less than 25mm.

We recommend wheels with tall rims for time trial races. For flat or hilly terrain, do a little comparison on the best carbon wheels with a rim height of 30-50mm.

Best Aero Wheelsets and Disc Wheels FAQs

What to know before buying carbon wheels?

Now that you know the undeniable advantages of carbon wheels, it is vital to know the elements that make up each wheel before starting a comparison or a test. It will give you an idea when choosing the best wheels for your ATV. The rims, the spokes, the freewheel, the hub, and the cassette are the elements to consider when choosing the best carbon wheel.

The rim is the most important part of the wheel. You find that several comparison sites offer different carbon rims. This should not be overlooked, especially if you plan to start a race against the clock or a triathlon. High-end wheels are often offered with carbon rims.

They position the hub in the center of the wheel. The latter has a ball bearing, steel, or ceramic, allowing the wheel to rotate on its axis. The smoothness of the bearings and the cassette body will determine the quality of the hubs. The hub that requires regular control will also influence the aerodynamics of your carbon wheel.

What is aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics is the intrinsic quality of this set of wheels. The work is enormous in this segment by the American brand. Notice for an additional 34% increase in efficiency when the wind is sideways. Compared to the old version, it also improves the hardness thanks to the use of the new Cognition hub.

How the best aero wheelsets and disc wheels?

For road bikes, the choice of wheels is essential because it is the specifications that determine the performance of the same bike. Besides the permanent question of the budget, criteria of weight, hardness, inertia, spokes, and quality of a trailer. These considerations depend on its form, practice, or extent.

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