The Best Bike Bells in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy the best bike bells but need more information to make the right choice? Do not worry because you have found the right article for you!

The classic ding-dong of bicycles is just as much a part of road traffic as the honking of cars. The bicycle bell is always indispensable when you are a cyclist. Make yourself noticeable from behind. So, the bicycle bell is mandatory.

In this review, we want to discuss which criteria you should pay attention to when buying a bicycle bell. Our results follow professional bicycle bell tests. What are the guidelines for the best bike bells? What types are there anyway? Find out right now!


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Top 6 Best Bike Bells [Updated 2021] 

Top 1: Knog Oi Bike Bell – Original & Luxe Styles

The bicycle bell from Knog Oi in the chic O design has a variety of properties that make every cyclist’s heart beat faster. With their 85 – 95 dB volume, you can hear them well even in busy street situations. This aspect increases the safety of the driver. Knog Oi Bicycle bell comes with aluminum and ABS and is well protected against rust. Besides, the bicycle bell has a long service life because you can hit it up to 10,000 times without breaking the spring.

If you are now looking for a bicycle bell that can be attached to a handlebar with a diameter of 22.2 – 22.8 mm, then you should get the bicycle bell from Knog Oi. It is ideal for mountain bikes, racing bikes, and city bikes.

This bell is an absolute designer piece. The manufacturer Knog Oil offers this bell in eight original designs, optionally with dots or flowers. With a diameter of 8 cm, it is relatively large and provides a sound that can be heard up to 100 meters. Unfortunately, no reference is made to the diameter of the handlebar. So just try the designer piece if you like it.


  • High volume
  • Premium materials
  • Durable
  • High compatibility


  • Low-quality spring

Top 2: Ytuomzi Electric Rechargeable Bike Bell

This bike bell from Ytuomzi is electric. With 100 dB, it can make itself audible even in traffic. The electric bicycle bell is charged with a USB cable and is fully charged again after 1.5 hours. With a fully charged battery, the Ytuomzi electric bicycle bell can ring up to 2500 times.

Ringing 2500 times corresponds to the battery life of approximately 30 days. For water repellency, the electric bicycle bell can keep up with its manual colleagues. What is special about the electric bicycle bell from Ytuomzi are the four unique tones that are produced by pressing just one button? Have you always wanted to try an electric bicycle bell? Then, the electric bicycle bell from Ytuomzi is the perfect choice for you because there is a 100% customer satisfaction rule.


  • Lousy sound
  • USB connectivity
  • High autonomy


  • Connection corruption occurs

Top 3: Feluz Brass Vintage Bell

With this bicycle bell, Feluz has brought an exquisite-looking bicycle bell with high-quality brass to the market. The ringing of the bicycle bell has a loud and crisp tone. Besides, the bicycle bell from Feluz is compatible with many handlebars, because it is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 22.2 – 25.4 mm.

Have you always wanted to own a special bicycle bell in a retro design with a clear tone? Then you have found your perfect bicycle bell in the Feluz bicycle bell. And if it does not satisfy you with it, it is not a problem because you can get your money back for up to 30 days.


  • High-quality brass
  • Loud ringtone
  • High compatibility
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Low durability

Top 4: ZDS Karcle Retro Copper Bike Bell

The ZDS Karcle bicycle bell from ZDS impresses with its high-quality workmanship. It comes with brass and immediately catches the eye because of its unique vintage design. With a diameter of 55mm and a weight of 90g, it is easy to mount on the bike. It also convinces customers with its loud ringing.


  • High-quality workmanship
  • Premium material
  • Vintage design


  • Low durability

Top 5: Shaboo Prints Classic Aluminum Bike Bell

The luxurious bicycle bell from Shaboo is popular with high-end product lovers. It has a new improved design. It not only has a long-lasting sound but also means that the handlebars are not damaged by attaching the bell. Shaboo’s elegant bicycle bell is only suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 22.2 mm.

Have you been looking for a good-looking, luxurious bicycle bell for your bike for a long time? Then the bicycle bell from Shaboo would be just the thing for you. It has everything a good bicycle bell needs and looks great too.


  • High-end range
  • Elegant design
  • High volume


  • Expensive

Top 6: Greallthy Classic Brass Bike Bell

Greallthy Bike Bell has a modern and elegant bell with a simple design. It is noticeable that it makes entirely the bell of brass. It makes them rust-resistant and protects against the weather. The adjustable thumb lever is unique so that the bicycle bell can be adjusted to the individual hand size.

We can attach it to bicycle handlebars up to 25.4 mm in diameter. It is also suitable for mountain bikes. Since they hold it with only one adjusting screw, it is easy to assemble. Buyers describe it as stable and sufficiently loud.


  • Robust and reliable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Weatherproof


  • Expensive

Why Should Buy Bike Bells?

Every cyclist who has a bell on his bike can signal from a long distance that he is gradually approaching the pedestrian or cyclist in front. It allows other road users to prepare for the coming cyclist in good time. A bell is indispensable, especially in the city or on narrow bike paths, that it is easy to be overlooked. However, it only fulfills its purpose if it has a sufficient volume. Only in this way can we drown the street noise out to some extent.

Who Should Buy Bike Bells?

From a legal point of view, the bell signal is also sound. Besides the classic silver bell, there are also horns, wheel arch bells, and other forms of bicycle warning signals. However, the classic bicycle bell is mandatory. Traveling without a bell can cause a small fine on the open road. With accidents that end up in court, a missing or inadmissible bicycle bell is discussed if the accident with a valid bell might not have occurred. A collision with pedestrians and other cyclists can ultimately be prevented most times if the cyclist draws attention to himself in good time.

It is advisable not only for insurance reasons to use a bicycle bell in advance, which is expressly permitted by the StVO. In specialist shops, you will find sound-powerful and solid bicycle bells that meet all requirements. Bicycle bell tests also provide information about the roadworthiness of your desired model.

Best Bike Bells FAQs

Special bicycle bells for children – How useful is it?

Some manufacturers have made it their business to design a special bicycle bell for girls and a bicycle bell for boys. One bicycle bell is occupied by a ladybug, while the other bicycle bell represents Batman. Whether such suggestions make sense is at the discretion of the parents, children’s bells are usually cheap and have inadequate quality. Since children need special security, it is more advisable to use a professional doorbell.

Which material is the best?

Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or plastic, the material of the housing is one of the few aspects because we can differentiate the classic handlebar bell into different types. Another aspect is the type of holder, found as a clamp or as a bicycle bell with a rubber belt. Aluminum is a popular outdoor material because it is light, does not rust because of the lack of iron, but still has all the advantages of metal. For this reason, brass is also a popular material for bicycle bells.

Overall, aluminum is stable, easy to maintain, and lightweight. Steel is even more robust than aluminum. It is why many bicycle professionals prefer steel for the bicycle frame. But it is not as scratch-resistant and rust-free as aluminum. Since it comprises 70 percent iron, unlike aluminum, it is susceptible to rust which can quickly reduce the performance of the bell.

Where should the bicycle bell be attached to the handlebars?

Before you mount the bicycle bell, pay attention to the correct position. Since road traffic is usually quick and unprepared, the bell should be as easy to reach as possible. You should be able to operate the pressure lever without having to change the position of your hand, as there is not always the time to do so.

Therefore, the best position for the bicycle bell is on the handlebars, right next to the handle. Often a compromise can be found between the position of the bell, the gearshift, and the gear lever. The bell on the handlebars should of course have a clear priority.

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