Best 24 Inch Mountain Bike in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

For a child, learning to ride a bicycle can have many benefits. We have created this guide to help you find the best 24-inch mountain bike, based on age, size, and wheel size.

To find the best 24 inch mountain bike for children, you need to know some aspects that help you buy the right bike. First, you need to know that choosing a mountain bike for children follows a different logic than the typical decision-making process of an adult.

In this article, we will see which is the best mountain bike for your child. You can buy a product that lasts over time and is suitable for the height of your child.


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Top 6 Best 24 Inch Mountain Bike

Top 1: Vertical Alpine Eagle 24-Inch Bike

This model is the cheapest ever designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12. It amortizes the front fork. The gearbox offers 18 speeds, and the wheels are 24 inches. It is a typical size and suitable for any child.

The reflectors on the spokes are a crucial accessory to increase safety, favoring the visibility of others. The aesthetics come with the saddle located slightly lower than the handlebar. It can facilitate the ascent and descent from the cycle and allow the child to put his feet on the ground.

The colors are dazzling in contrast with an anthracite gray. The brakes are V-Brake type, like most of the MTB bicycles of this target. The Shimano gearbox is 18-speed that is obtainable thanks to three front and six rear chainrings.

To facilitate the management of the inexperienced rider, it manages the control with two rotating knobs placed on the handlebar. In this way, it is easier for those who are not yet familiar with the gearbox to understand how it works. The optional equipment is good and mainly concerns safety. The dimensions are 160 mm and 100 in height, while the weight is 14 kg.


  • Great price and aesthetics
  • Exchange management system
  • Solidity


  • Some accessories must be purchased separately.
  • Heavyweight

Top 2: Dynacraft Vertical Gauntlet 24-Inch Bike

The Dynacraft Vertical Gauntlet model, compared to the lower series, is characterized by having an aluminum frame, disc brakes, and a 24-speed gearbox with three front and eight rear chainrings. It comes with an SRAM system with two levers positioned on the handlebar.

Its suspension front fork is useful for tackling unpaved terrain. The real gem is represented by Decathlon’s choice to equip the bike with disc brakes both front and rear. They build the aluminum frame lighter in favor of better maneuverability. However, it does not lose strength.

The same material is the protagonist in the construction. The bike comes with dirt tires with widened tread patterns on the side for better road holding in widened trajectories. The detail gains even more value if you consider disc brakes. It guarantees performance even in wet and muddy conditions.


  • Value for money
  • Disk brakes
  • 24-speed gearbox


  • Some accessories must be purchased separately.
  • Recommended age is above nine years

Top 3: Dynacraft Tony Hawk 24-Inch Bike

The 24-inch wheels identify the perfect size of the vehicle for the target clientele. The brake levers designed with ergonomics facilitate the grip of small hands. The control of the 6-speed gearbox is ergonomically designed. So, the child does not have to leave the handlebar, thanks to the rotating knob. It moves the chain by adjusting the speed according to the gear engaged.

The brakes are the V-Brake caliper type. They know how to stop the bicycle in the right way and without creating uncertainties. The frame is steel and resists shocks positively. Reflectors, shifter guards, and bells are standard and good for safety.

The aesthetics are pleasant and a few decals are scattered here. They remind us that Dynacraft Tony Hawk is a product intended for children, who will appreciate it. The dimensions are 140 cm and 80 cm in height.


  • Compact design
  • Ideal for children under nine years old
  • Reasonable price and aesthetics


  • Not suitable over 8-9 years

Top 4: Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24-Inch Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Tess is a model that is certainly complete and helpful in several respects. 7005 aluminum for the frame, disc brakes, and Shimano TZ-50 21-speed gearbox are certainly vital pluses that not all children’s MTBs can boast.

The aluminum rims are technical for a vehicle designed for children. The front fork comes with suspension. It is a detail that refers to the possibility of climbing over some minor obstacles and without worries. Both the front derailleur and the shift management levers are Shimano, the absolute leader in the sector.

The product is for children whose height varies from 135cm to 150cm. Aesthetics is not its strong point because of a saddle in an inferior position regarding the handlebar.


  • Value for money
  • Ergonomic design
  • Disc brakes and Shimano gears.


  • Need for constant adjustments
  • Maintenance required

Top 5: Dynacraft Magna Echo 24-Inch Bike

Dynacraft Magna Echo is amazing from an aesthetic and design point of view. It comes with a height-adjustable and well-profiled sports seat that recalls that of an adult. The color enhances its sporty character. The Shimano Tourney RD-TZ50 shifter generates 18 speeds, controlled by the handlebar controls.

The brakes are V-Brake type that has an excellent performance, while the wheels are Kenda rubber. Frame and crankset are steel, but it makes the plastic of the pedal and partially out of place. The MTB is of the front type, having an amortized and sturdy front fork. The construction of the vehicle is attentive and gives value to the object. It appears to be of a higher class that is ideal for both males and females.


  • Durable construction
  • Sturdy frame
  • Excellent components


  • Plastic pedals
  • The bottle cage is missing

Top 6: Royce Union RTT Mountain Bike

This MTB mountain sports a framework of aluminum and has a dual brake. It is a benchmark in the field thanks to these excellent braking systems. In all fairness, we do not see this bike as a top choice by any internet reviews, because of its modest-quality pedals.

However, it is important not to be choosy. This bike is still one of the most correct options because of its decent price-performance ratio, thus making it among the mountain bikes on the market. Where you can take it to the mountains without major problems, it is why this bike is still part of our top.

You will always find fault with the Shimano gearbox and the quality of the aluminum frame, but this bike remains an ideal choice for those who fancy a rugged mountain bike for hiking. Coming back to the price, it is currently difficult to find a bike of an amount that meets our needs with these materials and remains excellent quality. This model is an example of this area.


  • Premium construction
  • Excellent quality brakes
  • Perfect price-performance ratio


  • Expensive

Why Should I Buy a 24 Inch Mountain Bike?

Learning bikes, balance bikes, and having 24-inch wheels are good ways for your kids to learn to ride a bike. Since the bicycle does not have pedals, children must propel and immobilize it with their feet. With this bike, they learn the basics of balance, coordination, and steering control.

It also allows your child to upgrade directly to a larger bike without going through the stabilizer wheels step on a 20 or 24-inch bike. Indeed, bikes with small wheels can delay your child if he has already learned to use a learning bike since they do not allow him to practice his balance.

Who Should Buy a 24 Inch Mountain Bike?

24-inch wheeled bikes mark the approach of maturity for your children. They are entering the world of real bikes. Rear suspensions, stronger frames, more agile wheels, studded tires, and suspension forks make their appearance.

Best 24 Inch Mountain Bike FAQs

Are children’s MTBs all the same, or do we need to distinguish different models?

Before choosing a particular MTB model for little beginners, it is necessary to make a distinction based on the age of the child. The bicycles designed for children from 6 to 9 years differ from those shown up to 12 years.

The dimensions of the wheels, the structure, and components change. It enriches those for over 9 years with more technical solutions, while those for the little ones are basic bicycles that do not betray their vocation even with aesthetics.

Who should decide to purchase a children’s MTB?

Often the MTB is a gift from uncles or grandparents. If you have to give the bicycle to a child, it is better that you first consult with the parents to avoid wrong or unsuitable purchases.

The decision must involve mum and dad because only they know the propensities and ideas of their son, the recipient of the bike. Choosing the right MTB model for children is not easy. But after reading our suggestions and consulting mom and dad, everything will be clearer.

Are there MTBs for children with wide wheels?

Yes, they exist. But they are heavier and more difficult to maneuver. It is also a bicycle we design whose wheels for the sand and certainly not for the lawn or the cycle path, where it is more difficult. It is better to orient the choice to a traditional MTB.

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