Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads Review and Sharings

Mountain bike knee pads are one of the last concerns when people start this sport. However, they play a vital role in protecting riders from concussions during the riding time. 

When you go shopping for them now, there are multiple choices, far better than the thick pads around the knees we saw in the past. Luckily, we have the best mountain bike knee pads here that may shorten your time spent in stores. 


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Top 6 best mountain bike knee pads

We reckon that the six items below are qualified for a wide range of riders. Depending on the size, leg movements, and type of riding, each needs specific features on their knee pads. Let’s see if any below could meet your needs.

Top 1 Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

BodyProx Protective knee pads gain love by their unisex design. It reveals no gender orientation with black color that everyone can wear. 

The pads are divided into areas to support joint parts of the knee; thus, your feet can move more comfortably while receiving enough support.

They don’t use Velcro straps as locking, so you might find them difficult to adjust the tightness. However, as long as you find the right size, they stay well on the feet thanks to non-slip rubber mixed polyester material. 

If you are unfamiliar with adjusting knee pads, they could be the best friends on the ride. Breathable polyester keeps them so light and comfortable that you might forget to wear them.

Not only for biking, but these pads can help you in a wide range of motion. It would help if you got a pair of those in your pocket before heading to the gym, jogging, or trekking.


  • Universal design for everyone
  • Latex-free
  • Breathable material 
  • Lightweight
  • No adjustment needed


  • Wear like pants

Top 2 G-Form Elite Knee-Shin Guards

In case you want something to cover not only knees but whole legs, we suggest G-form Elite Knee-Shin Guards. 

They are also pull-on knee protectors but with slimmer pants and a rubber shield. As to be seen, its shield goes along the way from the knee upper ankle part with ergonomic rubber patterns. They can reduce shock, scratch, and concussion when you ride. 

They look more relaxed than the above pair but still Unisex with unique groove patterns on fabric.


  • Knee and lower leg protection
  • Epic design 
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable material 
  • Five sizes to choose


  • Rubber parts may tear apart

Top 3 Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee Guard

This Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee Guard is a product for professionals. They made these pads thoroughly with details and high-quality.

For a long time, Fox’s items, including these pads, get CE certificated for their quality. Hence, at least you’re investing in a trustworthy maker. 

And, they promise to work well. The padded areas are not on the knee but sides. As a result, you gain more protection. They equip a double Velcro strap with a hook to hold the guard in place, but no discomfort arises. 


  • Certificated quality 
  • Ergonomic fit 
  • Velcro straps and hook 
  • Neoprene made


  • Only available at specific dimensions

Top 4 Kali Protectives Strike Cycling Knee Guard

If you are looking for knee pads as a present, this look could kill. Kali Protective Strike Cycling knee guards are not just good looking but effective.

Visually, you should see how they build the guard with rubber kneecap shield and shin padded areas. By wearing them, you could avoid medium damage on skin and light concussion. 

They offer a little strap on the top and bottom of the pull-on, so they should stay well on the spot.


  • Terrific warranty 
  • Breathable mesh made with EVA and Xelion
  • Shin protection included
  • Impressive look
  • Four sizes available


  • Quite costly

Top 5 IXS Unisex Knee Guard

We have gone through quite many blacks. If you want something in a different color, this IXS Unisex knee guard should be in line.

The maker has made these pads with considerate use of fabric. They mix some mesh with Viscoelastic polymer to gain ultimate lightweight but breathable impact. 

Besides, the hook could help to tighten the pads better on intense rides. Along with the pull-on design, they will be a great companion for your race.


  • Five sizes available
  • Thin and lightweight 
  • Hook security 
  • Mesh included 


  • Easy to get dirty

Top 6 Ion K-Traze AMP Zip Knee Pad

If you want knee pads that take the least time to wear, then a pair of Ion K-Traze AMP Zip Knee pads could meet your needs.

They offer a zipper so that you can put it on your knee in a minute. The straps will help to boost tightness. However, the zipper is also vulnerable to break.

This Ion pair is made of multiple materials. They opted for Neoprene with generous support and breathability. The structure looks slim, but protection’s guaranteed. 


  • Good materials mix
  • Slim 
  • Zipper and strap locks


  • Size runs small

Why should I buy mountain bike knee pads?

After purchasing the bike, we have other accessories to purchase, such as a track, helmet, bottle holder, and more. Usually, we buy them to stay convenient. When it comes to safety, people usually think of gloves and helmets but not knee pads. So, let’s find out if it’s worth investing in a pair of knee pads.


It’s the prime use purpose of knee pads. Usually, people concern their heads much more than other body parts when they attend sports. We even have legislation about wearing helmets on particular vehicles but nothing with knee pads. 

Knees share an equal chance to get hurt with heads or even more. When riding, we confront the risk of frequent concussion, failure, a sudden break, or slips that the knee will be more prone than the head. 

With knee pads, you can avoid bleeding or bruise from light accidents. Even better, they save you from the profound effect on bones. 


When you ride to work out muscles, knee pads could help. A knee pad includes the padded pieces to protect the area around the knee and straps lower and upper. When these traps tighten up around your thigh or leg, there is a press on muscle and enhanced work-out effect. 

Like boxing gloves, when you press on the joint, your force grows more vital when you do the act. With tightened straps, you will be able to tackle intense riding. 

Who should buy mountain bike knee pads?

We see the risk on every ride, more or less. Thus, we suggest everyone should get a pair of knee pads if possible. In some situations, knee pads are a must if you want a safe and fun ride. 

Professional riders

You’d know better than anyone the importance of knee pads if you are a professional rider. Besides all gears you need, a pair of knee pads would contribute to your exclusive experiences. 

They enable you to explore new areas with a peaceful mind, along with helmets, elbow pads, and an excellent bicycle. 


Since you are a beginner at riding, there are plenty of unexpected risks that you don’t know how to react to. Knee pads are affordable and effective protection over falling-downs, hard stops, or shocks. 

Riders on tough terrains

If you usually ride bikes on off roads, mountainous areas, or rocky hills, then you’d better get a couple of knee pads. These are dangerous areas to your knee once you fall or react badly with shocks. 

Besides, hilly roads acquire a significant force on pedals, which knee pads could help you gain. When you are under intense training, you should consider these accessories.

Especially in harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, or storm, riders confront bigger chances to fall. When you go out on these days, better gear up carefully, or it could be hurt and worse.

Best mountain bike knee pads FAQs

Is it necessary to wear knee pads in mountain biking?

Usually, people don’t wear knee pads when riding in parks or cruising around flat roads. Mountain biking could be riskier with all ups and downs along the road, so knee pads should be a wise addition. 

Knee pads for MTB are developed now. They are no more poorly made clothes but well-made and stylish knee wear. You can opt for the material you want, such as a breathable top, elastic band or Velcro straps, different colors, and sculptures. 

How tight should I wear knee pads?

We usually suffer tight shoes, pads, and gloves at first since we believe they will stretch or break. However, knee pads won’t stretch too much. So, it would help if you were serious about the size.

They must not move up or down your leg so find something a bit tight but comfortable. Let’s expect it to stretch around 1/8’’ but no more than that.

How to wear knee pads?

You buy knee pads to wear around your leg, not your pants. Therefore, let’s always wear them around bare feet or thin thermal pants. Don’t try to sneak it on jeans or jogger pants, or they will break large. 

How to tighten knee pads?

Most knee pads come with Velcro straps, so you can extend that area to adjust the tightness. You can add an elastic band to keep the Velcro stay in place.

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