Best Women Bib Shorts: 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

When you go road cycling, mountain biking, and even a long walk, it is essential to be well equipped. And it includes choosing the best women bib shorts. Why? Because this textile conditions your comfort and your performance. The anatomy of the woman differs from the man. You must select this textile in this category only. The insert and the cup protect your body gesture while cycling. If you go on another choice, you will not fully appreciate your outing.

How to choose the bib shorts? If there is one element that should not be overlooked for the cyclist, it is the shorts. It will be the interface between you and your crucial point of support, the saddle. As a woman does not have the same morphology as a man, they must therefore adapt the shorts to her. Today, the range of women’s cycling bib shorts is abundant enough to make your choice in materials, lengths, cuts, or styles.

If the strapless shorts remain more practical to meet a natural need, the developments and designs studied for the female morphology of the bib shorts now leave many choices to you. Find below our selection of the six best women bib shorts.


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Top 6 Best Women Bib Shorts You May Like

Top 1: Endura Padded Cycling Bib Short

The Endura Xtract women’s bib shorts are strapless shorts for hot conditions. The Xtract fabric from Endura used for these shorts provides excellent breathability and exceptional comfort. It offers good heat dissipation and quick drying.

The 400 series chamois is a model reserved for women. Its design respects the female anatomy. The gel inserts offer more cushioning in strategic pressure areas. There are wide elastic bands at the bottom of the thigh with a silicone print on the hem. It guarantees the support of the shorts without forming folds and thus avoids any irritation.

The Endura Xtract bib shorts hold securely in place thanks to their elastic waistband for greater efficiency. The shorts do not move without compressing the abdomen. Overall, it is light, quick-drying, and ultra-breathable. The Endura Xtract shorts are the ideal low-cost shorts for medium to long summer outings, and for cycle touring. It is only available in black color.


  • Excellent breathability and exceptional comfort
  • more cushioning
  • High efficiency
  • Reasonable price


  • Do not move without compressing the abdomen.

Top 2: Craft Essence Women’s Cycling Shorts

The Craft Essence Hot Pants women’s cycling shorts are strapless shorts designed to face high summer temperatures. The perspiration wicking is optimal thanks to the Sport Energy fabric (78% polyamide 22% elastane). It is more stretchable and elastic than traditional lycra.

The Infinity C3 insert is laser cut. Its shape adapts to the female anatomy and comes without seams to avoid any irritation during use. Its 3D thickness is from 3mm to 10mm depending on the pressure zones and. Concerned about the environment, the Craft company has designed this chamois leather in recycled polyamide.


  • Ideal for high temperatures
  • Optimal perspiration wicking
  • Sport Energy fabric
  • Stretchable and elastic


  • Not suitable for a winter ride

Top 3: MY KILOMETRE Women’s Padded Cycle Bib Shorts

MY KILOMETRE bib shorts are ideal for performing female cyclists. The brand of the former Tour de France stage winner chose the fabric based on its compression qualities. This medium compression improves venous return and limits muscle fatigue. It speeds up recovery after intense or long-term efforts.

The shoulder straps have mesh for maximum breathability. It also offers good elasticity. The insert is specially designed for women. It respects the female anatomy and comprises foam of varying thickness depending on the area.

MY KILOMETRE shorts are available in black only. Even if the compression is not excessive, MY KILOMETRE shorts are not ideal for cyclists who cannot stand tight cuts. For the competitors, it will be an ally of comfort and support.


  • High compression qualities
  • Improves venous return
  • Limits muscle fatigue
  • Maximum breathability


  • Expensive

Top 4: Nalini St-Moritz1928 Bib Shorts For Women

The Nalini Nagano 1928 shorts are women’s strapless shorts for long-term efforts. The cut of these shorts is the regular type to adapt to the morphology of a maximum of women. The fabric is lycra with inserts of compression fabrics. These features will make it possible to delay the onset of muscle fatigue during intense or long-term efforts.

The low waist belt is elastic and provides excellent support without compressing the lower abdomen. The wide elastic bands at the bottom of the thigh ensure a good hold of the shorts. It lines them with a silicone print on the back to prevent any raising of the shorts. It could be a source of irritation.

The Percorsi Misti Lady insert is an only female model. The differences in density according to the zones promise increased comfort. Special padding makes it possible to consider long-term cycling outings. They perforate the top layer of this chamois for maximum breathability.

The Nalini Nagano 1928 cycling shorts will delight the most assiduous cyclists for their qualities of comfort, performance, and practicality. It is only available in black.


  • High comfort and breathability
  • No compressing the lower abdomen
  • High-quality padding
  • High practicality


  • Only available in black

Top 5: Castelli Prima Bib Short For Women

The Castelli Prima shorts come with an ergonomic fit that is tight without compressing. The material of the shorts is a Pro Dry Soft lycra that is breathable and fast drying.

The Castelli Air Kiss 2 inserts are dedicated to medium to long-term efforts. The construction of this one-piece microfiber chamois ensures a soft touch. It is perfect support in any pedaling position and a guarantee against irritation.

The Giro 3 elastic band at the bottom of the thigh provides perfect support for the shorts without lifting on the legs. This non-slip strip is woven directly into the shorts. Mesh straps are elastic and breathable for optimal comfort.

Reflective inserts at the back of the shorts offer visibility in hard conditions without constituting legal visibility. For women wanting a colorful outfit, do not count on these shorts. Its matt black color is a symbol of elegance.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Microfiber chamois
  • Giro 3 elastic band
  • Castelli Air Kiss 2 insert


  • Not suitable for colorful outfits

Top 6: Assos Bib Shorts For Women

The Assos cycling shorts are women’s strapless shorts. The belt is supported by a stretchy aeroFit material. The Assos Type 39 Diadema fabric is elastic for a perfect fit and good perspiration wicking.

The cut of these Asso shorts is a regular fit. It is the Assos intermediate cut between RacingFit and ComfortFit. The Assos insert is from the s7 generation. This chamois comes from a triple layer of perforated memory foam, guaranteeing comfort and maximum ventilation.

Its thickness is 8 mm. The UMA insert is more centered on the front, corresponding to a cut adapted to women without seams to reduce the risk of irritation. Finally, the fabric benefits from the Ice Color treatment that reflects light to limit heat absorption. Thus, it keeps the body cool.


  • Premium fabric
  • RacingFit and comfort Fit
  • The triple layer of perforated memory foam
  • Reduces the risk of irritation


  • Expensive

Why Should Buy Women’s Bib Shorts

Once you get over the initial, often negative, reaction to the look of bib shorts, you will be amazed at the comfort and functionality that tight spandex shorts offer.

The principal purpose of bib shorts is to provide comfort during long bike rides. The bike shorts are designed specifically for the needs of a cyclist. These needs include padding in the right places, strategic seams, snug, flexible materials like Lycra and spandex. They reduce air resistance and allow for a full range of motion on the bike and just the right amount of breathability and wind-blocking.

Who Should Buy Women’s Bib Shorts

The most important features of the bike shorts include the lack of seams in the crotch and the extra padding to reduce chafing and discomfort while riding. The bib shorts have flexible fabrics that move with the women’s body and do not bind as they pedal.

Best Women Bib Shorts FAQs

Tight or bulging?

Consider tight-fitting race shorts if most of your riding time is on a fast bike. This offers maximum comfort and an aerodynamic fit. If you spend time off the bike, touring, or biking, look for baggy shorts with an inner lining. Some people only wear a pair of baggy shorts to wear when they’re not on their bikes.

What is the ideal center length?

Shorts come in a variety of inside lengths. The shorter shorts work great for the spin class, triathlon, and a good tan. But most riders prefer an inseam just above the knee. It is long enough to stay in place and prevent inner thigh rubbing on the saddle. When it is cold, consider quinine-style shorts that cover the knees for added warmth or even a full grip that goes to the ankles.

What is the ideal fabric?

Short fabric can be thick or thin, sheer and shiny or textured, and made from wool, CoolMax, Lycra, spandex, and a variety of other breathable materials. Think about the conditions you use most frequently. Is it dry, hot, sticky, or cold? Buy fabrics that work in your climate.

Final Words

From the lightness of the Endura shorts to the technicality of the Castelli bib shorts, we can now find the best women bib shorts for their use. The important thing is to choose it according to this use and to take the time to study the inserts developed for women. Seamless, especially in the middle, its shape must also respect your anatomy.

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