Best Mountain Bike Hubs in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

The hub is the component that acts as the fulcrum of the wheel and holds the spokes in place. On the market, there are many hubs, different in dimensioning and conformations, characteristics. It also influences the behavior of the wheel.

The basic structure comes with the flanges where the spokes are inserted and the central body. The materials used range from aluminum to carbon fiber, at least for the external parts. The internal movements can be in titanium or steel depending on how precious the piece is. Please take look at the six best mountain bike hubs in 2021.


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Hubs

Top 1: SRAM X7

The SRAM X7 Front Hub came as one of the best-selling hubs of SRAM. It has received much attention from both professional and amateur cyclists worldwide. They comment this hub gives ultimate performance and speed during their competition. Applying the same technology as previous models, the X7 has better performance, durability, and operation by adding many improvements.

The SRAM X7 front hub weighs 300g and comes with an aluminum billet and stainless-steel cartridge bearings. Its operation system has a 44T ratchet ring backed by a four-pawl drive system. It is one of the most innovative features that other models in this list cannot acquire.

The hub is also versatile and durable. Any rider can change the axle to their preferences. The hubs have a substantial flange diameter that can increase their lifespan and performance. All features also offer the cyclist better control and handling.


  • Quality materials
  • Exclusive design
  • A large flange diameter
  • High-quality bearings
  • Faster hub engagement system


  • High vibration
  • Only available in one color

Top 2: Shimano Deore XT

Shimano is the most successful bike component manufacturer in this decade. They have been holding that crown for years because you will find their brand name on all the MTBs of famous brands. The high-quality Shimano components are certified and loved by all riders worldwide. And the Shimano Deore XT front hub is also excellent for the money.

The affordable front hub is lightweight and can handle any terrain claimed by the manufacturer. The bearings are in angular contact with the wheel. It creates ultimate friction that makes the ride more controllable and speedier. This feature also reduces the sudden damage change.

Finally, this unit has a quick-release axle. It makes the entire hub convenient to use that you can replace it with no help. Overall, the Shimano Deore XT is a finish that you will love for its comfort and stability.


  • Big flange design
  • Angular contact bearing
  • Affordable
  • Quick-release axle


  • Expensive

Top 3: DT Swiss 350

DT Swiss is one of the biggest competitors in the bike components of Shimano. They have made many premium components that you can only find in the most reputable brand. Their excellence and professions are famous worldwide.

On top of spotting proprietary star ratchet system technology, the DT350 hub provides the best performance that makes even the superstars appreciate. With unrivaled longevity, the DT350 gives the most versatile change and fixing features when you are riding.

The hub engagement system has 36 points that allow the users to ride on all terrains without concerns about damages or sudden breaks. With an extra-large diameter, this model has the strength that always keeps the bike at optimum levels for years, even when you ride in rough terrains.

It also has a long lifespan without maintenance requirements. DT350 is the rear hub you want on your bike when going on cross-country trips.


  • Uses proprietary technology
  • Elite bearing performance
  • Effective star ratchet system
  • 36 hub engagement points


  • Expensive

Top 4: Onyx MTB Rear Hub

The Onyx rear hub is another efficient machinery that offers ultimate performance and adaptability for any beginner in the MTB field. The hub has bearings made from hybrid ceramic. It makes them lighter and more durable than other models. The hub is adjustable so that it can be extra-tight or loose depending on your preference.

The hub operation has unique sprag-clutch mechanization that triggers instant hub engagement when riding. This seamless switch gives you a silent operation without vibration and chain grating. Overall, this Onyx hub is best for people who are into racing, thanks to its high engagement speeds. You will have a significant benefit over your competitors with this amazing hub.


  • Silent mountain biking
  • Fast hub engagement
  • Limited maintenance needs
  • Decent bearing performance


  • Heavyweight

Top 5: Chris King ISO

Chris King makes this rear hub for unmatched mechanical tolerance. Everybody knows how vital rear hubs are for riding performance. So, the company focused on creating supreme products to bring the ultimate performance for all riders.

Maintenance of the hub is easy thanks to the provision of a 2.5mm hex tool. You can access the internal parts of the device with ease. You must clock considerable usage before a complete overhaul for durability increases.

Overall, the Chris King ISO has 72 points of simultaneous engagements. It switches up gears ultra-fast and efficient. The spokes supported are in a range of 32, 28, and 24.


  • 72 points of engagement
  • Solid build
  • Long lifespan
  • Dedicated maintenance tool


  • Limited color options

Top 6: DONSP1986

With an impressive 216 engagement points, DONSP1986 is a pioneer in an industry even when they only took part in the game recently. The wheel hub is powered by a 72-tooth driver. It is one of the most efficient units for engagement.

There are magnetic poles that are super compact and efficient when switching gears for rough terrains. We have two versions, a vibrant model and a non-vibrant one. Each can be fine-tuned depending on your preference.

The wheel hub also comes with extra holes for extra oil-capacity. Besides, this feature keeps them at an optimum level of operation round the clock. Another endearing aspect of the DONSP1986 is its assembly. It makes installing a quick thing that even a beginner can handle.


  • Loud and silent versions
  • Solid construction
  • 216 engagements points
  • Fast magnetic pawls


  • Expensive

Why Should You Buy a Mountain Bike Hub?

The center gear system has a very long lifespan and requires no maintenance, although some are not suitable for high-pressure use during competitions or riding in hilly, off-road conditions. Many urban bicycles such as today’s European city bikes feature 7-hub and 8-speed gears.

Older or less expensive utility bikes often use 3-speed gears, such as in bicycle rental systems. Many folding bikes use three-wheel gears. Modern development is possible with 14 scores. Normally, the center gears will be sealed in the hub and protect them from water, rock, sand bumps. The center gears require less maintenance and can therefore be more reliable than equivalent peripheral gear systems. It may require modification and replacement of parts.

Hub gears avoid the risk of collisions with wheels and wheel collapses that derailleur systems could suffer. The center gear can change the gear ratio when the rear wheel is not rotating. It can be useful for cycling with frequent stops and mountain biking on rough terrain.

The center gears may be simpler to use for inexperienced racers because only a single switch is active, and there are no overlapping gear ratios. In contrast, modern derailleur systems typically have two shift levers and require some prior thought to avoid problematic gear combinations. We can manufacture center gears to include a folding brake (though not all center gears are available with folding brakes). It is not possible with the offsite converter system because the chain cannot transmit a reverse pull.

Who Should Buy a Mountain Bike Hub?

The hubs create a strong link between the wheels and the frame. It means that more efficient hubs make the bike faster. So, all the professionals and international riders need the best hub for their ultimate performance.

Mountain Bike Hubs FAQs

What are the drawbacks of MTB hubs?

It can be difficult or impossible to select another device while pedaling because it is necessary to release the pressure to allow this change of case. We cannot separate the rear wheel from a bike with the center gear without having to disconnect the gearbox types. It further complicates installing a wheel.

The center gear is an integral part of the wheel and cannot change the wheel without changing the center gear. The center gears are more complex and often more difficult for the rider to repair, especially at the curb. Finally, the central gear is usually more expensive than the derailleur system.

How many types of the hub?

Free-coaster hub uses Lip with spring-push mode. When stepped on, there will be a spring in the hub that starts the movement, pushing the Lip (drivers) to stick to the hub’s movement, making the wheel spin around the pedal. Fix hub is a type of hub where it and Lip are fixed together. And there is only a cassette hub that makes a sound. They commonly use this type of hub on most bicycles.

Why is the free-coaster hub the most famous unit?

The advantage of this type of hub is that the wheel can move in two directions without affecting the rotation of the pedal. This hub is commonly used by BMX players.

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