Getting Rid of Hand Pain with The Best Mountain Bike Grips 

Bike grips play a significant role in deciding your cycling performance. Choosing the correct shape and size mountain bike grips provides maximum control for comfort during your ride.

However, not everyone knows how to choose the best mountain bike grips. So, how to find the best mountain bike grips for your needs? The following article will bring you the reviews and necessary information about mountain bike grips. Let’s jump into it!


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Grips

Top 1: Ergon GE1 Evo Grip

The Ergon GE1 Evo grip scores high marks with its design which is comfortable and good for riding position as well as broad shoulders. It is specially designed for endure riding and aggressive trail riding so that it can support your hands well during the longest and toughest rides. 

The rubber is also designed to cover the end cap, helping contour it to your palm’s natural shape. This grip is available in 4 colors, and two have the oil slick clamp. Another feature you might enjoy is that the pads are grooved more. Thus, it can reduce slipping and increase grip simultaneously. 


  • Easy to install
  • Nice and great grips
  • Very comfortable


  • Need extra length

When purchasing this product, you will get a tremendous absorbing shock tool. In case you want to angle your elbows and wrists without rolling the handlebars, it is genuinely a perfect option. 

Top 2: RaceFace Lock-on Grips

RaceFace is a British Columbia brand that accommodates the grippler known as the dual lock-on grip. Typically, this type will have clamps on both the outboard and inboard sides of the grip. The double clamp’s benefit is that it makes sure your grip stands still without any throttling or twisting. 

Some cyclists might have sweaty wet hands if they do not wear gloves, which will make their hands fly off the grip. The manufacturer covered the lock-on clamp with a broader flange at the outboard end to prevent this situation. 


  • Wide flange 
  • Grippy and comfortable
  • Durable


  • The installation is relatively challenging 

As you can see above, the installation will not be as straightforward as other products as you need to move the rubber grip to access clamp screws. So, if you are seeking a dual lock-on grip, you should contemplate these grips. There are 10 different colors to meet your needs.  

Top 3: RedMonkey Klampz Lock-on Grip

It can be said that these Klampz grips are a combination of weather-resistant silicone and the highest-grade vibration damping. Regarding the installation, it is reasonably straightforward. There are some recommendations from the manufacturer about torque directions, and you should read through them before tightening. If you torque correctly, these grips will stay in place without significant rotational problems. 


  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Foam glory
  • Highly comfortable


  • The diameter might be too wide for several cyclists

With the 5mm-silicone padding, the Klampz Lock-on grip can give you the most comfortable and grippy bar feel. For those who like larger diameter grip, this product will be a pretty sweet option. Plus, it comes in a multitude of clamp and grip colors while offering a tacky and superior grip. 

Top 4: ESI Fit XC Grip

In terms of the features, these grips are surprisingly grippy and shockingly locked in place. Several users said that the grips offered a great vibration damping when they rode their bikes in a gravel road with many square edge rocks at high speeds. 


  • Good vibration damping
  • Great ergonomic grip
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Difficult to remove

The ESI XC is the thicker version of the Fit grip in numerous colors. It is ergonomically shaped and comprises a thick outer section, a wide inner section, and a thin middle section. Plus, the grips are 100% silicone without any lock-on or clamps. 

Top 5: Odi AG-2 Lock-on Grip

The AG-2s are improved with a larger diameter, giving better leverage and a more comfortable position. This time, ODI used the knurled pattern for the grips’ surfaces to offer a comfortable base for grip and hand position. This knurled pattern also uses a soft compound.


  • Soft compound
  • Good bar-end protection
  • Comfortable design


  • Harsh feel when using thin gloves

These grips will not be appropriate for those who tend to wear out bike grips quickly. With its affordable price, they will not disappoint you when being thrashing single-locking grips. They transmit a reassuring feedback amount through from the bar and have a direct feel. 

Top 6: WTB W075-0064 Clamp-on Grip

When coming to its features, its diameter is standardly about 30mm, and the length is 130mm, which is designed to be suitable for most hands. Its textured blocks accommodate excellent grip for any riding condition but still give a softer feel. Additionally, the end caps are durable and can deal well with run-of-the-mill tear and wear. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Work great when being wet


  • Only black color

Overall, the WTB Clamp-on grip is a lightweight and simple soft-style grip that can work well in all weather conditions. It seems to be the cheapest option on this list, even though it does not have many colors for you to choose from. 

Why Should Buy Mountain Bike Grips? 

Whether your bike is for recreational or competitive use, bike grips can affect your comfort and performance. Mountain bike grips are made up of different styles, materials, and colors. You absolutely can find the right one for your bike.

Mountain bike grips contribute to the way bicycles work, so buying based solely on looks can hamper a bike’s performance. It would be best if you considered buying bike grips as carefully as you would when choosing a tire. Similar to tires, bike grips are made of many different compounds. They can be soft, hard, sticky, smooth, or a combination of these characteristics.

Some bike grips have contour designs that match the shape of the rider’s finger. It can reduce the chance the rider’s hand slips off the grip and provides a natural feel.

Who Should Buy Mountain Bike Grips? 

For those who regularly mountain bike, choosing the right bike grips is essential. This vital accessory assists you in your bike ride and ensures the comfort of holding the wheel for a long time.

Usually, bike grips are made of a rubber compound. These handsets are inexpensive, easy to replace and come in a variety of colors. However, rubber grips bikes will tend to get numb quickly and relatively quickly, not as comfortable as gel handles.

Many mountain bikes are sold with gel handlebars. A gel liner is used for the center of the clamp and covered with lightweight rubber. The gel feet are soft and can be very comfortable to use. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. Gel feet suit a wide variety of bicycles and riding styles from casual to sport, so they are also more durable with various rubber handles.

The outside diameter of bike grips can vary considerably between products. Users with particularly large or small hands should look for thicker or thinner products, or respectively.

Best Mountain Bike Grips FAQs 

How to replace mountain bike grips?

Step 1: Remove bike grips

If you have multiple bike grips, you should remove the first ones. You may also have to loosen the brake levers and levers and slide them between the handlebars. It will make room to slide your screwdriver to the end of the mountain bike.

Once you have a screwdriver inside the clamp, mount the WD-40 tube and spray a little water on it. Spray 1 or 2 times. It won’t take too long for the handle to loosen, so you can quickly shake and slide it to the end of the bar.

Before installing new bike grips, make sure you wipe all the first swingers. If you are reinstalling the old handle, make sure you let the air dry for the first few minutes so the WD-40 – you used to take it off, let it have time to evaporate.

Step 2: Install new bike grips

Now, spray the new handle with water or two hairsprays, then quickly move it to the swingarm while the hairspray is still wet. It will dry and position the handle in place. Then, move the mountain bike’s brakes, turn your levers back to their position, and tighten them.

How to choose mountain bike grips for the hand?

The standard length for most bike grips is between 130 mm and 140 mm. If you have larger hands than usual, you can go for 150 mm. If you need more space for the gear lever, choose 90 mm bike grips.

What is the common diameter of bike grips?

Regarding the diameter of bike grips, you should not choose one that is too large because you will have to stretch your hand to the fullest extent to hold it. However, it would be best to choose bike grips that are too small because you will find it harder to control the bike. A reasonable diameter for small hands is 29 to 30 mm, while for larger hands, 32 mm to 34 mm.

Final Sayings

In short, bike grips are just as important as any other accessory on a mountain bike. You can choose bike grips from online shopping sites or buy them directly in stores. As long as you specify the type of bike and hand size, you can choose the best mountain bike grips. Hopefully, this article gives you useful information so you can find the product you like.

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