Improve the Visibility During Night Ride with The Best Mountain Bike Lights

In terms of importance when choosing a bicycle accessory, the bike light is behind only the helmet. It is a product not only for lighting and decoration but also for a decisive influence on safety when traveling on the road. Car lights are getting smaller and lighter while providing better illumination compared to previous generations.

However, the market today has a multitude of different types of car lights. So, which are the best mountain bike lights for you? The following article will provide you with reviews and the essential information to make the best decision. Let’s jump into it now!


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Lights                         

Top 1: Cycle Torch Shark 500 Light

When coming to the Cycle Torch Shark 500 light features, the CREE LED seems to be the most outstanding. This LED will produce lots of light but not blind pedestrians who you might pass through on the road. The tail light is also included in this package to protect you from all sides. 

Furthermore, the rating for this light is IPX5, which means that it can perform well under heavy rain. The Cycle Torch light is genuinely such a bargain when coming with a modern-looking design, bright light at night time, and easy attachment on all sized bicycles. 


  • Waterproof
  • Bright LED light
  • Taillight included


  • Battery life needs some improvements

Overall, this mountain bike light can offer a useful all-in-one package and convenient USB charging. It seems that Cycle Torch succeeded in introducing the low-cost light with a great beam cut-off. These features can stop distractions from other glaring bike lights. 

Top 2: Cygolite Metro ProTM 1100 Light

The Cygolite Metro ProTM can be listed as one of the brightest lights for mountain bikes on this list. This Cygolite brand has been leading since 1991, so that their product has been high-quality and improved over three decades. The light will help you see obstacles from a mile off clearly at night. 

With the nine lighting modes, including the walking mode, so you can use it for both day and night. It can be a bike light and a flashlight on the trails. The manufacturer also builds the light with a rigid handlebar mount and water-resistant body. Thus, it is immensely durable and able to address all rugged conditions. 


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Nine light modes


  • A bit expensive

When buying this light, you will be satisfied with its different modes and excellent waterproofing feature. These features allow you to use them in all weather conditions without any issue. 

Top 3: LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro Rear Bike Light 

This LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro light comes with five LEDs offering 11 modes. They include six flashing modes, three constant modes, and two modes for riding in the daytime. Besides, the memory function’s interesting feature will remember the last mode used so that it can start-up quickly to your preferred setting the next time you use it. 


  • Memory mode
  • Very bright
  • Rubber charging cover


  • The charging might be a bit unfamiliar

With straightforward operation and a lot of features, this LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro light offers excellent power. Plus, the band fastening and rubber wings can keep the light stay in place firmly on numerous seatposts. The only awkward feature is the built-in USB plug, which might not be strange for several cyclists. 

Top 4: NiteRider Sentry Aero 260 Bike Taillight 

The lighting options consist of six modes which are three flashings, two constant, and one daylight-visible flash. This light is also designed with 26-degree visibility, dual-LED strips, elongated length, and internal reflectors. All of these features make Sentry Aero 260 a competitive product on the market these days. 


  • Powerful mode for daytime
  • 260-degrees of visibility
  • Quick charge time


  • Bulky design

Generally, this is a good option for several aero seatposts and daytime visibility. It accommodates bikers with easy operation, good side visibility, and a bright day flash. With a variety of charges for some rides, the run-times are also acceptable. 

Top 5: NiteRider 6780 Lumina 1200 Bike Light

The NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost has two versions, actually. One of them has the OLED screen that displays the mode you use with the remaining run time. However, the interface of the OLED screen is clunky. So, it will be better to opt for the one with a single button as it is more user-friendly and cheaper. 


  • Simple one-button operation
  • Good beam pattern 
  • Good value of Lumina


  • Bulky included mount

It can be said that the Niterider lights have remained a go-to for many cyclists. Their products were the best among many bike lights two decades ago. Their batteries and beam patterns are incredibly good, making it a hero in the night riding game. 

Top 6: NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 Bike Light

The entire package is IP64 rated, which means that it is dust and water-resistant. Thus, you can use it even in extreme weather conditions, and it is genuinely ideal for the mountains. 


  • Five light modes
  • Power lockdown mode
  • Swivel mount


  • Battery life is on a short side

Briefly, the light swivels nicely and has a helpful illuminated on/off switch. It is ideal for off-road riding and commuting, thanks to its wide beam pattern. With easy and quick installation, this bike light is suitable for those who like getting the job done in one minute. 

Why Should You Buy Mountain Bike Lights?

When you go mountain biking, an essential accessory that you need to equip is the bike light. Bicycle lights have two main effects. One is to help you choose everything to suit. The other is to help vehicles in the back to help move more quickly.

Bicycle lights are usually red and yellow. It would help if you turned on both your front and rear lights to see and help ahead of and vehicles. Some lamps also have a flicker design to obtain features that attract users’ attention to vehicles behind.

Different lamps will have different luminosities, intensities, and lumens as much as possible. However, do not hurry to assume that a lamp with a higher lumen intensity will be much brighter. 

With the lens design and the bulb, the design focus adjustment will help you focus the lighting on the part to be projected. Some lamps have two narrow bright jars, and they are concentrated only in narrow spaces with larger colorful jars. So, check out this feature of the bike lights carefully.

In general, a bicycle will consist of light in the front and a red light in the back. With a quantity of two, you will be able to find and buy them at any bicycle specialty store. Besides, if you like to be creative, you can choose to buy and install on the handlebars, or details such as red lights on the back of the car can be mounted on your helmet. You can be creative with lights to continually have the most brilliant cars.        

Who Should Buy Mountain Bike Lights?

For those who love mountain biking, bike lights are an indispensable accessory. A bright light will make your journey easier as you cycle around late afternoon or early morning. Furthermore, the mountain path is often bumpy and has many obstacles, so the bike light ensures the cyclist’s safety.          

Best Mountain Bike Lights FAQs 

How many types of bicycle lights are there?

High-power lighting system

Often these product lines are rechargeable products with a large light output. These products’ prices are usually higher than the general level, but what they bring is entirely commensurate. It’s brighter, safer, and more durable in virtually all usage conditions.

Front, rear & side signal lights

These are product lines that help other vehicles see you on the road together. High-end models can also create efficient lighting performance even during the day. This feature is called DRL – Daytime Running Light, similar to car lights with daylight function to attract attention. 

The main difference between the signal lights is usually the mounting structure (mounted on the car, on the steering wheel, on the helmet, or a backpack). The number of LEDs integrated into the product and the features for USB charging or removable batteries.

How efficient are mountain bike lights?

LEDs: LEDs, thanks to their excellent energy efficiency, durable construction, are now almost the standard in bicycle light manufacturing. There are many types of LED bulbs with different luminous intensities.

Lumens: Lumen = Light Output. It is a measure of the luminous power of a light source. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the lamp.

In darker areas or during forest, trail, or suburban journeys, you should choose one with a broad spread light to see the surrounding terrain (provided the light output is high).

How long can mountain bike lights stay on?

Battery life depends on the type of battery, the intensity of the light, and the type of LED bulb you use. The flash / off mode makes it easier for vehicles to recognize you while also using less energy than the constant light mode. Most bicycle lights support both of these lighting modes.

The Bottom Line

A safety standard bicycle is fitted with front, rear, and sidelights. Make sure your car, motorbike, or even pedestrians can see it. When walking in the dark – especially on jungle trips or in remote areas with no ambient light, prepare yourself with a light with the right light intensity.

Hopefully, through this article, you can choose for yourself the best mountain bike lights to ensure your cycling safety.                                                                           

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