Best Mountain Bike Helmet Review 2021 – Ranking and Buying Guide

Like any other type of helmet, the best mountain bike helmet serves to protect the cyclist’s head during falls or collisions. As we will see, all helmets are designed and tested to withstand powerful blows. However, after a fall, they must be replaced as they can withstand a single impact.

The fundamental differences between mountain bike helmets are the shape and presence of a visor to block the sun’s rays and any debris. Now, we can analyze which will be the best mountain bike helmet in 2021.


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Helmet

Top 1: IXS Trigger AM

The IXS Trail RS is beautiful, technological, and guarantees you 360-degree protection of the head. It also has a reasonable price. For this reason, it has garnered high acclaim in reviews, and we consider it the best mountain bike helmet of 2021.

Thanks to its In-Mold structure, it guarantees complete head protection, including the nape of the neck, to ensure total safety when you are on your MTB bike. It is well-padded that its padding does not get damaged over time due to sweat, wear, or atmospheric agents.

It has a visor that you can easily raise or lower. The helmet also offers 22 vents that will allow your scalp to breathe. Although it is only available in two sizes, S/M and M/L, it will fit you perfectly.

You can adjust it thanks to the Ergofit Ultra system with a wheel that widens or narrows the inner band. The latter, by wrapping your head, provides the IXS Trigger AM MTB helmet with perfect stability.


  • 360-degree protection thanks to the In-Mold technology
  • Thick padding to resist wear, sweat, and atmospheric agents
  • 22 vents for the scalp
  • The Ergo-Fit Ultra system guarantees an excellent fit


  • The change cord is too long.
  • Depending on the shape of the head, it may tighten slightly at the temples.

Top 2: Ventura Semi In-Mold

Are you an adventurous biker, all-mountain, or downhill lover? Here is the detachable full-face MTB helmet with the best value for money on this list. Ventura Semi In-Mold is a removable full-face helmet. Its structure can protect the neck and completely the head in case of a fall.

It has a chin guard you can decide to remove according to your preferences or needs. But the Ventura MTB helmet does not stop there. The expert cyclists have no doubts about its quality since they find it excellent compared to the price.

The material includes special nylon in ABS. It is resistant and suitable for guaranteeing maximum safety in the event of a fall. Its 17 holes guarantee you an excellent ventilation system. Finally, you can adjust them according to your needs while you are in the saddle.


  • Full-face helmet with the best value for money
  • It completely protects the head and keeps the neck stable
  • Removable chin guard as needed
  • Made of nylon made of particularly resistant ABS


  • The chin guard can be difficult to disassemble and mount while in use

Top 3: Atphfety MTB

Atsafety is the best MTB helmet at an incredibly low price if you are looking for an efficient, safe, and economical product. It has a fusible in-mold structure and exceptional quality materials. The external shell in polycarbonate makes it particularly solid and robust. The high-density EPS padding ensures excellent absorption in the event of a fall.

It is a helmet with 24 vents that ensures maximum ventilation, even if you use it on the hottest days of summer. Besides guaranteeing your safety, you will have a helmet that is certified and approved by both professional cyclists and by testing. Finally, this MTB helmet is tested and complies with EN 1078 standards.


  • Comes with a fuse In-Mold structure
  • External shell in polycarbonate and EPS padding
  • 24 air shots for greater ventilation
  • Tested and compliant with EN 1078 standards


  • Despite the uni-size system, it may not fit perfectly
  • The wheel to tighten the head circumference may become loose.

Top 4: Giro Fixture MIPS

Why is Giro the best-selling helmet ever? Because it has attractive features for people who love mountain bikes in truly exceptional feats. It happens if you practice all mountains or downhill.

The first feature that distinguishes it is a double density structure. It uses the In-Mold technology that combines two external shells inside. The outer shell, with a higher density, guarantees you a distribution of impact over a larger portion of the MTB helmet. The inner part of the lower density will absorb any blows.

Thanks to modern technology, it offers you extreme resistance even in the event of multiple effects. It meets the European standard CE EN1078 certification and you can find it available in two sizes: M, from 55 to 61 cm, and L, from 59 to 65 cm.


  • Excellent distribution and absorption of impact energy
  • Complies with the European CE EN1078 safety certification
  • Suitable for a head circumference of 55 to 65 cm, sizes M and L
  • It has a visor and night light.


  • It does not cover the nape completely.

Top 5: Lixada MTB

Lixada is the MTB helmet that will fully satisfy your needs if you are looking for a light model. You will not feel the weight when you are riding your bike. 

Its weight is only 190g but is resistant and perfectly protects your head. It comes with high-density EPS. Its internal padding is so soft that guarantees excellent fit and comfort.

The 26 vents ensure optimal ventilation for your scalp. The internal foam will perfectly absorb sweat to keep you pedaling dry, even on hot summer days. The padding is removable and you can wash it easily.


  • Durable and made of high-density EPS
  • Comfortable and removable padding, excellent sweat absorption
  • 26 vents for better ventilation even on hot days


  • Not suitable for all mountains or downhill
  • We can improve the quality of the materials

Top 6: Ventura Freestyle

With a Ventura Freestyle helmet, you will have an ultramodern design that is aggressive and aerodynamic. It is suitable for both men and women who love to challenge danger.

Do not be fooled by its low price. The Ventura MTB helmet has nothing to envy to others, much more expensive than MTB helmets. It will guarantee maximum safety, even during your most extreme mountain bike adventures.

This MTB helmet is available in different beautiful colors, both dazzling and mate. You will notice the design, not only light, sporty and elegant but also with great attention to detail. At first glance, you will have a prime quality available for men and women.


  • High acclaim from users and expert cyclists
  • Careful design and light structure
  • Nice aggressive design
  • Extremely light and aerodynamic


  • Low-safety structure

Why Should Buy Mountain Bike Helmet

On off-road, the risk of a fall is always lurking. There is simply a collision with branches or other objects flying can have negative consequences if you are not wearing a helmet. A helmet is a positive sign as the sensitivity on safety. It has the maximum synthesis in the helmet, shared by almost all two-wheel enthusiasts.

In the city, in the mountains, and on the hills, it still sees uncovered cyclists, especially in summer. A tan is more important than safety and that falling at 40 or 50 km/h on the asphalt is an unlikely event for them.

There is no path or road even without traffic in which head protection is superfluous. From the smallest wounds, abrasions, and cuts, up to head injuries induced by violent falls, the helmet is to be considered a lifesaver.

Who Should Buy Mountain Bike Helmet

If you are a frequent cyclist who predominantly rides a racing bike or mountain bike in your free time, your bike helmet should match the terrain. Racing bike helmets, for example, offer a different dynamic and ventilation than bike helmets for mountain bikers.

Children’s helmets also differ in shapes such as helmets for young people and adults. In terms of price, there are already good discount models for less than $50.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet FAQs

Are the materials important?

The materials of the mountain bike helmet are crucial and determine its safety and durability. The first materials to consider when choosing the helmet are polycarbonate or PVC. These two materials are resistant that can optimally absorb shocks.

The inner shell is an expanded-polyester (EPS). It is a softer material than polycarbonate that helps absorb shocks. The resistance of the helmet has already been tested and is proven by homologation. So, we should analyze the material about the weight and personal preferences of each.

Is the brand important?

As with any product, there are many companies on the market with different models for mountain bike helmets. Each company has its peculiarities, and the helmets they produce have similar and some unique characteristics. The temptation is always to rely on a well-known brand.

The big brands known all over the world are usually a little more expensive than the unknown ones. It may have to establish itself on the market. It applies not only to mountain bike helmets but to almost all products on the market. However, there are some real advantages that you have when you rely on a great brand known worldwide.

Does the price matter?

The price of a product should not be the only element to evaluate to understand if the product you are buying is valid or not. We are not saying that the price is not a quality indicator. However, our advice is always to analyze the other factors and elements before considering the price.

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