Best Chains For Mountain Bike In 2021: Reviews And Buying Guide

Choosing the best product for your needs is often difficult for cycling. In this guide, we provide tips that can be useful for all bike enthusiasts. This guide is often renewed to become crucial for people who desire to buy the best chains for mountain bike by finding the best product at the most affordable price.

This list contains information on the best-selling products on the net. They are products that have had enormous success. For each product, there is a description and the cost.


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Top 6 Best Chains for Mountain Bike

Top 1: KMC X9.93 Chain

KMC X9.93 bike chain includes 116 links. It secures your riding experience thanks to the nine-speed system and MTB models of compatibility. With a low weight, the bike still speeds and has no extra-weight during the ride.

It is one of the best chains for mountain bikes, especially the nine-speed bikes, because of the double X bridge shape. This feature ensures the ultimate speed and smooth shifting. The unit is also sturdy and durable for years with monthly maintenance. When checking and testing, ensure that this chain can sketch and the comfort of its operation.

The outer plate of this product is nickel coated. So, it is corrosion and rust resistance, no matter how far your bike can go. The chain has a compact and ergonomic design to guarantee the most efficient shifting for every ride you have. You will also have a package of supporting tools for maintenance and fixing the chain with ease.


  • Compatible with most nine-speed systems
  • Sturdy design with 116 links
  • High stretchability and durability
  • Corrosion and rust resistance


  • Loud vibration

Top 2: Shimano CN-HG53 Chain

Shimano CN-HG53 is an excellent MTB chain. It offers 116 durable links that will not break or giggle even on the roughest enduro. The chain is highly compatible with Shimano Deore and Tiagra models. With this collaboration, you will have the best performance on all terrains.

This model is durable and long-lasting for years. It is suitable for athletes who always have intensive training sections. It is the most reliable chain for the ultimate performance on rough surfaces. The unit also comes with a pin that connects the ends. So, you can shorten the chain for training.

With this product, we guarantee you will have exceptional performances. Overall, the Shimano CN-HG53 chain is ergonomic, sturdy, and has a stable performance on all terrains. However, the design of this chain is narrow.


  • Durable construction with 116 links
  • Compatible with Shimano Deore and Tiagra
  • Excellent performance on all terrains
  • Comes with a pin for shortening the chain


  • Narrow for some users

Top 3: SRAM PC 971 Chain

SRAM PC 971 speed chain has the most affordable price on our list. But it does not mean this chain is not as efficient as the other models. It is the most efficient chain with an ultimate performance on strength and durability.

It features chrome-hardened pins that are durable and long-lasting. This product will support your MTB performance in all conditions. The outer plates are efficient and durable that you will not have to make any replacement for a long time. It will not break or bend when you move your pedals. So, you can enjoy your MTB adventure with no worries about any sudden breakdown.

Whether you are at the mountain or on the highway, you can make the installment/disassembly with this chain with ease. It comes with a quick-connect power link for convenient installation that you do not need any help from the workshops. Finally, the chain is also worn and weather resistant even when you use it for training.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Chrome hardened pins
  • Long-lasting functions
  • Fast replacement and installation


  • Not be enough for a 29er

Top 4: KMC Z410 Chain

KMC Z410 chain is the best value for your money since it is durable but comes at an affordable price. With 112 links, there is no surface that this chain cannot conquer. It has an anti-drop design to resist corrosion and rust. The chain will not break, bend, or stretch even in harsh environments. Besides MTB, it is a functional chain that you can use on BMX or a regular road bike.

It also comes in many color choices depending on your preference. It will control your MTB efficiently to offer the most comfortable experience. The unit features a master link that you can adjust depending on your training strategies. It comes with 90% assembly, so you will need some supporting tools to remove the extra links.


  • Durable and robust
  • Resists to wear and corrosion
  • Many choices of color
  • Comes with a master link


  • The master link is wider than the others.

Top 5: SRAM PC 1051 Chain

The combination of steel and nickel makes the SRAM PC 1051 bike chain unique and efficient. The steel links are sturdy and will conquer any corrosion through your rides. This unit guarantees a stable performance for a long time. The nickel coating is available to the inner and outer links. It will protect the chain from any damage from the outer environment.

Many MTB bikers praise this model as the best chain for 10-speed bikes with its functionality and practicality. It allows for smooth and reliable movements when you maneuver original trails. The unit is also compatible with many systems and guarantees non-vibrant operation.


  • Durable materials
  • Do not stretch with regular use.
  • Corrosion and wear resistance
  • Lightweight with minimum tooth interference


  • Installing the master link is complicated.

Top 6: Wippermann Connex Chain

Wippermann Connex chain comes with the most durable steel other models can wish for. It is the sturdiest chain on our list that cannot break or rust for MTB rides. The chain is compatible with most 10-speed MTBs for optimal uses.

Wipperman Connex model is also the best bike chain for rough terrains. It is elegant and unique with stainless inner links and minimum tooth interference. Every link is properly and perfectly cut to minimize friction. It means that your bike will be non-vibrant and will not disappoint during the intensive rides.


  • Strong 10-speed bike chain for rough trails
  • Compatible with 10-speed MTBs
  • Minimum tooth interference
  • Easy removal and installation


  • Relatively expensive

Why Should I Buy Chains for Mountain Bikes?

Bicycle chains are elementary components on the bike. Regardless of whether you prefer a chain or hub gears, the chain on the bike transfers the force you apply from the front chainring to the rear sprocket. Depending on the gear set in interaction with the bicycle hub or opinions of different sizes, it ensures differently sized gear ratios that are perfectly adapted to the respective driving situation.

What many riders do not know is that not every bicycle chain is suitable for each purpose. Depending on the number of sprockets mounted on the rear wheel, the products usually differ in terms of their size, the thickness of the material, and the relevant dimensions. Because of the derailleur gears that are traditionally used, racing bike chains are slimmer and lighter than standard chains for hub gears.

Who Should Buy Chains for Mountain Bikes?

The choice will depend on the number of speeds of your transmission and the services you are looking for. They design all the components of transmission to operate at a standard speed. So, you cannot combine a 9-speed chain with a 10V transmission for example. Today most mountain bikes are at 10 or 11 speeds, but we can still find 9 speeds, even more rarely 8.

For occasional use, a basic chain with a quick coupler to simplify assembly will be more than enough. An amateur will prefer a chain with an alloy or surface treatment for maximum reliability. Finally, a competitor will opt for a chain with treatment and lightened to optimize the efficiency and reliability of its transmission.

Best Chains for Mountain Bike FAQs

What can I do if the bicycle chain breaks?

It can happen to every cyclist that the chain breaks on the way. It is annoying because a broken bicycle chain makes it impossible to continue riding. MTB chains are not immune to this fate. The constant contact of the chain with dirt and the rubbing of sand and mud on metal significantly reduces life expectancy.

If your chain breaks while driving, you have two options. You can either put on a replacement chain or shorten the broken bicycle chain by removing the broken link with a chain tool and then riveting the chain again.

How do I properly care for my bicycle chain?

Periodic maintenance is vital if you want to slow down the corrosion. You should clean and re-lubricate your bicycle chain about every 300 kilometers. Remove the dirt from your bicycle chain by soaking a clean cloth with a little spray oil and using it to rub the entire chain.

Then, run the bicycle chain through a second cloth until it no longer leaves any black marks. To lubricate the chain, only put one drop of chain oil on each chain roller. Otherwise, you would over-lubricate them.

What other product categories were customers interested in bicycle chains looking for?

Customers who are interested in the bicycle chains from our comparison also frequently searched for “bicycle chains,” “bicycle chains,” and “Shimano chains.”

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