Best Childrens Cycling Clothes – 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Cycling clothes are vital for children of all ages. In this way, the joy of cycling is not clouded by uncomfortable sitting or even pain. Depending on the kid’s reference and mental stability, there are many recommended models to choose from. Other children cycling clothes are also suitable for multiple outdoor activities.

Children wear what they like, so let your children choose. It is vital that the material is comfortable and allows sufficient freedom of movement. The selection of gilets and pants for children is oversized. This comparison article gives an initial overview of particularly recommended best childrens cycling clothes and their unique properties.


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Top 6 Best Childrens Cycling Clothes Reviews

Top 1: Ateid Children Cycling Jersey Set

Ateid set is a summer cycling suit featuring a fully breathable polyester suit. It reduces sweating and prevents the sensation of a wet body. The premium mesh jersey and durable zipper guarantee high ventilation for your kids.

The set is elastic enough with a bright neon color. Also, the cycling suit is accompanied by shorts with an anti-shock function. It has many functions as keeping the legs warm and preventing the lower joints from being exposed to any trauma in the event of a fall.

The suit is ideal for the summer but can also be easily worn in winter under a jacket and a long tracksuit. It is fashionable enough to make your kids enjoy the riding experience for a long time.


  • Breathable polyester
  • Mesh jersey and zippers
  • Anti-shock function
  • Body protection


  • The standard size is too large.

Top 2: Disney Minnie Mouse Set

This suit, specially designed for girl cyclists, comes with breathable fabric and is characterized by several non-slip edges. These features ensure a comfortable seat without sudden and inappropriate movements while riding your bicycle.

The polyester and lycra fabric guarantee a good feeling of comfort. It perfectly absorbs sweat to prevent the discomfort of all kinds and accidental situations during the rides. The print design with Minnie Mouse in the center will entertain all the girls to wear it all day. The clothes are compatible with washing machines in cold water.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Non-slip edges
  • Polyester and lycra materials
  • High comfort and entertainment


  • Too small for some kids

Top 3: LONG AO Children Cycling Jersey Set

LONG AO is another cycling suit that is extremely comfortable and resistant to both boys and girls. The set is completely breathable. The model in question also offers a thermal protection offering.

A pleasant increase in body temperature remains stable without increasing sweating thanks to the breathable mesh fabric.

After all, this model is ideal for both the winter and summer seasons. The high wicking capacity stabilizes the body temperature to prevent heat shocks.


  • Comfortable and resistant
  • Durable mesh material
  • Stabilize body temperature
  • Ideal for both winter and summer


  • Smaller than customers expect

Top 4: Ateid Children Cycling Jersey Set

The jersey of the cycling suit comes with polyester with a honeycomb weave. It ensures good breathability and allows the children to practice sports during the summer with no kind of difficulty.

The trousers are elastic and do not adhere completely to the thighs. It offers excellent freedom of movement by protecting the legs and preventing them from being exposed to potential shocks.

The suit is ideal for both amateur cyclists and children who are competing at professional levels.


  • Premium polyester
  • High breathability
  • Elastic and durable
  • Leg protection


  • Expensive

Top 5: MOXILIN Bike Clothes

Here, MARILYN clothing is easy to notice how the fabric is lighter and more suitable for the summer period. The transpiration proposed is higher than the model previously showed, even if the resistance is a few points lower.

Washing with warm water makes this technical cycling clothing perfect after a training session or at the end of a competition. Thanks to its composition, this suit is suitable for the summer period.


  • High transpiration
  • Summer-ideal clothe
  • Compatible with washing machine


  • Lack of elasticity

Top 6: Kanu Kool Kitten Cycling Jersey

With a Kanu Kool jersey, the elastic back pockets are ideal for storing your belongings when cycling. The shirt offers high breathability and comfort.

It comes with high-quality polyester and a specialized gel pad. The long sleeve cycling jersey is breathable, lightweight, dry, and soft and can maximize ventilation and keep you cool and comfortable during your bike rides.


  • Multi anti-slip
  • High breathability
  • Elastic rear pockets


  • Low durability

Why Should Buy Childrens Cycling Clothes

As with cycling, wearing the right clothing, a suitable shirt, and shorts is the ideal solution for body protection. Players who wear jeans or a polo shirt negatively affect the performance during the training phase.

Therefore, the right sportswear allows you to give life to optimal performance. Of course, only if this is selected paying the utmost attention to some criteria that determine the ideal clothing for cycling.

Before buying the right cycling clothing for kids, you need to take into consideration some key elements. First, you need to think about the season. Naturally, in summer or winter, the clothes will have to be different because they will have to meet different needs. It is also advisable to consider the age of the child.

Who should buy childrens cycling clothes?

When temperatures are high in spring and summer, it is much easier to dress children for cycling since there is no need to use heavy clothes. However, there are other elements to consider. First, it is the sweat. The latter in some parts of the body can cause rubbing and redness that can prevent normal movements.

Therefore, it is vital to use breathable and light clothing that does not make the kids sweat excessively. Sweat must not stay in contact with the skin. It must expel the moisture in such a way as not to irritate the kids.

For the upper part of the body, it is possible to use cotton T-shirts or a technical fabric that has good transpiration. Also, for the lower body, it is necessary to choose breathable shorts that can dry quickly. The shorts must not be too wide. It is better to prefer tight-fitting models to facilitate movements and pedal with ease.

Of course, we can use wider shorts on occasions such as trips or walks. But you should not use them too often because in some circumstances they could even be dangerous for your children.

At the height of the sacrum, it is also advisable to use padded clothing to safeguard the part from any bumps and shocks. Convenience should be the first factor to consider for sportswear. The clothes must allow the child to move with ease and not have to cause him discomfort.

Best Childrens Cycling Clothes FAQs

Which cycling suite fabric is comfortable?

People lean towards their decision on cotton. In reality, it is probably the least suitable material to exploit.

Although light and not very irritating, once it gets soaked in sweat gives that feeling of moist skin which, besides causing a certain discomfort, can be synonymous with allergies or ailments, especially if cycling during the period. Clothing represents the suitable choice in synthetic fibers that have a double advantage, the first of which concerns the drying speed of the garment.

Besides, there is also talk of clothing that has good resistance and that allows you to keep the body at a certain temperature, thus offering excellent protection against typical seasonal ailments.

Can cycling clothes protect my children?

Besides offering excellent comfort, the best cycling clothing must also ensure a good level of protection.

This means that the clothing must have padding in the sensitive parts of the body, in this case, the elbows and knees, since a fall can cause damage to the joints.

The protective coating must be solid but not be synonymous with limitation in movements or create discomfort during competition or training.

Therefore, it is necessary to test these parts precisely to be sure that the garments can improve the level of safety without creating further problems during performing the sporting activity.

Long or short outfit?

On the front of the measure, or the long or short sleeve suit, you must always keep in mind that the choice depends on the type of fabric.

For example, even in winter it is possible to wear a short-sleeved cycling shirt as long as this, besides being worn under a windbreaker, is of a thermal type, i.e. it allows the cyclist’s body to maintain a stable body temperature.

Final Words

For the best childrens cycling clothes, the quality of the fabric needs to settle on fairly good levels. A suit must be resistant to tears and also to any falls by the children. So, they can avoid damage that forces the sports competitor to replace the shirt and pants after a few uses.

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