Best Bike Mountain Mtb Brakes: 2021 Review And Assessment

Brakes are a kind of exceptional detail that needs to be reviewed as a priority when buying a mountain bike. Brakes can help to offload bike tonnage and maintain a stable journey. Besides, the good brakes provide a smooth road for the biker; they are not worried about being behind in the race and can focus mainly on the route without any confusion.

Nowadays, many brands concentrate on developing brakes’ quality to meet challenging requirements from bike users, especially for mountain bikes. It is not only for keeping safe but also enhancing bikers’ confidence even in the most dangerous terrain. Take a look at top 6 Best Bike Mountain Mtb Brakes review on this post.


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Let review Top 6 of bike mountain MTB brakes!

Top 1: Shimano Deore M6000:

The first position is calling for this model of the Japanese brand.

The structure of brakes is relatively easy and the same as other regular brakes. It includes a fundamental disc and provides for you perfect performance when you ride on the path. The brakes are formed by aligning into rods with super confidential functions.

It is true to say that all you need for a functional MTB brake is Shimano Deore M6000. It runs stable and has an energetic complex and massive leverage, which increases the bike’s strength.


  • Good cost management
  • Dependable productivity


  • Traditional design

In general, Shimano Deore M6000 reserves to be an MTB brake leader in supporting riders on every kind of terrain.

Top 2: Shimano Zee: 

Adhered to top 1 is another model of precious Shimano, which is Shimano Zee.

This pattern is one of the latest accessories which perform good quality at a very reasonable cost. The first impression is four impetuous grip and brief leverage, creating a comfortable riding space for mountain bikers. Moreover, Shimano Zee brake’s system is equipped with advanced technology to keep your ride smooth even when you go downhill in dangerous terrain. Apart from that, this brake model provides a one-sided feature that helps you maintain components and fast.

One more thing is Shimano Zee’s power brake, and it can be called an unstoppable monster because the brand works very well at controlling speed and keeping the human body safe even at the highest speed on the path.


  • Energetic and consistent 
  • Facile design and high reality


  • Unforeseen bite when ridding
  • The price is escalating a bit in few years.

Finally, even though Shimano Zee shows a cumbersome look and average gravity, the value that it brings to us at this cost range is outstanding and rational.

Top 3: TRP Quadiem:

TRP Quadiem brake is a perfect selection for riders who spend almost time discovering mountain paths.

Compared with Shimano Zee in terms of four-piston grip, TRP Quadiem works relatively better than the Zee model since it helps to disappear a noisy fan-blade when we are riding. Therefore, riders can easily concentrate on their paths.

Secondly, the combination between intonation and force creates a perfect feature for every rider; even though they have a large or tiny hand, they can still balance their speed and topography.

Many riders feel satisfied with TRP Quadiem, not only the brakes quality but also the resin pads attached with brakes. It is different from the Shimano system, and we have to buy the same Shimano replacement pads. However, in terms of TRP Quadiem, you can buy plastic pads in every shop at various price options.


  • Steady leverage
  • Relevant to all status quo


  • Excessive gravity

This brake model is suitable for mountain riders, and even they are discovering an arduous journey in a night or a storm! Because it can keep the bike engine in a quiet situation and maintain a fluent itinerary the whole time.

Top 4: Magura MT5:

This German brand is known for reliable quality and an advanced combination between high quality and sporty design.

German quality always mainly focuses on durability and consistency. This brake includes typical features and a smart rotor to bear heat agglomeration and overuse of riders when they go to the slope.

The Magura brake’s middle position is brake leverage which is equipped with energetic four-pistons made from specialized oil. This oil type has a low viscosity which helps to maintain the brake very easily.

Another minor accessory of the brake is Magura resin pads, and it is installed along with the brake and performs correctly during riders’ journeys. When you ride continuously and the pads are getting warmer, you should experience perfect speed control, and it still keeps your interest on the path and safe for the human body.


  • Extreme confinement
  • Concrete endurance


  • Restricted privilege for colors

In summary, it is right to talk about the outstanding quality of the Magura brake. Magura does its best in creating a reliable, complex, and good service for riders who want to adjust according to their hobbies but still enjoy one of the best aspects of the German brand.

Top 5: SRAM Level Ultimate:

Previous years ago, SRAM brake was used at Olympic games and gave athletes strength in many contests. This clause affirms the good-will and quality of SRAM in mountain bike brake.

One of the most outstanding brake types is SRAM Level Ultimate. Let review its structure first to see how it works. The SRAM Level Ultimate includes leverage, tube, and fastener. Even it is a complicated package, but in general, the brake is relatively light and functional.

Same as to other models of SRAM, the disk brake of SRAM Level Ultimate is worked by vapor, but the liquid petrolatum and heat treatment management are controlled more effectively. Besides, piston parts are made from resin instead of aluminum as in previous models, increasing pads’ speed and provide faster leverage when riding.


  • Neat design
  • Exceptional management


  • Quite expensive

With advanced improvement compared to other SRAM models, the SRAM Level Ultimate disk brake’s function is much better and smarter than precursors. If you are looking for the brake with excellent execution and fluent leverage – you should keep SRAM Level Ultimate on the top!

Top 6: SRAM Code RSC

SRAM Level Ultimate sibling is SRAM Code RSC, one of the latest models and performs the more advanced function for multiple kinds of bike, especially mountain bikes.

At a glance, SRAM Code RSC also composes a four-piston grip with a broad basin to enhance the ability to diffuse heat and energy. Additionally, the combination between Swing-Link and Level Pivot technology also creates gentle leverage for riders. Also, this coordination helps to control intonation and energy utilization more efficiently.

With most of the mountain riders, they would prefer to choose a brake that boosts their creativity. This model performs various alterations of brake regime to suitable for the human body; therefore, riders can customize system which proper for their shape.


  • The incredible feeling of intonation
  • Light gravity


  • Quite expensive
  • The engine is not strong enough.

In general, the SRAM Code RSC brings a reliable system and stable quality for riders, which riders do not need to maintain the engine continuously as other models. Furthermore, the neat aspect of the brake also gives comfort feeling for riders during the discovering journey.

Why should buy MTB Brake?

With tremendous technology improvement, riders would prefer modern brakes that perfectly support them during long paths – MTB Brakes are the best option nowadays.

There are lots of reasons that riders should choose MTB brakes.

Firstly, MTB brakes are more energetic than traditional brakes. This brake is super great for mountain riders because they have to experience rugged terrains and need a powerful supporter.  

Secondly, MTB brake’s adaptivity in every weather condition should be considered one of the most concern points. With MTB brake, you can ride even in a heavy storm or silent night since it can perfectly keep you safe and comfortable in such challenging weather.

Finally, MTB brake’s automation and adjustment keep you confident in every situation because of massive brake productivity.

Who should buy MTB brake?

MTB Brakes is perfectly proper for mountain riders who usually discover rugged topography.

As you know, mountain terrain is not only unstable but also challenging for most people. Therefore, for the human who likes exploring the mountain in such a hard path and prefers to choose a brake that can boost their creativity, MTB brake is matched for their selection. Most MTB brake brands have customized systems for users to be extroverted and want to discover new things.

Final Words

MTB Brake is nowadays replacing other traditional types such as V brake because of its adaptivity and convenience. Most of them are structured in a comfortable shape but have multiple functions which support riders perfectly in every path. Above are Top 6 of best MTB bike brakes that are most popular in the market currently. Come and pick on for yours to find which is the best match for you!

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