Best Camelbak For Mountain Biking In 2021: Reviews And Buying Guide

The Camelbak brand was available in 1989 by Michael Eidson, an emergency services employee who was passionate about cycling. For the needs of a cycling race in the middle of summer, he filled an infusion bag with water. He slipped it into a white cloth and placed it in the back of his jersey. He hung the tube over his shoulder with a clothespin. So, he had just invented hands-free hydration with the first water bag.

After the success, he created the company and developed his first water bag. Camelbak is today the world leader in portable hydration solutions. Let’s check out the top 6 best Camelbak for mountain biking!


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Top 6 Best Camelbak for Mountain Biking

Top 1: Camelbak HydroBak

The latest version of the popular Camelbak backpack, the Hydrobak, is a bag designed for cyclists that can be used in many other activities. As being lightweight and functional, it has the essentials without the superfluous. The back panel is in mesh with shoulder straps that can be worn comfortably, even in summer. A small pocket with zip closure allows you to place your car keys, wallet, and phone, or even energy bars.

The Camelbak Hydrobak backpack comes with the latest generation Crux water bag. With a capacity of 1.5l, it can carry enough water for hours of the outing. At the request of many users, it has 20% more speed than the previous version.

It also comes with an anti-leak tip with a handy on/off lever for quick use when running. Since tanks and tubes are often difficult to maintain bacteria nests, the Camelbak Hydrobak bag has an anti-bacterial treatment to ensure safe use. The large screw cap is easy to use and guarantees total tightness.

Once the cork closure trick is famous, the Camelbak Hydrobak bag turns out to be extremely practical and useful. For cyclists, it has the minimum and guaranteed comfort and ventilation. Overall, the Camelbak Hydrobak bag is well designed, practical to use, and maintain.


  • Breathable and ventilated
  • Practical and convenient
  • Large capacity and long-lasting functions
  • Bacteria termination


  • Expensive

Top 2: Camelbak ThermoBak

Camelback is one of the reference brands in trail, ultra-trail, and running. Its ThermoBak hydration pack is undoubtedly one of the best trail bags. If you are looking for a light and comfortable trail Camelbak bag, you will love its features.

It is a bag that has sufficient storage volume to carry up to three liters of water. It also has plenty of well-placed pockets and compartments for easy access to everything you might need during the effort. The ThermoBak model shines with its ability like a second skin during the race.

One strength of this hydration pack is its many pockets, compartments, and storage spaces. Not only are they many, but they are cleverly placed on the shoulder straps, at the bottom of the back, on the sides. Each pocket is ideal for easy access during the race. No more stopping, twisting or having to put down the bag to access food, your smartphone, or any other accessory.


  • Ultra-comfortable and light
  • Top-of-the-range and versatile hydration bag
  • Intended for regular and demanding athletes


  • Too small for large people

Top 3: Camelbak Classic

The Camelbak Classic bag stands out especially for its incomparable level of comfort. The bag offers several change possibilities, thanks to conveniently placed quick-change straps. The pack also comes in multiple sizes, and you have a hydration backpack that perfectly matches your body type.

It also offers you a race without bouncing or tossing the bag, whatever the level of filling and the amount of equipment. The Camelbak Classic bag will give the users optimal freedom of movement. The load is well distributed over the entire BC, and it limits friction to the maximum.

These features give you the ability to move around without hindrance or hindrance, faster and further while having everything within easy reach. It is one of the most popular hydration packs for runners and trail runners!


  • Ergonomics and practicality
  • Well-adjustable functions
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Leaks happen sometimes.

Top 4: Camelbak Lobo

The Camelbak Lobo bag is a versatile water bag with a large volume and many compartments. Originally designed for day trips, we can also use it for biking, travel, and many outdoor activities. Besides its very attractive price, it has many qualities. The unit is lightweight, resistant, waterproof, and comfortable. For once, try to adopt it!

Camelbak is a registered trademark specializing in outdoor recreation. Designer of clothing, accessories, utensils, and outdoor equipment, this junior team provides high-quality products that benefit from an excellent quality/price ratio. They are always attentive to the comments of their users, their products combine comfort, practicality, and style.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof and comfortable
  • High versatility


  • Bulky

Top 5: Camelbak Zoid Ski

The Camelbak Zoid Ski bag has a large storage volume, is well organized and compartmentalized. In the central part, a space of 13L allows the addition of a water pocket from 1 to 2.5 liters (not supplied), while still having room to store other equipment, clothing, or accessories.

The two-side pockets allow you to carry extra water bottles and bottles. A large one-liter zippered front pocket provides secure storage for your items and accessories. On the shoulder strap, an easy-access detachable pocket is provided to place your smartphone and some change. A mesh pocket is also part, allowing to place a helmet or a jacket.

The Camelbak Zoid Ski bag is a well-designed product and inexpensive model that offers all the storage you want and need for a sporting day. The adjustable straps and straps allow it to be perfectly adjusted to your body type, so it is as comfortable as possible. At this price, it would be a shame to do without it, it will be useful to you frequently.


  • Large capacity and compartments
  • High versatility
  • Extra pockets
  • Premium zippers


  • Expensive

Top 6: Camelbak Chase

The Camelbak Chase backpack has the advantage of being as light as its price. With only 250 grams, it will add little bulk, and be worn like a jacket. Its volume and storage space allows you to take everything the runner needs, water included.

It has a large central compartmentalized space, allowing the addition of a water tank (not supplied). You can also store all your personal effects, keys, smartphone, or wallet. The ripstop nylon used is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. A little extra that is useful to protect your belongings on rainy days or during occasional downpours.

Two practical pockets with quick tightening links are present on the straps, allowing the insertion of additional water bottles. The brand offers for example a set of two flexible gourds 300 ml. They will find their place perfectly in these pockets.


  • Practical and flexible
  • Durable and spacious
  • Premium material


  • Lower capacity than other models

Why Should I Buy Camelbak for Mountain Biking?

The Camelbak bag is the model that makes life easier for cyclists. Its compact design and narrow cuts make this model a simple and practical accessory at the same time. Even if it is fully loaded, it will not interfere with the runner.

This backpack model has an NV back panel that serves as a load separation at the back that allows maximum ventilation. A specific lumbar platform has also been installed by the manufacturer so that the weight of the load is placed on the lower back. It guarantees the cyclist to move easily and in complete comfort.

To maximize the well-being of the user, Camelbak has also added several compartments to its Mule model. It includes a pocket for storing a mobile phone, a belt pocket with four compression points, a pocket for storing repair materials, and an extendable helmet holder.

The backpack can hold everything you need for a day trip outdoors. It can store up to three liters of water, enough to quench the thirst of the runner throughout his course. A magnetic attachment system allows access to the drink tube easily, without having to stop or use both hands.

Who Should Buy Camelbak for Mountain Biking?

The Camelbak bag is suitable for people living in hot weather with its ventilated back panel and ventilated shoulder straps. The opening system of the reservoir allows you to put ice cubes easily. From our test, we believe this bag can keep the water fresh for 4 to 5 hours.

We can use this hydration pack for MTB on rainy days. To protect the bag from water, it is possible to purchase Also, a rain cover. Other interesting characteristics of this model of the backpack are its flexibility and its harmonization with the cyclist’s body. The Camelbak has flexible foam with a lightweight handle that offers great ease of movement to the runner.

Best Camelbak for Mountain Biking FAQs

What are the drawbacks of Camelbak bags?

The only downside to the system is that the nipple leaves its tip too easily. Placing the tank inside is tricky at first. The tank must be cleaned well before first use.

How to choose a Camelbak bag?

It is necessary to check it well suits first whether the size of the water pockets suits your needs. The capacity of a bag varies between 1 and 3 liters according to the duration and intensity of the activity.

Apart from the capacity, the quality of manufacture is also to be taken into account, including certain details. They include the size of the opening for adding ice cubes, the pipette, the material used, or the ease of cleaning. CE-certified products are the most recommended.

What is back ventilation?

Ventilation in the back is also an essential selection criterion. Always choose bag models with a good back ventilation system to avoid excess sweating. The mesh netting that spreads the back of the bag is effective in allowing air to circulate.

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