Best Red Bull Mountain Bike Helmet in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you like to run errands or cycle rides, you will need a protective device such as a helmet. Among the most recommended, it is better to lean towards the integral MTB models. They are more secure and resistant. On the market, they present in many prototypes. However, before you ask yourself how to choose the best red bull mountain bike helmet, look at some essential criteria. Indeed, it is the size, safety, locking system, and design of the model. The comparison of the most coveted products below will also simplify your sorting.

Bell Sanction has laser-cut foam that blends well with the shape of the head, improving the sensations of the biker in full activity. The FLY Racing is cozy thanks to its well-ventilated and hygienic interior and its stylish look.


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Top 6 Best Red Bull Mountain Bike Helmet

Top 1: Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet

If you want to get the most out of your bike ride, there is nothing better than a lightweight helmet. Bell presents here a product easy to carry with its featherweight of 950 g. It makes you feel you are not putting anything on your head. Anyway, it plays his role of protector against falls.

As for its dimensions, they aim this specimen at inexperienced riders. It is less suitable for cyclists with a high head circumference. It benefits from a robust design with its ABS materials. Thanks to this feature, it is shock-resistant and remains intact despite scratches or bumps. Despite frequent drops, the helmet does not break easily. It allows you to use it for a long time.

To ensure your comfort during the effort, it provides good ventilation in openings. It has a cozy inner part pleasant to the touch. The helmet also comes with an adjustable visor. You can turn it up when you want to keep your head cool. To meet all tastes, this model is available in many colors.


  • Lightweight equipment
  • Limits the pressure on your neck
  • Ensures protection against any test
  • Comfortable to use
  • Resistant and durable ABS design
  • Safe long-term use
  • Good value for money


  • Small and too lightweight

Top 2: FLY Racing Full Face Helmet

This Red Bull MTB full-face helmet is distinguished by its aerodynamic shape. It gives you better air penetration, even at high speed. You can ride at high speed with no difficulty. Along with the FLY Racing logo, this item also displays a sporty design. You will better devote yourself to your activity or your passion.

Besides, its UV protection keeps you sheltered from the sun’s rays. With a cool interior, this equipment ensures your comfort when wearing it. Indeed, it is hypoallergenic and breathable. You can also use it hygienically because it is washable.

In terms of safety, it has ECE 22-05 approval. As a result, you can enjoy your activity without risking being injured in the event of an accident. Where to buy the best red bull mountain bike helmet? If you are still in doubt, you can stop your gaze at the FLY Racing. It takes precedence in design, but also in comfort.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Improves air penetration
  • Better performance in various competitions.
  • Comfortable interior:
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic interior.


  • Lack of glasses

Top 3: TRAJECTA Bike Helmet Essential 

The TRAJECTA helmet incorporates several vents, ensuring good breathability. It prevents profuse sweating, even if you are on a long course. It adapts to Enduro, a discipline that requires pedaling quickly over a long distance. You will also find a visor that redirects the airflow to the ventilation channels, keeping your head cool.

A liner intended to fight against humidity also exists that gives this model an antimicrobial property. With the MIPS system (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), this TRAJECTA full-face helmet guarantees maximum protection for your head. Its shockproof design absorbs much of the slanting blows, preventing you from hurting yourself too much.

It has certifications allowing use in DH this technology is not yet present in all helmet models on the market. The Varizorb polystyrene foam also promises wonderful comfort, while attenuating shocks. It distributes the vibrations throughout the helmet, instead of sending them directly to the cranium.


  • Fidlock attachment system
  • Ensures an effective hold.
  • Good breathability
  • Redirects airflow directly into the helmet
  • Optimal protection
  • Varizorb polystyrene foam dissipates shocks
  • MIPS technology


  • Gets dirty quickly
  • Plastic design

Top 4: Kinetic Rockstar Helmet of Fly Racing

When buying a helmet, nothing is more reassuring than to equip yourself with a reliable model. This Kinetic Rockstar helmet persuades many buyers, thanks to the success of its design. It stays tight to ensure your safety and stability. Although you forget to lock it, this equipment does not move despite the small leaps.

This specimen comes with a patented chin bar. It protects your face effectively. As for the materials of its manufacture, the helmet has a fiberglass shell. Compared to polycarbonate, this finish is strong enough to withstand collisions. Besides, it is distinguished by its long lifespan.

You can enjoy it for a long time. This type of composition is famous for its optimal absorption of vibrations. In the event of a dangerous impact, it has shock absorption. This item stands out for its good breathability. It has 11 air plugs to keep you cool no matter how hard you workout. To ensure its cleanliness, you can easily remove its foams and wash them.


  • Ideal fit
  • Good finish
  • Optimum strength against any impact
  • Diffuses the vibrations
  • Minimizes the effects on the skull
  • Washable liners


  • Fixing foams open to criticism

Top 5: 1Storm Adult Helmet Racing Style

The 1Storm helmet is a specimen designed for different disciplines. You can use it for long-distance courses such as enduro, DH, or Freeride. It will be useful to you whatever your specialty. Featuring 16 cents, this item will keep your head cool. Indeed, the high breathability ensures minimal sweating. It guarantees wonderful comfort, especially during difficult and exhausting journeys.

Weighing in at around 900g, this item is one of the lightest on this list. It makes wearing less tiring, even if you are exercising all day. As a result, you will not have to adapt for long before using it in a competition.


  • Multi-disciplines
  • Versatile design
  • Minimize perspiration
  • Lightweight


  • Large size

Top 6: LS2 Full Face Street Breaker Helmet

This full-face mountain bike helmet meets the DOT standard. Its design promises optimal protection, reducing the risk of injury in case the little one falls. It has been injection molded, thus providing a united structure. It will not break easily, even in a strong collision. The Thermo-Resin construction provides efficient help during a fall. The size of this model is also suitable for children from 3 to 13 years old. Yours will then be able to wear it for many years.

The exclusive Qtech design is also sure to catch the eye of your little one. Then you will choose from the different colors offered. Also, the removable liner promotes easy cleaning. The binding is also easily removed.


  • Suitable for use on the track
  • DOT certification
  • Optimal Protection
  • Absorbs shocks well to ensure the safety
  • Easy maintenance


  • Small size

Why Should I Buy a Red Bull Mountain Bike Helmet?

Compared to other types of helmets, full-face helmets are the best in terms of safety. Indeed, the latter protects a larger body surface. Since besides perfectly protecting the entire skull, they also ensure the safety of the entire face. Thanks to these helmets, your entire head is perfectly protected.

Also, at the design level, full-face helmets are often more sophisticated. It allows you to find original helmets on the market that are reminiscent of motorsports helmets. There are a huge number of designs and styles on full-face helmets that are not present in other types of helmets. In short, full-face helmets combine complete safety with perfect style. It is the ultimate combination sought after by most mountain biking enthusiasts.

Who Should Buy a Red Bull Mountain Bike Helmet?

This type of helmet is available for all-mountain biking enthusiasts. It is specially designed for extreme practices including enduro, freerides, and DH races. Their design is like motocross helmets that require high-level resistance.

The full-face MTB helmet has a large chin bar to better protect the face against shocks, often unavoidable in extreme competition. They have their ventilation system, especially inside the chin bar. Since the emphasis is on protection, the helmet can become inconvenient if we hold the competition in hot weather.

Best Red Bull Mountain Bike Helmet FAQs

How do I clean my MTB full-face helmet?

The washing changes only slightly depending on the type. Whether you have a fixed or removable foam model, you must immerse everything in a bowl of warm soapy water. Add a small amount of bleach to disinfect the whole. Indeed, by dint of perspiring inside, microorganisms can proliferate there. This mixture also removes the unpleasant smell from the foam. Then rinse with lukewarm water and air dry, without direct contact with the sun.

How to choose the size of an MTB helmet?

Comfort depends in part on the size of the full-face helmet. Therefore, select a model that fits you like a glove. To start, measure your head circumference. Although there is no precise reference, it is 50 to 56 cm for children and 55 to 65 cm for adults. Manufacturers have based their products on this average.

When to change the MTB helmet?

There will come a time when you replace the helmet. When you see some glaring deterioration like cracks. It is the most dangerous case because it will no longer protect your head effectively. There will be a time when the straps will tear due to wear and tear. Consider getting an alternative model. Your safety and health will indeed depend on the effectiveness of the helmet.

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