Best Rigid Fork For Mountain Bike in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

The rigid fork is one of the most important parts of the bicycle, as it is the element that serves to absorb many shocks and effects on the ground. It is also the element that holds the front wheel and turns it.

In this article, we have made a selection of what we consider being the best rigid fork for mountain bike right now. To do this, we considered criteria such as the quality of the components, the damping system, and the price.


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Top 6 Best Rigid Fork For Mountain Bike 

Top 1: BUCKLOS Rigid MTB Fork

To cushion the effects and offer a well-deserved comfort to the cyclist, the BUCKLOS fork shows a formidable efficiency. Thanks to its compression system, it reduces the effect of the roughness of the ground on the bike. You will no longer have to search for the best rigid fork for a mountain bike on the market.

Even if the mechanics of the suspension seem complex, its operation is the combination between the spring and the shock absorber. With this model, you will customize parameters such as rebound and also the speed of the suspension.

By adding the spring, it gains in progressiveness and sensitivity. You can stop looking for where to buy a new MTB fork because it is the best one. Besides, its steel frame gives it great strength and durability that is useful for any MTB.

Finally, this reference benefits above all from a European certification classified EN-14766. It has a guarantee of quality and durability. The primary purpose of the test is to show its compatibility with mountain bikes. This component also offers the possibility of using different sizes of wheels: 26 or 27.5 inches.


  • High durability
  • Strong and resistant
  • Unique design
  • Reasonable price


  • Heavyweight

Top 2: SUNLITE Threadless MTB Fork

SUNLITE wants to be the best brand of MTB forks. With an experience spanning over three decades, the brand stands out from its competitors. Regarding suspension forks, its wide range of products allows the rigid fork to guarantee a certain level of quality to them.

By choosing to incorporate an elastomeric spring system into its product, this brand is engaging in a gamble. Indeed, this specimen is the opposite of the hydraulically operated process. To act as a shock absorber, this device has a stack of foam pads. It is also where its elastomer name comes from.

As for this model, the brand developed it to adapt to wheels measuring 26 inches. Also, the resistant metal material ensures the stability of your bike in all circumstances. As being robust and solid, it is durable thanks to the steel.

Most buyers are especially delighted with their purchase. Indeed, despite its 2.26 kg, this fork is ideally suited to extreme situations. In the mountains, on slopes, or uneven, it guarantees your comfort and stability.


  • Durable, robust, and reliable
  • Ensures your safety by a steel frame
  • Suitable for all kinds of situations
  • Guarantees the good off-piste performance


  • Only fits with 26-inch wheels

Top 3: ZTZ Full Carbon Fiber MTB Rigid Fork

Versatile and practical, this fork from ZTZ is admirably suited to 29-inch wheels. It allows it to optimize pilot comfort. By smoothing the ground on which the tire comes into contact, obstacles are overcome more easily. The designers produced the best performing part possible.

Then, with customizable settings like a rebound, you can adjust the speed at which the suspension resets. The whole thing lies in the gauging of these small settings. If it is too slow, the suspension will take too long to come back and then will not dampen the shocks.

Thanks to its steel pivot and the AC4C crown, this specimen increases the grip of the wheels and the stability of the bike. Acting as a shock absorber, the hydraulic lock is in the right leg while we install the preload spool in the left one. Especially, the latter offers an adjustability option guaranteeing customization of the parameters.


  • Reduces the roughness
  • Guarantees stability and comfort
  • Solid and durable
  • Withstands shocks and affects


  • Heavyweight

Top 4: EXotic Rigid Alu MTB Bike Fork

Aiming at the top of high technology, the EXotic fork is a concentrate of modernity. First, by sporting a frame made from a carbon fiber-based material, it significantly reduces its weight. Its 680g places it in the category of featherweight models.

As you wonder how to choose the best rigid fork for a mountain bike, several criteria run through your head. Here, this specimen fits with the wheels measuring 26, 27.5, or 29 inches. As for the brake, it follows international standards and is compatible with 160 mm discs.


  • Versatile and practical
  • Suitable for different situations
  • Lightweight
  • Guarantees good ease and stability


  • High price

Top 5: Origin8 Cromo MTB Rigid Fork

If you are wondering how to buy a better value rigid fork, consider getting this model. The aluminum alloy we derive it from increases the strength and lightness. Here, this material offers the advantage of weighing only 820 g against nearly 2 kg for its competitors.

This bicycle component also has good resistance, allowing it to hold despite the pressure. Indeed, during trips in the mountains or when you go off-piste, the conditions for the two-wheeler remain stable. This reference can cope with it without bending.


  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Can be installed on any type of frame.


  • Not a priori suitable for a city or racing bike

Top 6: KABON Carbon Road Bike Fork

Offering two compression options, this device is an essential item for your mountain bike. By adjusting the flow of oil, you can take advantage of it and it could even become your best rigid fork.

As for the low-speed setting, you can adjust it to set its slow movements. It will give you more control over braking and then overground movements. As for the high-speed system, it is the reverse principle. The action will take place during effects undergone in full acceleration, taking the example of a passage with holes.

For compatible wheels, this bicycle component can only accommodate those with a diameter of 29 inches. However, it offers travel of 170 mm and the last generation fit cartridge. The float style notably gives it a very sporty appearance and is suitable for powerful sensations.


  • Practical and durable
  • Comes with two compression systems
  • Guarantees your safety


  • Expensive

Why Should I Buy a Rigid Fork For Mountain Bike?

The fork is an element that commands attention when choosing a bike. It fits into a whole that makes up the VAE. Beyond the promises offered by a suspension fork provided you orientate your choice, certain rigid forks may be a smarter choice for the daily use of a power-assisted bicycle.

Who Should Buy a Rigid Fork Mountain Bike?

The appearance of the forks influences their performance and the comfort of the rider. Depending on the shape of this central part of the bike, its hunting may also change. In this way, this parameter will play on some minor details to change the general stability of the vehicle.

Those curves are forward, they increase the wheelbase of the two-wheeler and by a spring effect. They absorb shocks. As for the straight-looking ones, they are more modern and absorb certain types of impact. Finally, rigid forks are the most common today. The principle of operation of this model is about two rods that fit into the sleeves. These sink when they are compressed, and rise when they relax.

The latter category uses a spring as a shock absorber. But the use of oil is also an option. Thanks to it, the bike will be easier to stabilize, it will also gain weight.

Best Rigid Fork For Mountain Bike FAQs

How to adjust an MTB fork?

There are several settings for MTB forks. In the first place, the SAG concerns the sag of the static suspension that is your position during the descents. In principle, they set it at 258%.

Then, the rebound adjusts the speed at which the suspension will return to its starting position. This change is important in the measurement of shocks. If it is too fast, the effects will reverberate harder. If it is rather slow, the suspension will suffer on the jump calls.

As for the compression, it mainly concerns the change of the oil level and therefore unlike the SAG, it is a dynamic parameter.

How to disassemble a fork?

To remove the fork, first, unscrew the rebound knob and the nut at the base of the legs. To free the pistons, give a few strokes on the knobs on which the unscrewing keys are still installed.

After that, unsolder the right arm of the fork by gently unscrewing it. Carefully remove the cartridge and then empty the plunger. As for the left arm, remove the top cap, then empty the oil contained. If it is a mechanical suspension fork, remove the spring. You can finally take out the rods and the inner tube.

How to unlock a fork?

Locking plays an important role in low-speed compression. On some models, we can release the suspension with a safety device in the event of a severe impact. If not on others, it requires attention, as jolts and effects can damage the suspension.

If you’ve immobilized your fork and it will not unlock, here’s what to do. Remove the button provided for this purpose if it exists on your model by lifting it. Then, using a 4 Allen key, unscrew the part to loosen it. Be careful not to obliterate it, as it will trigger the draining of the closed hydraulic tank.

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