Best MTB Saddle Bag of 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you have landed here, you are probably looking for the best MTB saddle bag around. But is there a single saddle bag that can claim to be the best for everyone?

Of course not, one size certainly cannot fit everyone. From huge backpacking backpacks designed for touring expeditions to tiny aerodynamic saddlebags for road bikes, every type of cyclist has their own needs and manufacturers know this.

In this article, we will try to help you figure out which type of MTB saddle bag is best for you by presenting a comprehensive list of products for different uses. You realize that many of these bags are versatile and could perform various tasks.


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Top 6 Best MTB Saddle Bag For You

Top 1: Ortlieb 2 Saddle Bag

Ortlieb offers the most essential minimalism to this ultralight bag for racing bikes and mountain bikes. The Ortlieb 2 is the smallest of the Ortlieb series, designed for those outings where every gram counts and only the essentials will be carried. There is enough space for some critical items such as a spare inner tube, multi-tool, or first aid materials.

Like all Ortlieb bags, the Ortlieb 2 model is 100% waterproof and made from a sturdy, PVC-free, PU-coated nylon fabric that is extremely durable and long-lasting. The roll closure, together with the elastic drawstrings, allows you to fold this saddlebag to the most compact size possible. You will not notice its presence.

Snap systems allow you to attach and detach the bag with one hand, making this saddle bag a masterpiece of usability and performance. This incredibly affordable and versatile saddle bag is real value for money. The saddlebag features a roll-down closure system that can shrink the bag up to 3 liters for daily use or expand to 10 liters for multi-day trips.


  • Ultralight and compact
  • Sufficient capacity
  • 100% waterproof
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Efficient snap system


  • Only one color available

Top 2: Topeak Wedge Dry Saddle Bag With Fixer

Topeak’s constant innovation effort cannot be ignored. They make some of the best bike gear around as they are featured twice on this list.

The Topeak Wedge Saddle Bag is available in three different sizes (0.6L, 1L, and 1.6L). There are also two different mounting options, straps and QuickClick. While the smaller is probably what you want for your road bike, the larger versions are versatile enough to be used for commuting and credit card overnight stays.

The construction is lightweight, durable, and highly water-resistant. It comes with a waterproof inner bag that can be easily inserted and removed. Also, the entire Topeak Wedge saddle bag is waterproof, thanks to the sonically welded and heat-sealed construction and roll closure. Buckles and fabrics are durable and come with high quality. The QuickClick version costs a few cents more and adds unnecessary weight. But you will feel good to attach and remove your saddlebag so easily.

The most interesting feature is its harness system. The bag is separated from the harness, allowing the user to remove the bag from the bike with no problems.


  • Many options available
  • High versatility
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Expensive and heavyweight

Top 3: RockBros Bike Saddle Bag

RockBros is a brand that steadily scales the bike accessories market with a line of affordable and constantly updated products. It has proven efficient for thousands of users.

This compact MTB saddlebag is quite sophisticated for its price. It features three internal mesh compartments to keep your essentials tidy and well separated. The unit also comes with enough space to hold your mini pump, water, tools, and keys.

The hooks and straps have a firm grip on the seat post surface. They are stable and will not let the bag swing when properly packed. They are compatible with any type of seat post, including the dropper.

The RockBros 3D shell comes with a waterproof fabric and a taped zipper. The spots are not waterproof though, and things can still get a little wet if exposed to a long downpour. They pad the inner side to provide shock absorption.


  • Premium materials
  • Efficient compartments
  • Large capacity


  • Some spots are not waterproof.

Top 4: LEZYNE Pod Saddle Bag

If you are looking for something even more compact than the Ortlieb 2, the Lezyne Pod Caddy is the smallest saddlebag possible.

This saddle bag from Lezyne is available in two different sizes, 0.3 liters, and 0.5 liters. You can fit your puncture kit, tools, and wallet in the 0.3-liter version. It is ultra-small and will not be big enough to hold a bigger tube than a road bike.

The Pod Caddy has semi-rigid water-resistant EVA foam and features a waterproof zipper to protect your gear from rain and splashes. The Lezyne Pod Caddy’s compartment features a mesh divider for tidier organization and works well even for minimalist mountain bikers.


  • Small and compact
  • Two sizes available
  • Water-resistant
  • Premium materials


  • Cannot hold large items

Top 5: Ortlieb Unisex’s Saddle Bag

After ignoring the backpacking market for a few years, Ortlieb dived straight into it with a line of products whose quality is firmly in the top category. There is nothing less to expect from what has been the best MTB saddle bag brand in the world.

The Ortlieb unisex seat post has a variable volume that can be adjusted from 8 to 16.5 L. Thanks to the roll-top closure, an air release valve easily bleeds the trapped airbag, allowing for tighter compression.

The materials are lightweight but abrasion-resistant polyurethane laminated ripstop nylon, reinforced with extra-strong fabric near the mounting points. The internal stiffener in rigid polyethylene correctly maintains the shape of the bag.

The hooks and straps have a firm grip on the seat post surface. They are stable and will not let the bag swing when properly packed. Also, they are compatible with any type of seat post, including the dropper.

The Ortlieb saddle bag includes 3M Scotchlite reflectors for better visibility in low-light conditions. There is a bungee cord on the outside for quick storage of light gear and a chain with seven rings that run along the bottom of the bag. They allow for the mounting of a rear light. It is a great backpacking bag that stays in place on bumpy trails and features impressive volume.


  • Extra-large volumes
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Elegant and firm design
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors for better visibility


  • Expensive

Top 6: Topeak BackLoader Saddle Bag

Topeak is one pioneer of backpacking bags. Its products represent industry standards and are highly regarded by backpacking lovers. The Topeak BackLoader is their smallest saddlebag and works with just two straps. It is available on any bike and any seat post, including those with suspension.

They reinforce the sheaths with fiberglass to add stability and compression, while the RevX-PAC panels are twice as abrasion resistant as standard VX material. It increases the lifespan of the bag. This compact saddlebag is specially designed for day rides on full suspension vehicles with a dropper post. It also works great with any type of bike.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Suitable for all bikes
  • Durable materials
  • Abrasion resistance


  • Too small for some MTBs

Why Should I Buy an MTB Saddle Bag?

These saddlebags have a portable size where you can take your stuff. They are useful for carrying your mobile on the bike without it being a problem, and tools and things that might be needed.

Who Should Buy MTB Saddle Bag

For Beginners

For those who do not take the bike as a regular activity and only get out a few times to pedal, you can opt for a practical bag that allows you to carry essentials.

You do not have to choose aero or lighter models because you are not looking for speed or better performance. You just need a place to take your stuff when you are on the road. So, a simple model that does the job of putting everything away will be more than enough.

For Regular Enthusiasts

If you are one of those who cycle often, you need a bag that fits your needs that you can carry tools like spare parts, Allen keys, water, and even your phone. You can also opt for lighter models to have better performance over long distances. So, the smaller ones will be ideal.

For Runners

Here, it will depend on how far you are going to travel. If they are small, you can carry things that are not large in your pockets. But for longer distances, it can be uncomfortable and can also influence your performance. For these cases, bags of compact size are ideal.

Best MTB Saddle Bag FAQs

What should you put in an MTB saddle bag?

It depends! In a small MTB saddle bag, you can put a spare inner tube, a multi-tool, a pump, and a repair kit. A larger saddle bag for urban cycling can carry the clothes when you get to your workplace. Large backpacking backpacks can carry clothes or camping gear.

How do saddlebags attach?

It depends on the model. The smaller bag attaches to the saddle rail with quick-release straps or plastic mounts. Larger saddlebag clamp to the seat post tube.

Is weather protection necessary?

The better quality models will protect against unique elements, such as rain, as they are waterproof and prevent water from getting inside. So, it prevents wear and tears efficiently.

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