Upgrading Rear Dampers with The Best Mountain Bike Rear Shocks 

Mountain biking is an exciting and challenging sport for players, both physically and mentally. Cyclists are forced to find ways to navigate through hills, rocky valleys, ravines, or any other obstacle placed in front of them. Consequently, rear shocks are created to minimize the difficulty for participants to cross such terrain.

However, not everyone knows how to find the best mountain bike rear shocks to accompany you throughout the trip. So, how to find the best product? The following article will answer your questions!


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Rear Shocks

Top 1: DNM Damping 3 System Mountain Air Rear Shock

The DNM Damping 3 System rear shock is genuinely a pocket-friendly product. It offers terrific suspension for a wide range of terrain. Its air shock systems work great to deal with all good bumps the bike might come across. Thanks to the construction material, this rear shock is immensely lightweight, making it easier to control. 

Plus, it comes in various sizes so that it can accommodate different configurations. It is recommended that you should use the installation manual included for accurate pressure settings. Thus, you will not damage the system accidentally. Overall, this module is considered an excellent suspension alternative for those who are seeking good value for money. 


  • Good shock
  • Fit perfectly
  • Easy to install


  • It might not be compatible with several mountain bikes

The DNM Damping air rear shock is well-rated by many customers. It is a unique and durable product providing suspension solutions to cyclists. With the priority in quality standards, its front suspension forks or shock absorbers are all designed with superb quality. 

Top 2: DNM Burner RCP2S Mountain Bike Coil Rear Shock

The DNM Burner RCP2S has all necessary adjustments such as rebound and bottom adjustment of low-speed compression. Among these features, the bottom out adjustment might be a little strange when using the ball valve instead of the standard schrader valve. In this case, it will be better if you use the standard shock pump and a ball pin to boost or reduce the bottom-out pressure. 


  • Impressive performance
  • Good value for money
  • Great rebound adjustments


  • The coil is slightly stiff

Generally, this product is suitable for trying the coil shock without purchasing a fortune. It is durable and performs up to par with the unbeatable coast. 

Top 3: RockShock Monarch Plus RC3 Mountain Bike Rear Shock

The piggyback shock of the RockShock brand is a super user-friendly baseline. Even if you consider more about the riding and trail rather than only constant shock tuning, this product is still the right choice. This RC3 module uses a massive negative chamber, which gives coil-spring sensitivity at the beginning. Then, it will ramp up smoothly.

The shock installation is relatively easy. However, the mounting hardware requires a small bearing press and a caliper. When you have these two tools to verify the correct mounting hardware, the installing process is more straightforward. You just need to ensure you have the torque wrench and lock tight to guarantee it in there tight and good.


  • Offer great riding
  • Easy to install
  • Included specific mount hardware


  • Relatively limited tuning

In general, the Monarch Plus RC3 can perform well when you have a suitable damping tune. If you are willing to spend time finding the accurate tune, this rear shock will deliver better performance beyond your expectations at a reasonable price. 

Top 4: Fox Float X2 Factory Mountain Bike Rear Shock

This rear shock’s shaft and air can be covered with Fox’s gold Kashima coating to reduce friction. Regarding bump reaction, it is incredibly sensitive anywhere in the stroke. Thanks to the twin-tube damper, the oil will be constantly recirculated for consistent response and a similarly fluid however fast, and far you descend. 


  • Adjustable damper control
  • Fantastic stroke sensitivity
  • Brilliantly controlled performance if tuned correctly


  • Expensive

This rear shock can perform brilliantly if you get it tuned right. With its recent changes, it is able to increase the pressure to the maximum level for heavier riders. 

Top 5: RockShock Monarch RL Mountain Bike Rear Shock

RockShock is one of the well-respected brands in the cycling community. Its RL rear shock product is designed specifically for mountain bikes as it provides unprecedented control and shock absorption on every ride. This model also can offer silky smooth travel when you go over all the obstacles during your off-road riding. 


  • Simple
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain


  • Pump not included

The RockShock Monarch RL has the perfect blend of quality, features, and price, which makes it a great all-rounder. Many buyers also recommend this module due to its average price. 

Top 6: RockShock Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT Mountain Bike Rear Shock

This is another product from the RockShock brand with excellent control and adjustability. Its range of adjustment, performance bandwidth, sizes, and mount standards also fit a lot of bikes and riders. Additionally, the adjusters are tool-free and easy to get. The air is also unscrewed to remove or add volume-adjust spacers. 


  • Easy to tune 
  • Flat-out control
  • Superb grip


  • Non-adjustable rebound and compression

If you are looking for a rear shock that is easy to set up, you should consider this RockShock Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT. It also allows you to fit a massive MegNeg to upgrade your bike’s extra progression and sensitivity. 

Why Should Buy Mountain Bike Rear Shocks? 

Rear shocks are one of the essential parts of mountain bike terrain. This accessory can do an extraordinary job of improving the vehicle’s handling, comfort, and traction on rough undulating roads. Simultaneously, it can reduce the force exerted on the bodywork and components, increasing durability.

Regardless of the front fork or the rear suspension, it is mainly composed of three parts: spring, suspension, and chassis, while the chassis is essentially the outer shell of the shock absorber, responsible for matching and installing with the frame and wheel vehicle, while the new springs and shock absorbers are the parts that are used to absorb shock and stabilize.

The shock absorbers’ function is to slow down the spring’s operating speed, prevent the body from lowering, and quickly return to position, reducing the pressure and maintaining stability. The shock absorber is divided into a single tube structure and a complex structure. Besides, the front suspension can be divided into Open Bath and independent based on the inner compartment’s lubrication system.

Who Should Buy Mountain Bike Rear Shocks? 

It becomes even more critical for mountain bike enthusiasts, also known as off-road bikes, to choose the right bike for you. The mountainous terrain is always bumpy, dangerous, and potentially more dangerous than when you pedal on the trails. 

Therefore, the criteria for choosing a bicycle are good rear shocks, durability, and flexible control while on the move, allowing the rider to control the speed and any situation easily. 

The shock absorber makes the bike run smoothly and provides rider comfort even on terrain that is judged to be rocky, steep, and rough. Mountain bikes have many shock absorbers, such as front suspension, rear suspension, or dual suspension systems. 

On mountain bikes, cyclists usually only opt for the front suspension, while the rear shock and the bonus dual damping system are used to perform high competition skills.

Best Mountain Bike Rear Shocks FAQs 

How many types of rear shocks are there for mountain bikes?

There are two types of shock absorbers (air), and springs (coil), another name for the spring shock absorber is the oil fork.

Spring suspension (Coil) uses a pure internal spring mechanism to respond to the spring force. It has a heavy weight because of the metal spring. Besides, production costs are cheaper than steam because the details are more straightforward. Its maintenance process is quite simple but less customizable.

The steam suspension (Air) will use a steam compression mechanism combined with a spring to feedback the force. Besides, the maintenance is more complicated than the spring. It must be equipped with a shock absorber to pump and release steam during maintenance. 

Which kind of rear shocks should I choose?

It depends on your needs. The shock absorbers slightly with more customization and lighter weight, so it will be suitable for mainly racing, but with complex construction, it will take a lot of maintenance. 

Meanwhile, the spring fork with a simple structure will be suitable for the needs of going far away, with little repair. Another piece of information is that the spring fork has a simple structure to withstand better force than the same type of steam shock, and the price is also much easier to breathe than the steam shock. 

How often should maintenance be?

Each manufacturer has its regulations on the maintenance time of its shock absorbers. You can refer directly from its website. It is the company’s suggestion, their purpose when making the above maintenance time is entirely based on what they have researched and tested. 

But if you do not have time to do this, then the answer is okay, as long as you don’t take too long and accept that your dampers will lose 100% performance, which will gradually decrease.


In short, there are many rear shocks for you to choose from. If you want to choose the best mountain bike rear shocks, you must consider the type of mountain bike you use and your budget. Hopefully, this article will give you the reviews and information you need to find the right product for your needs.

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