Best Mountain Bike Sunglasses For Your Improved Trail Vision 

To become a real mountain bike rider, a pair of dedicated sunglasses is an indispensable accessory. The mountain bike sunglasses’ functions are to prevent damage to the rider’s eyes from UV rays and external objects like debris and detritus. Thus, for a better trail vision, you should buy a pair of sunglasses, especially for mountain bikers.

Yet, there are millions of mountain bike sunglasses types on the market, which must drive you crazy when choosing the best mountain bike sunglasses for your eyes. Don’t you worry, as I will share with you the top 6 mountain bike sunglasses that any mountain biker should pick once.


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Sunglasses You May Need

Top 1: Oakley Radar EV Advancer Sunglasses

The Oakley Radar is always a popular sunglasses branch for any bike rider, both off-road and on-road. The nose piece Advancer is able to push the eyeglasses a little bit away from the rider’s face through a flipping switch so as to improve the airflow passing through the lens.

What’s more, the EV Advancer mainly includes a branch-new lens cut in the Oakley Radar’s newest iteration. This changeable lens type extends the coverage along with a rounded lower line that altogether protect your face from scratches if a crash happens.


  • Fog-free
  • Enhanced contrast and color 
  • Changeable lens
  • Appropriate for all kind of trail
  • Fashionable look


  • Not hydrophobic coating on the lens’ inside
  • Relatively loose bridge
  • Breakable temples

During the development of mountain bike riding in general and mountain bike sunglasses in particular, the Oakley Radar EV Advancer always retains as a top priority for any mountain biker thanks to its prominent characteristics.

Top 2: Smith Ruckus Sunglasses

The Ruckus’s the newest evolution of the Smith’s PivLock company which is an easy-change. Its lens is replaced by twisting the arms at a 90-degree angle and putting an egg-shaped bump into the replacing lens then, and you just have to turn them in direction of back down. 

Moreover, The Smith’s color resisting technology is known as ChromaPop, filtering two specific light wavelengths (green and blue, red and green) that produce color confusion. As mentioned by the Smith, this leads to advanced definition, unmatched clarity, and additional natural color, which will provide your eyes a more detailed vision. 


  • Easily changeable lens
  • Good outlook
  • The ChromaPop lens provide the best optical clarity
  • Available prescription lens 


  • Too big lens
  • High price
  • Lens are easy to be scratched

The Ruckus has two different lenses. One is the Contrast Flash lens, and the other is the tan mirrored lens. This allows mountain bike riders to change the lens based on their purposes.

Top 3: 100% S3 Sport Performance Sunglasses

In the past years, the 100% was best known as a motocross gear manufacturer before they pivoted to producing mountain bike gears and accessories. The newest S3 model of the 100% inherits the prominent features of its two previous siblings to become the top mountain bike sunglasses. 

The S3 is equipped with the S2’s understated top bar and the Speedcraf’s rim. The S3 is offered a variety of color choices and features oleophobic and hydrophobic lens treatment resisting dirt, water, and oil.


  • Lightweight
  • Fit for even small face riders
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Friendly design
  • Easily breakable hinge


  • Pretty high price
  • Lens are easy to be scratched
  • Not eye-catching outlook

The 100% S3 is the most perfect version of this branch which carries the best features from its siblings. These mountain bike sunglasses are really worth buying.

Top 4: Polarized Cycling Sunglasses Full Screen TR90

For those who are not fans of “fast riding” sunglasses, the Cool Change TR90 appears to be an ideal option. With a fashionable design and small lens, the TR90 brings comfort for riders who just want to ride at low speed and see the landscapes if compared to the other sunnies’ ones. 

Additionally, the TR90 sunglasses are equipped with a liquid urethane lens and the brand’s edition of a color filter. Although the frame has a pretty casual look, this mountain bike sunglasses get rubber pads on the temples and nose tips so as to keep them stable on your face in a rough descent. 


  • Lightweight
  • Distortion-free lens 
  • Good price
  • Fashionable design


  • Wind and sunlight can sneak through the brow bar
  • Not for high speed riding
  • Easily scratched lens

Top 5: Smith Optics Attack MAG MTB ChromaPop

Compared to most other glasses, this Optics Attack MAG is absolutely prominent. One of the striking features is its full coverage and flexible frame, along with the utterly distortion-free cylindrical lens that makes this sunnies too exceptional. 

Apparently, the Optics’ frame edges can not completely resist rain or roost; however, you’ll nearly have to blink under the filthy or wet condition. They are water-shedding maters, and even if they get wet, this feature will undoubtedly be secured


  • Flexible and durable frame
  • Distortion-free
  • Work well under filthy or wet condition
  • Brilliant optics


  • Easily scratched lens
  • Premium price
  • Too big lens

Top 6: Bolle Shifter Sunglasses

The Bolle Shifter was designed after the Chrono Shield version; however, even rooted from the 1980s, this sunglasses is still not short of up-to-date technology. Its Vermilion lens features Bolle’s Phantom of NXT technology, boasting both contrast improving and photochromic technology. 

Its lens also receives a fog-resistant treatment which is combined with its vented lens. Thanks to this combination, the Shifter could protect you from mist even on slow climbs. 


  • Distortion-free and anti-fog lens
  • Available lens option on prescription
  • Stiff temples and brow
  • The ChromaPop lens


  • Not lightweight
  • Easily scratched lens
  • Retro style

Why should you buy mountain bike sunglasses?

In this section, I will explain to you why you should buy mountain bike sunglasses. There are two significant reasons including:

The one reason is that it must be to protect your eyes and provide an improved vision when you are riding a mountain bike. As we all know, riding on mountain trails is easy to get hit by rocks or logs or any other obstacle from trees or on roads. These things will hurt you, especially your face, if they hit on you because you are cycling at high speed. Moreover, mountain bike sunglasses’ lenses are designed with dedicated glasses which prevent damage to your eyes from the UV rays and sunlight. That will make you avoid glare; thereby, your riding vision is ensured.

The other one is that the mountain bike sunglasses make you more fashionable. Indeed, all mountain bike sunglasses now not only protect your vision but also have cool outlooks that really fit the mountain bike riders. You just wear ones, people must recognize you as a mountain biker that could not be confused with any other person.

These two major reasons above that I showed you explaining the importance of mountain bike sunglasses. Thanks to them, you will easily know what to do right after buying a mountain bike, right? Just pick a mountain bike sunglasses.

Who should buy mountain bike sunglasses?

With plenty of choice on the mountain bike sunglasses market, it would be challenging for you to choose one appropriate. Fortunately, this section will help you out who are struggling to purchase one mountain bike sunglasses for your own.

It would be best if you concerned about these things, including:


The bigger the lens is, the more effective the coverage is. The lens are the backbone of the sunglasses which directly protect your eyes. However, if the size of the lens is too big, you will look so weird and even they will hinder your helmet from doing its function. If the mountain bike sunglasses possess a curvature to cover riders’ faces for side protection and to prevent light and wind from ambushing the edge or making riders’ eyes wet.


If riders use glass lenses, their eyes might be more comfortable to be hurted than they use plastic ones. It would also help if you looked for polycarbonate lenses and those with analogous impact-rated features that can not shatter your eye. You should pay attention to the lens’ color or tint lens because it will help you see clearly little things like slick roots to avoid riding over it.


This part of sunglasses is the decisive factor to their fit with your face. You should not use metal-framed sunglasses since they can not withstand the impact of the crash, they might even shatter your eyes, ears, or whole face. 

FAQs about the best mountain bike sunglasses

Could I use ordinary sunglasses instead of mountain bike ones?

Yes, you could; it’s up to you. However, I suggest you should buy a pair of dedicated sunglasses since it has plenty of unique characteristics appropriate for a mountain bike riding as I mentioned above

Whether the mountain bike sunglasses drop out of my face or not?

It’s hard to be dropped out of your face when riding on a mountain trail since the dedicated design of the mountain bike sunglasses allows them to embrace your face tightly. Even there’s a bunch of mountain bike sunglasses that have attached straps ensuring your sunnies never drop off.

I heard that most mountain bike sunglasses have a bad look, is that true?

Definitely not. The thought of the uncouth mountain bike sunglasses is a big mistake since the development of mountain bike sunglasses design is enhanced every single day that makes the fashionable outlook for them.

The final words

Besides choosing a right mountain bike, protecting the eyes and improving vision on trail is indispensable for any true mountain bike rider. Therefore, buying the mountain bike sunglasses is a thing you should do right after picking a mountain bike.

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