Best mountain bike pants 2021 – Choose the best one for yourself

We’ve just compiled a list of the top 6 best mountain bike pants 2021 for trail riders. Though wearing trousers remains a rare sight, many racers love to choose them due to their stretch fabrics and breathable experience. However, some people seem to have a tough time finding the right pants among many brands available in the market. 

Well, we’ve found and recommended to you the pants roundup below. Our impression of them is how comfortable they are on our skin. They deliver plenty of internal space for your knee pads and chamois. In other words, their proper fit won’t annoy your pedaling and saddle motion. Take a look at some pairs at first and determine why these pants are such an outstanding success.


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Top 6 best mountain bike pants 2021 for your need

Top 1: TRAILSIDE SUPPLY CO. Men’s Fleece Lined Softshell Pants

It’s time to switch from shorts to mountain bike pants to warm up both legs in harsh weather conditions. The bonus here is its stretchy, breathable and soft fabric to create the maximum comfort and motion. Your pants breathe quite well and would drive the wind away. To add more durability and coverage, there are thick patches on your saddle. These can help prevent your body from dirt and mud. 

Besides, the softshell pants of TRAILSIDE SUPPLY CO. deal well on wet days. They keep the riders dry and cozy when suddenly getting splashed by puddles. Apparently, these lightweight pants make such a badass option for your autumn riding. It offers the proper amount of coverage for the cold months ahead while helping you stay away from the heat. This gets done through the fleece inner side that gives you a next-to-skin layer.


  • Soft fleece inner side 
  • Warm and comfortable to wear
  • Good fit and perfect size


  • Feels a bit thick

Overall, these shell pants do an amazing job of regulating heat. Besides, most racers opt for Ion thanks to its zippered vents featuring mesh to keep dirt out. The pair is pretty good when you have to ride around in cold weather. It has many functional features to choose from, but what we like the most is its long-lasting use. 

Top 2: Troy Lee Designs Sprint

If you’re seeking a pair of trousers dedicated to racing, then Troy Lee Designs Sprint can satisfy all your needs. Not only breathable, but Sprint pants are also lightweight and well-built to withstand any external damage. Look at the calves, and you easily spot some mesh panels allowing more airflow to keep your body as comfy as possible. Meanwhile, the inside of your ankle gets boosted with a welded patch to dodge wear. 

After wearing the pants on, you tend to have a feeling that they feel so light and pleasant. It didn’t feel like you put those racing pants on at all. The Sprint pants own one snap fly closure plus a poly mesh liner as well as the hip adjustment through the rubber adjusters. Go to take advantage of these great features to make your riding experience more joyful and secure than ever!


  • Stretch spandex
  • Waist and hip adjustment 
  • Well-designed fit
  • Stylish looking


  • Not fitting the long days on the saddle

Last but not least, the good news for you is that Troy Lee will keep producing such premium products, including pants, helmets, and more. Hurry to bring its pants home to enjoy the unique comfort and pedal-friendly feature on the trails. 

Top 3: Gore Wear C5 GTX Paclite Trail Pants

Feel calm to head out mountain biking without worrying if it rains or not! That’s because you’ve already got the Gore Wear C5 GTX Pacilite Trail pants along with you. All you need to do is to focus on riding as if they’re not there. One of the fascinating features Gore has is the ability to make the riders hardly feel clammy or irritating. The pants impress us with their lightweight texture and packable design. 

For cyclists, Gore pants are the perfect friend in any cool weather condition. Its comfy fit and cycle-specific cut in mixture with the Pacilite technology provide high comfort during your workout and bike training. Interestingly, this tech doesn’t only make your pants water-resistant but also breathable. Also, the trousers are known to be totally windproof. 


  • Adjustable waistband
  • Useful ankle zipper
  • Nice and soft fabric


  • Moisture goes through the fabric a bit.
  • Only one back-side pocket 

In short, Gore Wear C5 pants are worth your investment, especially when they have an adjustable waistband. It stays in place while you’re pedaling. Meanwhile, the zippers at the ankle are responsible for making it easier for all racers to slip on and off. Apart from that, every little detail ensures you to be safe anytime during your riding journey.

Top 4: ROCKBROS Winter Cycling Pants 

If you ask us what pair has the ideal performance for downhill riders, then we would say that it’s the ROCKBROS Winter Cycling Pants. They’re built with the best tech and fabric material to deliver a brilliant balance between their performance and protection. With them, you can enjoy the optimal riding position and the greatest comfort, particularly as it features the knee elastic design for higher protection. These offer enough coverage to prevent injuries. 


  • Useful knee elastic design
  • Keep body dry and warm
  • Good reflective features
  • Handy waist drawstrings


  • Sizing runs a bit small

Last but not least, the back of your pants have special seams to stop moisture from absorbing into your skin. Better than thought, these pants allow your legs to stay comfy and feel warm when the weather becomes colder.

Top 5: 100% R-Core-X

Are you looking for a 4-way pair of pants to become more flexible when biking? The 100% R-Core-X pants would make your wish come true. Most trousers coming from this brand are made of stretchy material that is both tough and flexible. After putting them on, all you need to do is to concentrate on racing only since the pants complete their mission perfectly. The result gained from them is the lightest weight ever!


  • Good ventilation for breathable skin
  • Suitable cut and style for biking
  • Large pocket to contain more content


  • A bit tricky to put on

Unlike the Gore Wear trousers, 100% R-Core-X pants have one single large pocket on the thigh that allows you to put away a smartphone and more. They also enable more air in and out thanks to the mesh panels built-in. 

Top 6: Souke Sports Men’s Winter Cycling Pants

The combination of strong grip, durability, and style of Souke Sports pants would amaze any racer. During the endless runs, you no longer feel exhausted thanks to their 100% polyester stretch fabric. The riders feel superb comfortable in any specific situation. With the short front and long back, there will be extra protection and warmth for your waist to withstand the harsh weather conditions.


  • Durable and windproof fabric
  • Breathable and warm lining
  • High-performing bike pants 


  • Limited colorways

Generally speaking, Souke sports men’s winter cycling pants mix flexible and non-flexible materials to create the maximum functionality. The flexible parts can be easily found in the saddle. Also, the inner drawstrings are another bonus of these pants. These help the pants fit properly and maintain their stability during the race.

Why should you buy mountain bike pants?

The days of wearing the hot and inflexible pants are gone – the main reason you choose to wear mountain bike pants instead. They have made an impressive comeback with more functional features than expected. Not only lightweight, stretchy, but the pants are also flexible in the right areas for your wonderful pedaling experience. 

Besides, you get to earn more benefits from pants over shorts. The first thing is that they keep you cozier, which is quite handy on wet days. They also help prevent the sudden splashes soaking the upper body. These pants get dry fast, which quickly cools down your feet as well. Moreover, the pants would protect the inner skin from the sun and sweating a lot thanks to the effective ventilation. 

Who should buy mountain bike pants?

No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in riding on the trails, you still need to spend on mountain bike pants. It doesn’t matter if you decide to ride on a smooth or rocky terrain, you might like the suitable gear made for mountain biking. The pants are specially designed to keep the riders stable on those bumpy routes. Therefore, there’s no way not to find the best pairs to help you tackle steep downhills.

FAQs about the best mountain bike pants

What gear do you need for mountain biking?

  • A bike helmet
  • An eye protection
  • Mountain bike footwear
  • Gloves
  • Bike repair kit
  • First aid kit
  • Hydration pack
  • Mountain bike shorts/pants

How to opt for suitable safety gear for mountain biking?

A helmet should be the first thing to put on your head to protect you from crashes. Next, you will need to make sure that you’re wearing the right pants and shorts so that you can focus on riding. And then, it’s going to be a repair kit allowing you to fix sudden blowouts on the go. Last but not least, bring a first aid kit and sunscreen along with you.

What are the main functions of the mountain bike pants?

First of all, most mountain bike pants should be comfy and feature pockets to contain your belongings. Second, they help prevent saddle sore and chafing. Third, they can absorb shocks and vibrations before transmitting to the saddle.


Those pants are innovative pieces of protective clothing made for chilly weather. They simply deliver more benefits over shorts.

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