Best Motorcycle Disc Locks in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best motorcycle disc locks, you will find a complete guide and reviews of the effective models in this article.

The motorcycle disc lock is one of the most reliable safety systems because of its efficiency, capable of guaranteeing maximum tranquility to the rider. Thanks to this protective support, the number of thefts is reduced, allowing the owner to park without worries. A good disc lock for motorcycles can prove to be an excellent ally to counter the increasingly widespread phenomenon of motorcycle theft.

Because of their efficiency in terms of protection, in a short time, the market has experienced a rapid expansion, pushing all the main motorcycle companies to introduce specific models to the market to ensure maximum safety. It means that there are many brands, and it is difficult to choose the right model for your needs. To help you with top 6 best motorcycle disc locks, we have prepared a buying guide for you.


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Top 6 Best Motorcycle Disc Locks

Top 1: YOHOOLYO Disc Lock – Alarm Padlock

This model is an excellent motorcycle disc lock not only for its build quality but also for its affordable price. What is striking about this disc lock is its structural strength from which its proven resistance and durability over time derives? We also love a valid alarm capable of reaching 120db. It comes with an intelligent anti-theft that emits a beep if the padlock has been inserted correctly. It also sounds different speech if someone touches it where it will emit three long beeps.

When someone tries to tamper with it, the anti-theft will emit a loud and prolonged sound at intervals of 10 seconds. To deactivate the alarm, you must use the key that its owner has. Another aspect that deserves your attention is the ease with which it can replace the batteries. You can use the supplied hex key, then unscrew the four screws on the back of the padlock and remove the batteries.


  • Sturdiness and solidity derive from the metal components.
  • 7mm block pin that allows us to fix the lock at 360 degrees.
  • There are six button batteries included inside the lock.
  • Compact and easy to transport


  • Low autonomy

Top 2: AGPTEK Disc Lock Alarm with 5FT Reminder Cable

The AGPTEK disc lock with a key is a renowned anti-theft for motorcycles. It comes with excellent quality as regards its construction materials and its safety and reliability drive. On balance, it is its resistant structure to ensure extreme protection from your motorbike or scooter. It is also perfect for those who need support that is also easy to assemble. The lock stands out for its structural resistance since it is a monoblock made of zinc alloy and two safety keys supplied.


  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Resistant and easy to use
  • Perfect for those on a low budget
  • Two security keys


  • Too bright color

Top 3: Abus Detecto Brake Disc Lock

This model is the best-selling unit for its perfect combination of build quality and proven resistance that comes at a reasonable price. It is the best in terms of the quality/price ratio.

This motorcycle disc lock is the most resistant and reliable of all the models currently on the market. The Abus lock also comes with an affordable commercial offer. What makes it special is its ease of use to be tried by anyone regardless of their familiarity. In this sense, it is practical and simple to assemble thanks to its proven handling.

The lock is ideal for those who are looking for a model that has a series of integrated accessories. It is useful to find the lock that has the wheel of the scooter in case of low light. It also proves to be a perfect model if you are looking for a well-built disc lock with a solid and resistant structure.


  • Solid and resistant structure
  • Reasonable price
  • Practicality of use
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly


  • Bad delivery

Top 4: Abus Trigger 350 Alarm Disc Lock

The Abus 350 Disc Lock is a motorcycle disc lock belonging to a basic price range and has some limitations that are well-compensated for by its strengths. In this sense, it is useful for all vehicles that are characterized by a disc braking system because of the possibility of closing it without keeping the key inserted.

Particularly, the interesting thing from the point of view of the equipment is the practical strap. It is fixed to the handlebar to act as a reminder when we have forgotten the inserted disc lock. The lock is ideal for those who are looking for a resistant model thanks to the material. It has the iron that guarantees incredible strength at any pressure and in any condition. It is also perfect for those who need a disc lock that is easy to use and assemble. It is suitable for those who are beginners and are not familiar with this kind of product.


  • Sturdiness and resistance
  • Excellent practicality and ease of use
  • Premium supplied accessories
  • Compact size and discreet weight


  • No advanced security

Top 5: Master Lock 8303EURDPS Disc Brake Lock

This practical and versatile model is an optimal solution for any situation. Scooter manufacturers have defined it as one of the most reliable disc locks in circulation. They establish it as one of the smartest and most easily transportable products on the market. However, it is not for everyone to ensure maximum performance in any condition.

The unit is ideal for those who are looking for a model that is easy to assemble thanks to a series of simple and intuitive steps. Besides, it is perfect for those who need a disc lock that has a more secure closure to be activated by a button.


  • Galvanized steel
  • Reminder lanyard allows you not to forget the disc lock on the vehicle.
  • Quick closure for motorcycles or scooters
  • High practicality to the riders


  • Low-security levels

Top 6: LIHAO Disc Lock

The LIHAO model is a disc lock with a 100-decibel sound alarm. The package also includes the reminder cable to be connected to the handlebar. The alarm is functional, as it is activated automatically as soon as the sensor detects any shocks, vibrations, or tampering attempts. The quality of the steel alloy is excellent. The barrel has a smooth design that prevents thieves from getting hold of the clamps. The pin belongs to class B and is anti-cut and anti-tamper.

The structure of the barrel is resistant to water and humidity, thanks to the hardened stainless steel. The reminder cord is longer than the average ones, as it even reaches 1.5 meters. If you switch to the alarm, it requires six button batteries to activate, and you can find a spare 6 in the package.


  • Loud alarming sound
  • Functional and sensitive
  • Premium materials
  • Anti-cut and anti-tamper


  • Not waterproof

Why Should Buy Motorcycle Disc Locks?

The disc lock is a rather simple tool, as it has a simple operation but efficient mechanism. What is it about? It is a sort of padlock that must be inserted inside the brake disc of the front wheel. In this way, the pin can lock the wheel, preventing strangers from taking the motorcycle away by pushing. As being light, it is comfortable to carry and is also quick to insert.

Who Should Buy Motorcycle Disc Locks?

Before continuing, it is necessary to complete the discussion on the usefulness of disc brake locks, so you need to understand exactly when to use them. And the answer is not complex at all. These are systems that can prove effective for hit-and-run stops. For example, if you park your motorcycle to go for a coffee at the bar, then this padlock is crucial.

If there is a risk that you may waste time, always avoid entrusting the fate of your motorcycle only to this system and integrate it with a chain or a motorcycle lock. The same goes for prolonged stops, at night, or in unsavory areas. Finally, you may find the audible alarm useful as a deterrent.

Best Motorcycle Disc Locks FAQs

Is a disc lock completely safe?

The motorcycle disc lock cannot protect you 100% from theft. The reason is that the thief could still lift the motorcycle, place it on a vehicle and take it away. Then they disassemble in comfort. Using this tool is useful if combined with other anti-theft systems with chains for motorcycles. You must understand that the scooter or motorcycle disc lock is not a real anti-theft device, but a deterrent or a safe supplement.

How to choose the disc lock for motorcycles?

There are some crucial aspects that we advise you to analyze before making the purchase. Among the most important things, the structural characteristics, as with manufacturing materials, together with the shape of the device, are the crucial criteria. The lock, the key, and the possible presence of an acoustic alarm also count, and the solidity of the pin.

How to position the disc lock?

To increase the effectiveness of the disc lock, it is necessary to understand how to best position it. So, it also depends on the presence of the sensor with a siren. The advice is to place it at the top if you want a higher sensitivity of the sensor. Or place it at the bottom if you prefer a lower sensitivity. By placing it at the top, you will make it snap when you get on the bike and will avoid dangerous forgetfulness.

With motorbike and scooter wheel locks without alarm, it is always advisable to place them close to the brake caliper. By doing so, if you forget to remove them, you will immediately feel the wheel resisting as it attempts to spin. 

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