Best Track Pumps in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Every cyclist must have the best track pumps to inflate their tires on their own in an emergency case. Let’s check out our top 6 picks!

Bikes need few but essential accessories, being without them in time of need can be a big problem. Let’s think about the case where you puncture the wheel while you are out with no one helping. Unfortunately, these things happen. Having only the spare tube or the necessary to close the hole is not enough if you do not have the pump to inflate the tire. There are better pumps than others. So, a guide on this subject we believe can be useful. Here are the 6 best track pumps in 2021.


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Top 6 Best Track Pumps For Your Need

Top 1: Beto High Pressure Bicycle Floor Pump

The Beto pump is floor mounted. It is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves. The pressure gauge at the base is easy to read. It is not precise, but the values ​​shown are still sufficiently indicative. So, if you are not a precision maniac, it can certainly be fine. The maximum achievable pressure is 11 bar amazingly.

The pump becomes hard and only a few people in possession of a bodybuilder physique can go further. You must be careful because the base is plastic and excessive force could cause the break.

The handle is comfortable and ergonomic. The pump inflates quickly but given the difficulties in exceeding 7 bars. So, we do not recommend it for those who have a racing bike unless you have the right physique.


  • Takes little time for the right pressure
  • Compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable experience


  • Not suitable for a racing bike

Top 2: PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Pump

It is difficult to speak badly of the Pro Bike Tool pump. The pump is fast and practical, and the air chamber inflates quickly. The compact size makes it easy to carry. It fit easily in a backpack.

The package includes a bracket to hook it into the bicycle frame. It is compatible with many valves. So, we are talking about good versatility and we need no adapters. The hose has a pressure gauge. We have two small notes; the scale starts from 2 PSI and there are complaints from cyclists interested in lower values. ​​Besides, the pressure gauge is not comfortable to read.

Overall, the quality of the materials is excellent as it is aluminum alloy. For us, the Pro Bike Tool pump can easily work for experienced cyclists.


  • High efficiency and convenience
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent materials are excellent
  • Durable aluminum alloy body.


  • Some cyclists have complained that it needs lower values
  • Difficult reading of the pressure value

Top 3: Fineed Portable Air Compressor Pump

The Fineed electric pump is interesting. It is a small compressor that can be useful, especially in emergency cases. It is suitable not only for cyclists but also for motorists as it can inflate the tires of the car. We are talking about putting them under pressure because it does not inflate the wheels of a car from scratch.

Probably, the fundamental limit is the battery autonomy that lasts only a few hours. There is the digital pressure gauge, just set the desired pressure, and you do not have to worry about anything other than connecting the pump to the valve. Here, we point out that the various adapters available do not shine for stability. The pump also comes with a small LED flashlight that can always be handy. Overall, the transport is comfortable, and the structure is solid.


  • Practical and convenient
  • Multiple nozzles that are useful in every situation
  • Reasonable price


  • Low autonomy
  • Bad connections

Top 4: Aim High Pro Repair Kit with Pump

The Aim High Pro hand pump is aluminum and plastic materials. It is a sturdy and light object. The pump is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves. It also has some accessories for inflating soccer balls or other sports, balloons, and sea accessories.

The maximum pressure is 8 bar. However, the problem is that when there are around 4 bars; it becomes difficult to use the pump. You will need a lot of strength.

The unit is excellent for walking bikes. But for those who use the bike for Corsa that needs a pressure of around 8 bar, it could have serious difficulties. Therefore, we do not recommend the product for owners of such bikes.

With the convenient attachment to the frame, we would have liked that the pump had been smaller. We believe the price reflects the value of the object.


  • Good quality materials
  • Reasonable price and performance
  • Compatible with Schrader and Presta valves
  • Has adapters for inflating balloons and more


  • Around 4 bars of pressure, the pump becomes too hard.

Top 5: OTRON Mini Bike Pump

The OTRON unit is a well-built pump. It has major strengths in its compact size and lightness. This product is easy to carry. We consider it extremely solid as the body is aluminum alloy. It is compatible with many valves, while there is an adapter for balloons.

The package also includes a bracket to be hooked to the frame that is useful if you want to have the pump always at hand. We also liked the design in terms of a modern and elegant look. The maximum pressure is 100 PSI as it takes just under a minute to inflate the inner tube of a bike. It can satisfy us with the high speed.

But how is the value for money? Let’s put it this way, for us, the pump is valid, but it could have cost a few bucks less. However, beyond the expense, it is still affordable that it will not disappoint you in the purchase.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Usual plastic or rubber parts


  • Expensive

Top 6: Prophete Floor Pump with Manometer

Prophete model is a double-cylinder floor pump. The structure is solid and reliable. The pump is useful with the large pressure gauge that allows you to see the value of the bars. There is also the scale with the values ​​in PSI. But honestly, it is not legible.

The connector is compatible with many valves. So, we are talking about a versatile pump that is suitable for inflating car or scooter tires. The materials are premium in that the pump is resistant, solid, but heavyweight. With Excellent stability, it does not shift on the floor while inflating the wheel.

It is cumbersome, as carrying it around could be problematic. The space occupied is probably the only defect that afflicts a pump. This model is ideal for non-professional use but still has a good value for money. In short, in the house’s garage, this pump can stay there safely and will come in handy at the right time.


  • A large dial with a double graduated scale in bar and PSI
  • Generous dimensions
  • Excellent construction quality and strength
  • Great stability


  • Bulky

Why Should Buy Track Pumps?

If you think they are only used to inflate flat bike tires, know that beyond that. The ability to fix it in minutes from the comfort of your home or in the middle of the road. And it is a significant advantage of your pumps. But if you are adventurous, you will be happy to know that you can use them to inflate an auxiliary boat or to start a fire.

Who Should Buy Track Pumps?

Durability and functionality are the major concerns. When you are on the road, not having a high-quality pump on hand can waste your time and put more pressure and effort on you when trying to fix the problem with other methods.

To guarantee a good buy, also make sure that it is an easy-to-use and flexible model with a Schrader and Presta valve accessory. Of course, you will be concerned about the price. It is something you should bargain for a bit, as settling for a cheap model will not be a good idea.

Best Track Pumps FAQs

What if the pressure gauge does not work?

There are always a few things to do before you can use the pressure gauge properly. Make sure that the hose is properly connected and blow on the pump so that the indicator gives a reading.

You will find this to be effective with Presta valves that do not let air through until there’s pressure.

What is a Schrader valve?

It is a valve used primarily for motorized vehicle and bicycle tires and is named after the manufacturing company. They build the valves used for the tires according to a single standard with the aim. The unalterable part visible to the outside is compatible with the applicable instruments, such as the pump. The Schrader has a cap that serves to prevent dirt and water from entering and avoid a blockage of the valve itself with consequent loss of pressure.

Do I need an adapter?

Modern pumps have a flow rate compatible with Presta and Schrader valves. Thanks to this feature, you will not have to buy an additional adapter. However, we always advise you to take an adapter with you. We never know when our pump might fail and we will have

Where can I buy a bike pump?

 to use another pump that is not compatible with our valve.

Bike pumps are on sale in shops specialized in the sale of bicycles and stores dedicated to the sale of sporting goods. The alternatives are e-commerce sites like Amazon.

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