Best Front Bike Rack in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

There are different front luggage racks for bikes that vary depending on the capacity. In this article, we will focus on the best front bike rack.

Getting around the city by bike is comfortable and fun. You will feel a sense of freedom while observing motorists stuck in traffic and intent on cursing because there is no parking. However, the bike has a limit. Besides offering the advantage of worry-free mobility, it does not guarantee a large space for carrying packages or shopping.

It might seem anachronistic to talk about luggage racks in the era of bike-packing and minimalism. Although traveling with bags attached directly to the frame, many cyclists still travel the world today with bike panniers, rear, and front. In this review, we offer the six best choices for the best front bike rack in 2021. Let’s have a look!


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Top 6 Best Front Bike Rack For Your Need

Top 1: Topeak TetraRack R1

The Topeak TetraRack R1 rack is a light but resistant luggage rack. But do not think of loading it beyond belief since its capacity is 7 kg. The luggage rack weighs little, which is even more of an advantage for racing bikes. Its low weight corresponds to solidity that could surprise you.

The roof rack, once mounted, remains firmly in place. The assembly worries us a little because it is cumbersome. For the installation, it is necessary to remove the rear brake assembly. Therefore, two fundamental things are needed. They are the manual skills and a period of work from 15 to 20 minutes. The support base is narrow, while the design is essential but also functional. Pay attention because essential does not mean ugly. On the contrary, let’s say that it has its charm.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Remains firmly in its position
  • Resistant and reliable
  • High solidity


  • Hard to install

Top 2: Bottari Bike 96890 Bike Rack

Many people want the best front bike rack, so we could not disappoint those looking for one. Our choice fell on Bottari. It is a brand that enjoys a lot of esteem. The model is cheap. We are sure that the price will be attractive to many readers. The structure is thin, so be careful not to overdo the load. Even if you are not good at installment or DIY works, do not worry. The level of difficulty in assembling the Bottari rack is practically zero. Just tighten the screws and it is done.

Of course, they could improve something. The chrome, for example, comes off easily. Then, consider that objects are put and removed on a roof rack, something more resistant had to be provided. The price, being low, leaves no room for further complaints.


  • Reasonable price
  • High practicality and functionality
  • Easy assembly


  • The thin structure cannot be exaggerated with the weight.

Top 3: M-Wave Mini Front Pannier Bag Bicycle Rack

M-Wave is a rear rack that is suitable for both mountain bikes and touring bikes. This adaptability is a positive thing. However, it is a secondary aspect compared to the solidity of the structure. The maximum load that this accessory can hold is 25 kg, so we are satisfied in this respect too.

An unfortunate thing that has happened to all racks is the absence of some screws. It is not an isolated case. We consider it appropriate to bring it to the knowledge of those who read and consider it a defect. And we are not talking about open packages as they have not all been placed, demonstrating a lack of attention. As for the fitting, customer comments belie the product description that describes it as simple.

Many customers say the exact opposite. And the luggage rack arrives disassembled, without forgetting the missing screws. The instructions are not even in multiple languages.


  • High compatibility and functionality
  • Adapts perfectly to different bikes
  • Solid and reliable
  • High capacity


  • Challenging assembly
  • Misleading instructions

Top 4: Rockbros Panniers Bag Front Rack

Here, we have a bike pannier bag. But to use it, your bike must already come with a pannier rack. After this essential premise, let’s go to see the details of Rockbros. Rockbros has designed the bag in the name of practicality. It is characterized by an excellent organization of spaces. So, the outside is compact, and the inside is roomy and well-defined.

The expandable design allows you to switch from the capacity of 10 L to 35 L. The reflective strips applied on the bag are useful to be visible to motorists. If it rains, the cover included in the package will come in very handy.

They complete the accessories with two removable panels for organizing spaces and a shoulder strap to carry the bag in comfort when it is disassembled from the bike. The zip closures do not disappoint, they are solid. Maybe it is heavy and we also say that this rack is not cheap.


  • Practical with the excellent organization of the spaces
  • Large capacities
  • Extendable design with 35L maximum volume
  • Rain cover


  • Heavyweight

Top 5: Thule Pack ‘N Pedal Tour Front Rack

If you know the Thule brand, you know at least two things in advance. The first is that it always uses good quality materials for its products. The second is that its items make them pay dearly, often more than necessary.

The two premises here have been fully met. So, we have a solid, reliable, durable, and expensive roof rack. Interestingly, we can mount this model both in front and behind. Together with the possibility of being installed on any type of bike, this feature makes the rack become a versatile accessory.

Once you fix it, you see it will not move an inch, even under full load. But you will have to mount it. Several cyclists have found it difficult to do so because the instructions are misleading.


  • Solid materials
  • High sturdiness
  • Mounted both front and rear


  • Unclear instructions

Top 6: Vanpower Aluminum Bicycle Front Racks

Vanpower rack is an excellent luggage rack for MTB. It is solid, but not as solid as the product description says that the roof rack could tolerate a load of 50kg. We have seen models thicker that stated a lower maximum load. The attacks offer a firm grip when they are hooked to a tube of good thickness. If the frame of your bike is thin, forget it because the attacks will hardly hold.

The assembly is not complicated, but if you can change the screws. Those supplied items do not have excellent quality and could be damaged while tightening them. The paint is delicate. So, be careful with your packages as you could ruin them.


  • Solid and durable
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable price


  • Low compatibility

Why Should Buy Front Bike Rack

The front rack has its importance, but it becomes fundamental when traveling. Do not waste time with automatic hooks and refinements of this type. People who travel pay attention to the solidity of the roof rack and the safety of the luggage. It is why there is nothing better than a good rope. It is where the thickness of the pipes counts that must be at least 12 mm. The materials must be good, such as steel and titanium. The structure must be capable of withstanding even 40 kg.

Who Should Buy Front Bike Rack

The front version of the roof rack is less common than the rear one. But it has its unique features. It is easily accessible even for the cyclist who does not want to move from the saddle to munch on a snack on the go. Typically, the front bike rack can carry a piece of smaller and lighter luggage than the rear one. After all, it is not advisable to place it in front of a bag that is too bulky as it would obstruct the view.

These luggage racks clip onto the front fork, and even those who own a suspension fork bike will have no difficulty finding the adaptable luggage rack. The front models are widely used by those who travel long distances and often load luggage both in the bike’s front and in the rear. These luggage racks are also a valid solution for city bikes, as an alternative to the classic basket.

Best Front Bike Rack FAQs

Can I use the roof rack as a seat for one person?

The luggage rack is not a seat. As the name suggests, they build it to carry packages or things. People do not design it for the transport of people, so doing the opposite could be very dangerous for the driver and passenger. Those who want to ride a bike in two would do well to buy a tandem.

Are all roof racks suitable for securing child transport seats?

No, not all are suitable, so for certain information, you need to check the instructions that accompany the accessory. It is very important to comply with any prohibition to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Do all roof racks fit the same way?

We do not mount all luggage racks in the same way. There are often differences, large or small. And it can complicate the assembly depending on the model.

If I mount the luggage rack, do I have to give up the rear light?

Not necessarily. Most luggage racks have the provision to mount the rear light. It is always good to check before purchasing to avoid the hassle.

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