Renovate Your Bike with The Best Goodyear Bike Tires

Currently, bicycle tires to Goodyear are top-rated and popular. Due to being sold at a lower price than the general ground, many new drivers are skeptical of product quality with the question: Is a Goodyear bicycle tire durable? Of course, brand equity is made up of reasonable prices and good product quality.

So, how to choose the best Goodyear bike tires for my bike? The following article will share with you reviews and some useful information for you to have a clear view of this bicycle tire.


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Top 6 Goodyear Bike Tires 

Top 1: Goodyear Escape Tire 

The Goodyear Escape tires are robust and grippy to the touch. Its sidewalls are designed with a honeycomb-like pattern, while its knobs are sturdy with generous horizontal and vertical siping. There is a slight tooth attached inside the space between knobs to support the mud release. 

Furthermore, the inflation and setup are hassle-free. However, the bead is relatively tight, which requires some extra elbow grease. 


  • Predictable
  • Resistant and puncture
  • Great for dry and loose conditions


  • Slightly undersized

The Escape tire is available in various sizes and billed as a dealer for the all-conditions trail. Its knobs are meticulously siped square and widely-spaced, and they can produce high-tech rubber compounds and edge-to-edge grip. These features ensure traction when you ride across a wide range of terrain. 

Top 2: Goodyear Connector Tire

Regarding its design, this tire employs the top specifications Tubeless Complete carcass. Additionally, the lightweight R: Armor bead layer helps to fend off scuffs and cuts. 

The Connector tire is also lightweight, which means that it can accelerate easily when you need it. Especially if you run the tire at low pressures, you will get better off-road compliance and connection.


  • Decent corner grip
  • Easy tubeless setup
  • Bombproof construction


  • Slightly wooden at medium-high pressure

Overall, the Goodyear Connector is a low-pressure-friendly and tough gravel tire. Its tread can manage to be surefooted and fast on numerous surfaces. This feature helps to deliver a great ride no matter what gravel riding you like. 

Top 3: Goodyear Peak Tire

To begin with, its tread is a round profile as it is closely spaced. Then, about the center knobs, they are not only back-blocked to allow you to drop the anchors but also ramped to reduce the rolling resistance. The knob height is also low, which makes the tires roll fast. 


  • Round profile
  • Fast-rolling 
  • Supple rides feel


  • The sidewall might hold mud sometimes

You can use the Goodyear Peak tire for the trail, downhill, and enduro options. It is made with the lightweight Ultimate and Premium casing, making it nasty, hot, and badass for speed. Plus, it receives many great reviews and compliments for impressing previous customers. 

Top 4: Goodyear Newton-ST Tire 

Being redesigned, this Newton-ST tire uses the 1.5ply casing, which is useful to save ride suppliers and weight. The threads are also thicker, more than 120tpi weave so the tire can roll smoother. Additionally, the tire construction changes in a better way when it can offer more comfort and tracking. 

The open tread will not clog badly in several sticky conditions, while the rubber blend is manufactured with decent friction. You can lean forward confidently without worrying about the tire. 


  • Great rolling resistance
  • Excellent braking traction
  • Easy, quick to set up, and fit


  • Lack dampening 

Indeed, the Goodyear Newton-ST tire is improved and modified from the previous version, so it is much more competent. Goodyear brand offers this Newton-ST version with the EN Ultimate and the EN Premium casing along with the RT rubber compound. 

Top 5: Goodyear Folding Bead BMX Tire

Goodyear is not only renowned for standard bike tires but also mountain bike tires. This brand will help you keep gripped to your all-time-favorite mountain path and trail. These tires are suitable for rims which are 2″-2.125″ or those having 26″ rims. It is the basic tread pattern, and it can accommodate you with a good grip even on soft surfaces such as dirt and grass. 


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Good grip
  • Folding bead design


  • Not good for a pressure of 35 psi and above

This model seems to be a durable and reliable tire for a mountain bike. It will be an optimal option when you get started with these Goodyear products. They come with the most advanced rubber and the latest grip patterns. Also, they give you a great riding experience on both ground and softer surfaces.  

Top 6: Goodyear Folding Bead Mountain Bike Tire

If you are a fan of tires having an all-black design, you should think about this model. The tires look low profile and understated. However, the most noticeable feature is the folding bead. This feature offers flexibility and portability as users can easily store the tires if used as spares. 


  • Lightweight
  • Folding bead
  • Great value


  • The sidewall is slightly thin 

This is another popular tire for the mountain bike, and it comes at an affordable price. That is why it is preferable by many cyclists. The tires are quiet and smooth on the road. Furthermore, its metallic rims can deliver longevity and durability for a comfortable and long riding experience. 

Why Should You Buy a Goodyear Bike Tire?

Goodyear – a tire brand from the US – is considered to be at the forefront of tire manufacturing technology innovation. Although following the road to manufacture low-cost tires, Goodyear’s slogan is “One Revolution Ahead” – Pioneering a revolution in technological innovation with research and continuous innovation efforts.

The advantage of Goodyear tires is the ability to grip on slippery roads very well, high durability, optimal braking while ensuring safety.

Exceptionally high quality, but the price of Goodyear tires is also very reasonable. Because of this, the market share of Goodyear tires is quite large. The tire is significant for those who cycle regularly.

Besides, these bike tires are suitable for most types of bicycles. This brand of bicycle tires comes in different types. They are designed to suit most of the bicycles currently on the market.

Another great thing about Goodyear bike tires is their good grip. This advantage will help cyclists smoothly go through all types of terrain, especially rough terrain such as mountain roads.

In addition to the above advantages, Goodyear bike tires are also known for their outstanding durability. Thanks to the sturdy material, it is not easily punctured or torn during cycling.

Who Should Buy a Goodyear Bike Tire?

Tires are an essential part of a bicycle. It is the part that supports the entire mass of the car and the rider and helps the car move more quickly on different types of roads. With a Goodyear bike tire, any cyclist will be satisfied.

For racing bicycles specializing in asphalt, Goodyear bike tire design will have less resistance to the road surface to the wheel. For mountain bikes, the bike tires from Goodyear also ensure excellent traction. Whether you use your bike as a daily means of transportation, you will enjoy the comfort these bicycle tires bring.


What types of bicycle tires are there?

Mountain Bike Tires: You can see that the general shape of mountain bike wheels is more significant than regular wheels (with a size of about 30 mm or more), besides that, the edges on the wheels of the bikes are carving deeper, larger to increase traction ability of the wheel on rocky terrain, dirt road, and sand.

City Bike Tires: These bike tires are engineered for the most durable, lined with extremely durable Kevlar fiber for everyday cycling.

Besides, the design of these wheels is similar to those for mountain bikes. However, the ridges are less and are much thinner to cater to the conditions. The road is slippery. The ridges help the car have a better ability to sell the road, avoiding users falling.

Race bike tires: Race bike wheels are designed to travel on flat, high-speed terrain for cycling purposes, so the wheels are the essential factor for the blistering speed of racing bikes.

Where can I see the production time for bicycle tires?

Manufacturers usually print manufacturing year information on the surface of the tire. Tires that age after a while will reduce the tires’ quality, so when choosing to buy a new tire, you should not choose a tire that has been manufactured for too long. To not affect the tire’s life, you should choose tires manufactured to be one year old.

Why should you choose the right tire for the size?

When choosing a new tire to replace the old one, you should pay attention to the tire size. Choosing the right tire size helps the car to operate better, minimizing unnecessary effects.


Overall, Goodyear is a leading tire brand in tire technology innovation, such as self-patching technology or brake assist technology. Besides, this brand is also known for its product lines that are both durable and affordable. Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to find yourself the best Goodyear bike tire.


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