Quickly Upgrade Your Bike With These Best Dropper Posts

Perhaps the dropper post is one of the most significant innovations in mountain biking trips in the last few years. They have become trending on almost every new mountain bike. These best dropper posts are convenient and can lower your seat with the push of a button, allowing you to drop your center of gravity.

Because of this generous support, dropper posts are gaining popularity in the market. However, not everyone knows how to find the best dropper posts. Do not worry; the article below will give you the reviews and information you need to make the best choice.


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Top 6 Best Dropper Posts

Top 1: PNW Component Cascade Dropper Post

The material used to build this dropper post is the high-end 7075 alloy that can be heat-treated and adjustable. These 7075 alloys are dramatically lightweight and highly durable. Besides, the firm DU bushing is added to keep the entire dropper post more solidly mounted. 

This product also comes in some travel lengths for you to adjust quickly, from 125mm to 200mm. To enhance this product’s customizability, the manufacturer adds an adjustable pneumatic pressure. Therefore, you can feel assured about this product as it is genuinely an excellent dropper post for firm quality and steadfast reliability.  


  • Easy to handle and install
  • Sturdy
  • Have many height settings


  • Setting up depends on the cable structure

Thanks to the straightforward and sleek design, the PNW Component Cascade dropper post can add more versatility to your bike’s abilities. Besides, it is lightweight and has well shock absorption. 

Top 2: EC90 Full Carbon Dropper Post

Firstly, you can adjust the length of this product with multiple settings. The initial length is above 2 centimeters; then, you can lift it to 3.5 centimeters. Plus, this dropper post also absorbs shock very well, providing you comfortable riding. You might not feel any vibrations on the seat. 

The material alloys, which are lightweight and cannot strain quickly. With the sleek design that can fit well many high-end bikes, you can install this dropper post simply and get a consistent performance.  


  • Light and strong 
  • Great quality
  • Immensely flexible


  • Hard to access when tightening the seat

Overall, this product will be worth your money as it can work well and easily handle. With multiple settings, you can choose the suitable setting for your bike. Although its profile might be lower than other options, it is still a high-quality solution for your bike. 

Top 3: Crankbrothers Highline 30.9 Dropper Post

This product’s first remarkable feature is the size variety, which ranges between 100 millimeters and 170 millimeters. The manufacturer also pays attention to its diversity by offering some styles. Each style has a different build so that it can change the force dispersion. 

The strong shocks and installation cable are also added into the structure so that they can go on smoothly with the dual-bolt setup. You might feel it, so lightweight to withstand problems from weather and impact, but it indeed can do that wonders. 


  • Superb internal sealing 
  • Short insertion length 
  • Strong and lightweight


  • Not included remote

If you are looking for a dropper post that does not waste much time to install, you can consider the Crankbrothers Highline 30.9 product. It is available in different sizes and styles, which is straightforward for choosing the most appropriate one. 

Top 4: Kind Shock Eten-remote Dropper Post

There is a 20-mm-offset in this post’s forged head, which brings more comfort and maximizes durability and strength. Additionally, it features a 100-mm-shock-absorption that is useful for a perfect riding position. The remote included is made of polycarbonate. This material is immensely lightweight with high strength. 


  • Resist the pressure damage well 
  • High-quality materials
  • Create a tight hold


  • The cable of the post might be difficult to run through the bicycle

With the affordable price, this dropper post becomes ideal for those who need the shock-absorbing post. It can fit into your bike’s function seamlessly thanks to its precise craft, which helps to make riding smoother. 

Top 5: PNW Components Rainier Gen 3 Dropper Post

It can be said that the Rainier G3 dropper post nails the frame, saddle fit, length, and installation problems. The most genius part of this post is that you are able to limit the extension by 30 mm maximum when you find no space for each size’s full stroke.  


  • Super smooth action 
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Excellent price


  • Slightly heavy

This PNW model does not include the lever, but it consists of a 3-year warranty and near-universal sizing options. So, it can be the most user-friendly and adjustable dropper post for bike riders. 

Top 6: Bike Yoke Revive Dropper Post

A German engineer developed the Bike Yoke Revive dropper post. It has a unique design with the additional innovative Revive Valve. This feature allows you to reset the hydraulic internals easily and quickly. Furthermore, it is also straightforward to set up the Revive. 


  • Great build quality
  • Self-bleed system
  • Smooth action


  • Pricey

Although it might be expensive, it is worth your money for performance and quality. It does come with an easy compression force and incredibly smooth travel. 

Why Should Buy Dropper Post? 

Dropper post looks pretty straightforward, but it’s like any new tech. Maybe learning how to master it can be a bit difficult. Basic techniques like changing positions when sitting usually and when climbing a slope are well known. However, the dropper post has so much more to offer you! If you get used to using it, you will be released and raised your saddle hundreds of times on one ride.

One of the biggest reasons you should have a dropper post is its ability to switch between the pedal and standing quickly. If you master this skill, you can easily navigate downhill or steep jumps. Usually, mountain bikers can pedal hard and endure over long distances with complex terrain. However, the dropper post will help you navigate complex terrain and make the most of your technique.

Who Should Buy Dropper Post?

Whether it is the Tour de France or just a local off-road cycling club, cyclists’ most significant challenge has always been to climb a long, steep mountain.

For the first time, people often avoid mountainous terrain as they are often exhausted. But after a certain amount of training, you will find that a long downhill mountain bike is the best way to train your mountain biking. Of course, an essential companion on this journey is the dropper post.

For those who love adventure cycling, fighting traction will provide the excellent resistance to put your muscles in a state of a loss of energy while increasing the number of crystals. Thus, the dropper post is the best mountain biking aid to trigger crystal production.

At the foot of a hill, you can start with a high tempo and low pedaling pressure and still be able to move quickly and comfortably. This climbing method also avoids too much and fast blood pumped to the muscles, limiting arterial blood flow. However, if the speed goes up or goes up a slope, you have to increase the pedal pressure. It incorporates more muscle fibers per leg, and this “horsepower” can be accurately measured by the power meter above. 

Not only that, your heart rate and respiratory rate will also increase significantly. Instead of using monitoring devices, you can rely on your breath to identify changes in your body.

Besides, dropper post is also a great support tool for cyclists with many different purposes. Some people cycle for mental relaxation because it helps relieve stress, stress, and pressure at work and school.

The dropper post is also suitable for cyclists to exercise strength and endurance. Daily exercise, setting higher goals for yourself is a way to increase stamina and endurance.

For those just starting or recovering from an injury, the dropper post also aids low-speed cycling. Then, gradually apply more advanced exercises that vary in speed, distance, and terrain.

Best Dropper Posts FAQs 

How much does the drop post usually cost?

Typically, a dropper post on the market will cost anywhere from $ 350 to $ 500. You can choose between a variety of products as manufacturers will create different types of dropper posts. Prices will be consistent with the quality and safety of each dropper post. However, to ensure safety, you should choose the right products for your needs and your bicycle.

Is dropper post durable?

Dropper post can last up to 10 years. It proves that it is very sustainable. Despite its complicated design, the dropper post’s internal hydraulic system usually doesn’t require much maintenance. So you can use it with peace of mind.

How much does the dropper post weigh?

The average weight of the dropper post falls to about 600 grams. The aluminum alloy pillars weigh only 250 to 300 grams. When you use dropper post, you are doubling in weight. But it will not cause an unpleasant feeling of heaviness. With the generous support of the dropper post, your cycling journey will be a delight.

Final Sayings 

Overall, the dropper post is a great cycling aid that you should not miss. In particular, it will be a great companion for long-distance mountain biking. Hopefully, through this article, you can learn more about the critical information you need to find the best dropper posts.

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