Best Gore Mountain Bike Clothing in 2021: Review and Buying Guide

As you have already seen on our MTB blog, it is crucial to wear clothes suitable for mountain biking. It is essential for the comfort and safety of the cyclist, especially if he is a fan of regular outings. Gore Bike Wear is one of our favorites not only for its designs but also because it features the best technologies like the Gore-Tex fabric.

As promised, we are going to introduce you to the best Gore mountain bike clothing that you will find in our online cycling store. Today, we are dedicating this article to the benefits of using Gore mountain bike clothing. Also, we take this opportunity to give you the best Gore mountain bike clothing.


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Top 6 Best Gore Mountain Bike Clothing

Top 1: Gore C7 Racing Bike Jacket

The Gore C7 windproof softshell jacket is one of the best purchases you can make. Gore has always been synonymous with the highest quality in technical clothing, and this jacket perfectly fulfills its duty. The cloth shelters the elements and ensures perfect breathability.

The Gore C7jacket is suitable for hikers. The cut is ergonomic and can be used perfectly all year round. The fabric is extremely elastic and guarantees maximum freedom of movement. It is also extremely tear-resistant. You can see more photos of the product by clicking on the link above. Currently, the product is offered at an incredible price.


  • Premium quality
  • Fits perfectly
  • Extreme elasticity
  • Maximum freedom of movements


  • Expensive

Top 2: Gore C3 Jersey

We now come to an excellent jacket model from the Gore company, a specialist in mountain clothing. The Gore C3 jersey is multifunctional and offers you everything you need for changeable weather in the mountains.

It is perfectly usable all year round. Its material is exclusive and made with anti-wind technology, a high-quality softshell fabric, ideal for protecting you in foul weather. The external treatment of the fabric also guarantees excellent resistance to rain and humidity. The membrane integrated into the jacket makes it breathable.

It makes the jersey impossible for moisture to accumulate inside the jacket after sporting activities, accelerating perspiration, and facilitating drying. To find more photos of the product and better see the details, we invite you to click on the button above.


  • Anti-wind technology
  • High-quality softshell fabric
  • Wear resistance


  • Poor sewing

Top 3: Gore C5 Cycling Jacket

This C5 softshell jacket is the ideal solution for your hiking, walking, trekking, horse riding, or any other outdoor activity. The model guarantees the usual quality to which Gore has always been accustomed to us. It perfectly regulates humidity and guarantees high breathability.

It is perfect for every season and protects the body perfectly, putting a sturdy barrier in front of the body, thanks to an excellent water repellency against rain and wind. The jacket also comes with side zip pockets, hood, and zip closure. It also features light fleece padding for perfect comfort. We can find it for sale on Amazon at a price that reflects the perfect finishing of the product and its realization at the top of the materials on the market.


  • Excellent versatility
  • Guarantees the usual quality
  • High breathability


  • Not suitable for professions

Top 4: Gore R3 Hooded Jacket

To find cheap softshell jackets but with excellent performance, we will turn to the assortment of Gore R3. It has always been a leader in creating products with an extraordinary quality/price ratio. It is designed and created by the Gore mountain specialists. They have recreated a perfect product for outdoor excursions and trekking routes.

It is a jacket designed to respond to the cold and changing climate, typical of the mountains, and to keep the body warm in any condition. The fabric is resistant to scratches and abrasions and is ideal as a second layer. It will give the body warmth.

Under the arms, some merino wool inserts limit the onset of unpleasant smells. The outer fabric is special to prevent water from penetrating the fabric, making it water-repellent. Its composition protects from the wind up to 30 km/h and they always keep the breathability high since the jacket facilitates the escape of moisture from the inside.


  • Reasonable price
  • Keeps the body warm in any condition
  • Resistant fabric
  • Water-repellent


  • The size is small.

Top 5: Gore C7 Ventilated Bib Short

Gore C7 is a summer cycling suit featuring a fully breathable polyester suit that reduces sweating and prevents the sensation of a wet body. This suit, designed specifically for cyclists, comes with breathable fabric and is characterized by several non-slip edges. These features ensure a comfortable seat without sudden and inappropriate movements while riding your bicycle.

Elastic enough and with a bright color, the cycling suit is accompanied by shorts with an anti-shock function. It will keep the legs warm and prevent the lower joints from being exposed to any trauma in the event of a fall. Finally, the suit is ideal for the summer period, but can also be easily worn in winter under a jacket and a long tracksuit.


  • Breathable polyester
  • Reduces sweating and prevents the sensation
  • Ensures a comfortable seat


  • Does not fit perfectly

Top 6: Gore C3 Bib Tights

The jersey of the cycling suit comes with polyester with a honeycomb weave that ensures good breathability and allows the cyclist to practice sports during the summer with no kind of difficulty.

The trousers are elastic and do not adhere completely to the thighs. It offers excellent freedom of movement by completely protecting the legs and prevents them from being exposed to potential shocks. The suit is ideal for both recreational cyclists and those competing at professional levels.


  • High versatility
  • Durable materials
  • Suitable for summer


  • Tight for a large body

Why Should Buy Gore Mountain Bike Clothing?

As with other sports activities, even for cycling, wearing the right clothing is the ideal solution. Wearing jeans or a polo shirt while training negatively affects the performance gained during the training phase, or even when you want to give free rein to this hobby.

Therefore, the right sportswear allows you to give life to optimal performance when you are paying the utmost attention to some criteria that distinguish the ideal clothing for cycling. With the Gore-Tex technology, the cloth guarantees excellent resistance against light rain with its waterproofness up to 8,000 mm. It also offers excellent breathability, letting the water vapor evaporate from inside the jacket with its 3000 MVP.

Who Should Buy Gore Mountain Bike Clothing?

Gore clothing is a technical material, ideal for dry climates and for when it is cold. One of its chief advantages is the fabric’s ability to keep the body warm while ensuring excellent elasticity that leaves the body free to move.

The material mainly used for the jackets has another important feature that makes the jacket quite water-repellent. It means that the jacket repels water and waterproofing. In conditions of perfect waterproofing, it loses the breathability of the garment. A Gore jacket protects perfectly in light rains but may not be enough in case of a downpour.

Best Gore Mountain Bike Clothing FAQs

How to choose the best Gore jacket?

There are several qualities of Gore clothing out there. For the purchase, you can spend from a few dollars to a hundred dollars. In the following lines, we will try to give you a complete overview of the existing possibilities both at the high end, with the famous leading brands in mountain clothing, and at the low end where we find products suitable for those who do not want to spend excessively.

Choosing the jacket that best suits your needs is an important issue. Sometimes, being able to find your way around the different models that the brands offer can be difficult because of the thousands of variables to consider.

What to expect from a Gore jacket?

Now, let’s talk about expectations regarding the purchase of this type of softshell jacket. For us, you must be aware of the product you are buying because it will not disappoint you with the purchase.

If you have never dealt with a softshell jacket, it is difficult to understand what type of product we are dealing with. Two things that are extremely important to remember are softshell jackets are flexible products that can always be used every month of the year and have extreme quality.

What is the maintenance of Gore jackets?

Almost all softshell jackets have a treatment on the outer surface of the fabric that makes them water repellent (DWR). This process makes the jackets water-repellent and resistant to light rain.

People always exclude complete waterproofing, otherwise, the product would not be breathable. Jackets are very resistant to washing. But in the long run, this treatment could lose its effectiveness after many washes.

Here, to understand the state of the treatment, it suffices to put the jacket under a flow of water and observe the reaction. If the water forms drop tending to a round shape, it means that the treatment is still in excellent condition. Otherwise, it is possible to intervene.

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