Best autumn cycling clothing 2021

Autumn is the best time of year for biking around. Once the weather begins to turn, getting the proper kit would make all the difference! They keep you cozy, comfy and focus more on your cycling performance. Well, getting well-prepared can help satisfy your fitness needs, so hurry to read our roundup to find your best autumn cycling clothing!

This essential guide will give you a smile on the face when transforming your worst rides into fantastic trips. And sure enough, the autumn season is not cold enough for wearing thick jackets or tights. So it’s better to go for summer garments and a few accessories to deliver more warmth and protection from the harsh conditions. Be careful since biking autumn is unpredictable since it possibly has rain and snow.


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Top 6 Best Autumn Cycling Clothing 

Top 1: Wisdom Leaves Women’s Cycling Jersey 

The cycling jersey from Wisdom Leaves is built of good-quality polyester fabric with an inner side that can trap air. The jersey ensures your skin feels more comfortable, thanks to the lightweight and super soft material. It seems to do an excellent job in keeping the freezing condition away on the autumn days. Besides, the jersey features a special stitching design on the back and both sides for greater flexibility.

Let’s stay warm in harsh weather with this long-sleeved jersey. The fabric will maintain great ventilation. But if you ride so hard when the temperature rises, it surely gets a bit sweaty here. For the cuts, they stay true to the size without getting baggy. Well, just go riding early in the morning and feel how Wisdom Leaves can keep your upper body warm as the temperature goes from the mid to high figures.


  • Nice fit in shoulders and chest
  • Comfortable for riding 
  • Affordable price 


  • The sleeves are a bit long.

Overall, the jersey looks great and is amazingly functional at a good price. But what we love the most about it is the three rear pockets. These are quite easy to use, not to mention another plain side pocket for storing your gel. So if you must be on a tight budget, the Wisdom Leaves jersey can provide great value.

Top 2: RION Cycling Bibs Shorts Men’s Bike Pants

You will be amazed at how stretchy the shorts from RION are once putting them on. But more than that, we bet that every cyclist would love to know that the nice fit combined with the 3D moisture management. In other words, the outer layer of the pants would keep the rain away. Also, its primary target is to offer plenty of warmth during your autumn cycling season. 

Just get ready for the upcoming winter ride with the RION Bibshort. It doesn’t only offer a water-repellent method to keep splashes from dampening the ride, but it also lets you bike in comfort. Speaking of the straps in the torso, they’re made of lightweight material with a waffle effect on the inner side. This feature helps trap air effectively while having a bit of insulation for cold weather.


  • Durable and breathable 
  • More relaxed design
  • Good fit and versatile
  • Lightweight and comfy fabric


  • Feels a bit tight.

Last but not least, the RION shorts own the close cut that stays true to size and have the optimal performance mixed with nice moisture management. These would help keep the riders dry and ventilated all the way.

Top 3: Gore Men’s C3 GWs Vest

The windproof panels of the Gore Men’s C3 GWs vest are what most cyclists care for. They work perfectly with the GORE WINDSTOPPER tech to provide a lightweight and warm feeling for your rides. Another big bonus of the gilet will be its fit around the neck – it’s loose, and you’ll love to wear it for long hours! Since it boosts breathability, which is a nice feature to add to the product.

Another great thing not to miss from this piece of garment is its incredible warmth. The gilet is an outstanding go-to item you can bring along throughout the changeable days. It delivers extra protection from rain without causing you to feel bulky. So how about the fit? It’s kind of athletic when using the stretchy side and panels so that it can stay close to your body. 


  • Windproof front and waterproof panels
  • Lightweight and packable 
  • Well-made and comfortable to wear
  • Athletic cut 


  • The back and sides feel heavier.

In short, if you’ve got a habit of riding cold, and would like to search for more insulation, then you certainly love what this gilet offers. It gives you solid protection in the outer layer, no matter if it’s in spring or autumn.

Top4: Winter Soft Thermal Knee Leg Warmers 

Getting a pair of knee warmers would be the best addition to your whole winter or autumn cycling outfit in changeable weather conditions. You will find them pretty warm to wear in both spring and autumn. Unlike some warmers, these soft thermal ones have a bit of bunching when you start pedaling, and that’s hard to realize. The fit is perfect, thanks to the slim cut that seems to follow every contour of both limbs.  


  • Good protection for men and women
  • Warm and comfy to wear
  • Good length and perfect fit


  • A bit tight when you have big legs.

In short, these knee warmers are good enough for you to get a pair. What most cyclists love about them is that they’re lined with skin-friendly and breathable cotton, acrylic, and Spandex. These are warm and comfy to put on due to their lightweight, soft, and fleece lining. 

Top 5: Souke Sports Winter Cycling Gloves 

Believe it or not, this pair of Souke Sports gloves would be undoubtedly the greatest performers in any harsh riding condition. The gloves fit any winter road and autumn duties thanks to their solid construction and breathable material. They feature a close fit and a knitted wrist cuff for high security and comfort. But what we impress the most would be the double-stitched palms with the fleece-lined padding.


  • Brilliant water repellency
  • Warm and comfy to wear
  • Good length and perfect fit


  • Not recommended for below 50 degrees Fahareint.

To be honest, these gloves from Souke Sports is a highly recommended item for your rides. They have a waterproof membrane to keep moisture out. Better than that, this is pretty breathable so that your hands won’t get sweaty or irritated.

Top 6: DANISH ENDURANCE Cycling Socks for Men & Women

These unisex socks will offer all riders a chance to have the top performance most of the time, and everywhere they like. No matter if it’s about road racing or mountain cycling, this pair of socks make you surprised with its light and moisture-wicking feature. You will get more comfortable than ever thanks to its breathable material.


  • Ideal for serious cycling activities
  • Comfy and tight to put on
  • Thin and warm material 


  • Lack the elasticity 

Last but not least, the socks here are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to guarantee themselves to be free from chemical substances. Wait no more but pick them out for your most enjoyable cycling experience!

Why should you buy autumn cycling clothing?

For most cyclists; to enjoy biking to the max, they must have the proper cycling clothes for Autumn. This is one of the essential things to do if you don’t want to battle harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and rain. Well, imagine that you have to deal with cold mornings and heavy rain, which is not a pleasant experience at all.

To ride in comfort, you need to own a jersey and shorts, and some other necessary accessories. For example, jump into a sleeveless base layer or put on a pair of arm warmers for the ultimate cycling performance. Or maybe a decent windproof gilet or vest could ensure your body feel comfy no matter how hard the ride is.

Who should buy autumn cycling clothing?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore cyclist or only an amateur; you still need to invest in the right garments to combat the changeable conditions. In autumn, the temperature tends to lie somewhere between the high figures and low teens. So you need to choose a suitable kit that keeps you comfortable and functional when pedaling. 


What to wear for cycling in autumn?

On mild days, you need a jersey and a pair of arm warmers for extra insulation and a more breathable ride. For much warmth, choose a gilet to keep the strong wind at bay.

What temperature will you wear cycling clothes?

If you pick out a jersey with short sleeves or arm warmers, then the temperature would be close to 60 degrees. 

Why do most cyclists wear tight clothes?

The main purpose of wearing tight clothes would be to offer great comfort during your long and tiring rides. They feature the tight-fitting and flexible fabric to reduce air resistance and enable a full range of movement.


To achieve high comfort and great function on the bike, come to pick your favorite among our recommendations on the best autumn cycling clothing now!

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