Best Bib Shorts Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

If the cold bites to the bone and on the skin but the desire to ride a bike continues, a normal look must be turned to the cyclist’s underwear. The secret of a warm but dry and masculine body lies precisely in the layer of clothing that is in contact with the epidermis.

If common boxers have not satisfied you, then you can think of evolution. It is the best bib shorts.

This underwear has the advantage of adhering to the figure. In the lower part, in direct contact with the bike, it does not cause annoying movements that can worsen contact with the lower body. So goodbye scratch and crushing.


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Top 6 Best Bib Shorts Reviews

Top 1: Przewalski Cycling Bib Short

Men’s Przewalski 3D Bib Shorts may not be as popular as DHB classics, but they perform just as well for fit and comfort. With a discreet design, the quality of the material fit and suede is good. The panels and seams are sewn well together.

The suede offers enough comfort for longer rides without being too bulky. The silicone leg clamps come to be gentle on the skin while preventing the shorts from rolling up when pedaling. Considering the price, they are comfortable and durable for everyday use.


  • High comfort
  • Discreet design
  • Quality materials
  • Gentle leg clamps


  • Bulky for skinny cyclists

Top 2: Sportful Neo Bib Short

The Sportful Neo Comfort Bib Shorts are at the top of the tree for the Italian company. They are ideal for longer rides thanks to the Total Comfort suede. Thanks to this material, they are hard to fault.

The design is impressive with just a small logo and will match most of your kits. Comfort is excellent for long and hard-driving.

Best of all, the shorts do not get in your way and you will soon forget you are wearing a bib short. If you are an epic all-day rider looking for maximum comfort, cushioning, moisture-wicking, and muscle support, it is what you need.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Innovative suede materials
  • Simple design
  • High cushion, moisture-wicking, and muscle support


  • Excessively small

Top 3: Castelli Cycling Entrata Bib Short

Castelli Cycling Entrata is a premium pair of shorts. Besides being the bibs chosen for Team Sky, there are a few other reasons you will never go wrong with Castelli Cycling Entrata.

This bib comes with a minimalist construction to keep the body cool while running. It uses Castelli’s top-of-the-range suede, the Progetto X2, which is doubly comfortable.

The fit comes in slightly small, like most Italian kits. But once you get the right size, it fits like a glove is an understatement. The combination of Forza and Lycra fabric offers exactly the right amount of support while wicking away sweat and not rubbing. Overall, it is a worthy pair of shorts.


  • Minimalist construction
  • Premium suede
  • Double comfort
  • Forza and Lycra fabrics


  • Wrong size chart

Top 4: Giordana SilverLine Bib Short

Giordana SilverLine Pro Bib Shorts use Italian style and sizes to deliver a high-quality cycling shorts set. Giordana has raised the construction standards of this pair of shorts with a fabric that eliminates creases with each pedal stroke.

The nylon microfiber material comes with aloe vera that helps to keep you cool and reduce odor buildup. Under the nylon microfiber, there is a 4mm memory foam that improves breathability and sweat management by facilitating the rapid evaporation of moisture.

These bib shorts are as good as they look and are worth consideration.


  • High-quality cycling shorts set
  • Innovative fabric
  • Nylon microfiber material
  • Odor reduction


  • Expensive

Top 5: Assos Bib Short

The Assos bib shorts are exactly what you would expect from the Swiss brand. It took six years to fine-tune and rework the design to release this pair of shorts.

These award-winning shorts offer comfort, fit, support, and style. It is a combination of intelligent Golden Gate stitching and multiple laser-cut panels that ensures comfort, feeling, and support.

These shorts are lightweight, but you will not feel flimsy. The new stitching system completely removes chafing while the suede is enough to offer comfort without being bulky. Ask any cyclist who regularly rides over 100 miles for his favorite shorts, you will hear them say Assos.


  • Advanced design
  • High comfort, fit, support, and style
  • Premium Golden Gate stitching
  • Lightweight but not flimsy


  • Expensive

Top 6: Sportful Bodyfit Bib Short

The Sportful Bodyfit cycling shorts are perfect for all outings in cold climates thanks to its No-Rain nanotechnology finish that offers extra protection against rain.

Better yet, this short will keep you comfortable if you choose to use it on a dry day. Use the Bodyfit Pro suede cushion that creates the padding where you need it most.

Flat seams, water-resistant NoRain Warm fabric, and the Thermodrytex thermal layer ensure you are ready to ride in any conditions. The fit is tight but will work well with leg warmers if you need even more protection.


  • Premium materials
  • Advanced technology
  • Extra protection
  • Water-resistant function


  • Too bulky

Why Should Buy Bib Shorts?

More trendy than ever, cycling shorts have recently made a name for themselves in the wardrobe of fashion fans and are worn in everyday life. And yet, the bib shorts remain essential for all cyclists. They have an insert at the level of the crotch that discourages many people from trying them. The advantages of shorts with inserts are many.

It is vital to use bib shorts with an insert when cycling to benefit from more comfort in your saddle and to avoid friction. It is a simple and effective way to make your bike rides more enjoyable.

Who Should Buy Bib Shorts?

There are many models of shorts, in different price ranges. For road cycling and mountain biking, opt for bib shorts because they help keep your shorts in place, protect your lower back and keep heat in. If you are cycling indoors, you can choose strapless shorts.

We advise you to choose your shorts according to the duration of your bike rides and your budget. The quality of the insert is essential on a short. So, it is a detail that you must pay special attention to. From Przewalski to Sportful, they have many models for beginner cyclists to high-level cyclists. The more expensive shorts, the better the quality. Indeed, they are made of finer materials and their inserts are more elaborate.

With bib shorts, you can have peace of mind during your workout because your shorts will not slip off. But they are not always easy to remove, especially if you are in a rush. Female models have a special design so that they can be removed easily and quickly. If you are not used to wearing this type of clothing, it might tempt you to choose a size larger than the size you usually wear to be more comfortable.

Best Bib Shorts FAQs

Do I need bib shorts?

If you are riding something for more than an hour, bib shorts would be ideal. Having a good pair of shorts will provide you with plenty of support, ensuring you stay comfortable on the bike for long periods. But if you only drive casually, shorts are optional.

How to find the right size of bib shorts?

There are tight-fitting trousers and wide shorts to pull on, cycling trousers with and without pads, commuter trousers suitable for everyday use, and multifunctional trousers suitable for cycling. Relatively new on the market, bib shorts are popular thanks to backpacking’s increasing popularity. Before buying new bib shorts, be aware of what you need them for. And you have to try them on.

Finding the right cycling jeans can be easy. Choose the model you want, try it on, and done. You ensure that it covers the buttocks and kidney area on the bike. And it does not restrict the freedom of movement. Otherwise, you cannot go wrong.

How to wash bib shorts?

Many cycling shorts can only be washed at 30 degrees. Some cycling shorts up to 60 degrees. Even with merino fabrics, 30 – 40 degrees are sufficient, and sometimes even hand washing is sufficient. We recommend gentle washes with just a few turns, as excessive spinning damages the material.

Liquid mild detergent or sports detergent is better than heavy-duty detergent. By the way, because of the silicone, it contains, fabric softener closes the pores of breathable clothing. So, it is not suitable for sports underwear. And ironing is usually taboo.

It is advisable to wash the bib shorts briefly every evening on multi-day tours by hand washing with lukewarm water. It prevents sweat and dried on buttock cream from attacking the functional materials. But be careful! The seat cushion should be completely dry before the next stage. The moisture is a good breeding ground for bacteria.

What about air drying?

There are exceptions, but we should not put most bib shorts in the dryer, as the high temperatures damage the fabric. Since they usually come with quick-drying material, it is also unnecessary. They get the best ventilation when drying in the fresh air, but sportswear should not be hung or placed in direct sunlight.

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