What Are Best Beginner Mountain Bike to Invest?

When it comes to the best beginner mountain bike, there are tons of features to look for, starting with designs and styles. What is best for you?

Biking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and a fun work-out. Many scientific pieces of research have proved staggering healthy benefits from biking. Hence, mountain bikes with the design for multiple terrains and supportiveness will be the perfect choice to generate your exercising time. 

Here we propose best buys at the time being and reasons why you should go for mountain bikes but no other types.

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Top 6 best beginner mountain bike

Top 1 – Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Women’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status 2.2

You’ll find out the more giant front wheel in this Mongoose Status 2.2 bike when you observe well enough. It’s ingenious design in a modern bike since physically. It’s to gain better balance.

We would recommend this bike for teenagers because of the gear and position. The saddle rises a little bit, along with handlers to make an angle for enforcing riding. It’s more for intense biking rather than cruising when you sit in a forward position.


  • Powerful fork suspension
  • 21-speed gear
  • Lightweight
  • Study built frame
  • Medium size for everyone


  • Complicating assembly

Top 2 – Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber

Schwinn is known as one of the pioneer bike makers. They gain reputation from good quality and impressive design, and this High Timber mountain bike is not an exception. It looks modern while healthy and sporty. 

Besides the look, the maker pays serious attention to the gear – one of the most critical mountain bike parts. There is multiple speed to switch, depending on the terrains you ride. Impressively, shifting gear happens so smoothly, even during your ride. 


  • Aluminum and steel mix
  • Study alloy cranks
  • Mountain tires
  • Easy saddle adjustment
  • Easy gear shifting
  • Easy assemble


  • Limited specs

Top 3 – Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Malus 

Big guys must encounter most difficulties when purchasing bikes. They need something heavy-duty enough to carry the weight as well as capable of standards. We’ve found this Mongoose Malus Adult mountain bike with great fat tires and a powerfully built frame. 

It can work with 500lbs on the saddle. The fat tires will absorb shock effectively to respond to smooth rides. This design works well on different terrains, as a standard mountain bike. Better than that, the dual brake will be the second security system for your safety.


  • Absorptive tires
  • Steel frame
  • Dual suspension
  • Allow rims to tackle every terrain
  • Heavy-duty 


  • Heavyweight

Top 4- Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite

Here comes another fat mountain bike by Mongoose. The Dolomite design is also one of my favorite fat bikes for big riders, thanks to its heavy-duty construction. 

The tires appear with dense blobs that cling well on snowy and sandy terrains. When your route tightly circles around flat but wildly areas, this one is the one.

Besides, it’s one of the best buys for an entrée when you want an easy start with a fat bike or mountain riding.


  • 7-speed gear 
  • Big fat wheels for better mountain riding
  • Dual suspensions
  • Mix with aluminum parts to decrease the weight 


  • Heavy

Top 5 – Mongoose Mech Mountain Bike

Mongoose Mech 

Mech design from Mongoose presents a solid frame for mountain rides. The bike looks slim, sturdy but straightforward to slide through dense forest or tacky narrow trails. 

It’s also one of the models that we find easy to assemble. While other bikes take hours to finish, this one consumes around 30 minutes if you are a fast worker. 

Mongoose Mech is an excellent purchase for those who want intense mountain riding. Not only because of its solid design but also details. The bike offers 21-speed gear to help you ride upon multiple changing terrains. 


  • Aluminum MTB frame 
  • Front and rear brakes
  • 21-speed gear
  • Lightweight
  • Strong riser handlers


  • Far handlers for small people

Top 6 – Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Kent Hawkeye

When you are on a tight budget, a Kent Hawkeye is the best bang for the buck. The position is a little upright, which is great for beginners if you are not ready for intense riding yet. 

However, the maker emphasizes the gear and brake since they decide most experience with mountain riding. It’s a simple 7-speed gear with a responsive dual brake. It’s what you need to start riding with ease.


  • Lightweight aluminum made
  • Big alloy rims 
  • 7-speed gear 
  • Dual suspension 
  • Affordable, easy assembly 


  • Quite big for teenagers

Why should beginners buy mountain bikes?

Why should your next one be a mountain bike? There are many reasons to purchase this type rather than cruiser or racing bikes when you are a new entrée to riding.

More supportive construction 

Mountain bikes come with reliable construction for harsh off-road, uphill, or rocky flats rather than smooth flat roads. Hence, it should be more shock absorption with this type. Besides, its frame is made to last even with intense riding and shaking. 

Flexible with different terrains

As a beginner, you don’t know if you would like a mountain bike for a long or short time. What if you want to switch to commuting or cruising? Nobody likes to overspend on an ensured hobby, so a bike on multiple terrains will be a more comprehensive option. 

You can ride up the hill, on mountain trails, flat roads, cemented city ways with just a mountain bike. Therefore, why not pick this one rather than others?

Wide price ranges

Mountain bikes are at a lower price point than fat bikes and racing bikes. Sometimes, it could be even more affordable than cruiser bikes of high-end brands. The medium price point is the choice for beginners.

More reliable suspension

Starting with hardtail mountain bikes, they are made for the least tacky trails and beginner routes. However, they offer reliable suspension enough to keep you safe. Full suspension bikes are even better to perform comfortable and tension-free rides due to an effective braking system.

Who should buy a mountain bike?

Everybody can start with mountain bikes, but the people below are our main target. 

Nature lovers

Mountain bikes can take you into the forest, low hills, and even around streams. Almost all natural spots around you will be in the reach of this type. Hence, why not invest in one and explore the better part of the world?


For all reasons above, we supposed mountain bikes are the best for beginners who start riding and have no idea of what style they would love the most.

Intense practices

These bikes are usually with multiple speed gear. Thus, you can have relaxing pedaling or sober rides, depending on your wish. When you wish to work out effectively with biking, these machines are what to browse.

Night rides

Dark and short vision could be dangerous with random rocks, obstacles, and so on. Mountain bikes with responsive brake systems, absorptive tires, and all-terrain construction will help you go through night rides with safety.


Kids or better teenagers can start their riding practice with mountain bikes. These bicycles are adjustable with height and positions, so they train. 

Best beginner mountain bike FAQs

What features decide the best beginner mountain bike?

We’ve talked a lot about reasons but no guidelines. What to consider resembles the procedure of choosing most other genres like size, wheel size, suspension, and budget compatibility. 

However, mountain bikes are supposed to obtain more heavy-duty frames and tires. These parts will add up on the weight a little, so don’t take lightweight strictly concern. Besides, you must pay attention to the quality, not the flashy look or quantity of accessories. 

Since mountain mikes can operate well on different terrains, you should use that feature and invest in something that lasts.

Will mountain biking be challenging for beginners?

Mountain biking trails could differ from route to route. You may be lucky to ride on something flat with minimum rocks. However, it could turn out to be sharp and rocky, even uphill with off-road style. Generally speaking, mountain biking will be challenging rides, but it means your upcoming bike can help you run through most roads. 

What should I choose: Hardtail or full suspension?

What you should pick depending on your budget and frequent routes you have the rides. Full suspension mountain bikes can better secure your safety on challenging routes, usually on more specific trails. However, they cost more. You can consider hardtail for a lower budget, but it’s better not with too hard trials.

Will it be acceptable to ride a mountain bike on a standard road?

Since mountain bikes are made to tackle challenging terrains, it will require more demanding riding. However, it’s built to run smoothly on most surfaces. If you mean to have a mountain bike on flat and less tacky roads, choose ones with an upright position and multiple speed gear.

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