Best Tubeless Pumps and Inflators in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tires are essential to drive in complete safety and to get permanent driving comfort. Here are our top 6 of the best tubeless pumps and inflators.

Are you one of those people who never part with their bike, whether it is to go to work or simply to go for a walk in the forest? With a pump at your disposal, it will be useful to you in many circumstances. This equipment should never separate from you. But given the multitude of models that are present on the market today, how can we find the right one that will meet our needs? It is the reason why I read a buying guide before deciding. We offer you the 6 best tubeless pumps and inflators that are well worth your attention.


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Top 6 Best Tubeless Pumps and Inflators

Top 1: BETO Bike Pump Portable with Industrial Top

The BETO Charger is an easy-to-install tubeless pump. Whether you are at home or on the road, it is easy once you have the right equipment. There is no need to use a compressor because the BETO Charger has a special pressure chamber that will quickly release enough air to fill the tubeless tire.

The model comes with an aluminum alloy cylinder for lightness and great strength. It also has a universal nozzle to fit with great ease on Schrader and Presta valves. The 160psi pressure gauge is also nice on the lower part of the pump. Finally, it comes with a stabilizer to prevent the rocking movement from becoming too restrictive during use.


  • Tubeless tire pump
  • Universal tip
  • Compartment under pressure
  • 160 PSI pressure gauge


  • Low air volume

Top 2: Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump

The Topeak Joe Blow pump is quality equipment developed for 25 years by the brand. As soon as you have tires on your mountain bike that require high pressure, use this model. It guarantees that you can pump with great efficiency thanks to Twin Turbo technology.

In fact, inside the Topeak Joe Blow pump are two cylinders that intelligently alternate the distribution of the air. So, we can expel it with greater force. The material is also anodized aluminum to ensure lightness, as the total weight does not exceed 4 kg with a pressure of 200 PSI per 14 bar.

If you are looking for a high-quality material for a re-inflating Tubeless pump, you absolutely will not be disappointed with the quality of the product.


  • Tubeless tire pump
  • High efficiency
  • Two cylinders
  • 200 PSI pressure


  • Expensive

Top 3: LEZYNE Pressure Over Drive Bicycle Floor Pump

As a fair compromise in the competitive tubeless pump market, the LEZYNE Tubeless pump stands out. You will not regret your purchase because the equipment will make it easy for you to replace your Tubeless tires from your home or during your excursion.

Everything has been thought out so that we do the installation quickly, without having to use a compressor. In all simplicity, significant pressure is instantly released so that inflation takes place in the best conditions.

The model is entirely designed with an aluminum alloy. You will carry it with no problem with you by providing a place from the start in your backpack. Thanks to the stabilization of the movements, the rocking movement will hardly bother you. It is always important to count on a material capable of offering excellent stability.


  • Tubeless tire pump
  • Lower price
  • High stability
  • High pressure


  • Causes leaking above 200 PSI

Top 4: Airshot Tubeless Tire Inflator 1.15l

Your tubeless tires will be able to be inflated simply thanks to the Airshot compressor. Indeed, certain specificities on the wheel require you to have recourse to a compressor because the pump will not be enough. They develop the Airshot model in this direction, with pressure more imposing than a simple pump. The air released will automatically fill your tire until the tire beads click.

With its compact size, you will transport it easily with you. We believe you will also appreciate its economical and silent function that does not require the use of a power supply. Its volume of 1.15 liters combined with a pressure of 9 bar per 130 PSI is more than sufficient.


  • Tubeless compressor
  • Easy to carry
  • Compatible with Presta/Schrader valves
  • High pressure of 130 PSI


  • Not work for 700x25c tire

Top 5: Oasser Portable Air Compressor Mini Air Inflator

This air compressor is portable. It is also very robust, being made of stainless steel. Its built-in lithium battery goes hand in hand with an AC / DC 220 V and 12 V cigarette lighter adapter. Besides, the user can start the fast charge from 90 to 120 minutes. To protect the battery from problems during full use, all you need to do is connect the device to the cigarette lighter. 

With the bicycle pump in your possession, you are free to measure the tires whenever you want. It also allows you to present the pressure of 150 PSI. It allows you to inflate wheels up to 21 inches. With its small dimensions of 5.48cm x 4.48cm x 1.98cm, it can take anywhere this portable inflator without being too bulky. It can quickly inflate all your tires while being convenient. It is adorned with an LCD screen and two LED lamps. It is therefore usable even during the night.


  • Maximum pressure
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy charging


  • Limited performance

Top 6: Zefal Tubeless Tank

Finally, the latest model in this ranking is undoubtedly the Zefal Tubeless Tank. It is a French brand that has existed since 1880 and has never ceased to renew itself to offer many innovations.

By choosing the Zefal Tubeless Tank, you are undoubtedly choosing quality to re-inflate the Tubeless tires in a single step. You can slam your tubeless tires the first time. Foot control using the pedal keeps your hands free to guide the tire.

It is a tank that stores a quantity of one liter of air which will then be delivered effortlessly, thanks to the combined use of a foot pump. Simple pressure from you will release the air in the tank using the Boost Air System. The design of the tank with the use of aluminum makes it possible to have a pressure of 16 bars. Besides, you will transport it easily thanks to a handle.


  • Tubeless compressor
  • Practical pedal
  • Easy storage and transport
  • 230 PSI high pressure


  • Slow air release

Why Should Buy Tubeless Pumps and Inflators?

The hand pump is a small pump that allows a tire to be inflated during road bike rides. We can take this mini pump with you for troubleshooting in the event of a puncture. This inflation system is useful in troubleshooting. But inflating a tire with a bicycle pump requires many pump strokes. It, therefore, takes a little time to reach the optimum pressure with this type of pump.

Likewise, inflating a tire using the hand pump does not make it possible to get 7 to 8 bars of pressure. Rare exceptions, such as hand pumps designed by Topeak or LEZYNE, allow high pressure to be achieved. It is possible to install it on the bike and therefore have the equipment in the event of a puncture.

Who Should Buy Tubeless Pumps and Inflators?

Whether it is for inflating traditional tires, tubular or tubeless tires, bicycle tires have different valves. Road bikes and city bikes come with Presta valves while mountain bikes have Schrader valves. It seems obvious, but the first thing to check before buying a bicycle pump is compatibility with the valves on your bicycle.

Best Tubeless Pumps and Inflators FAQs

What is the difference between a foot pump and a tubeless compressor?

A Tubeless tire is a tire that does not have inner tubes. It allows a better seal but does not exempt you from having to go through the inflation box. As a result, you will have several possibilities to inflate your tire by using a foot pump or a tubeless compressor.

The major difference lies in the ease of execution because a compressor facilitates the technical part. If you do not have a tubeless compressor, it will be impossible to achieve this with a simple foot pump to achieve the desired pressure. Once you have tasted the benefits of the compressor, it will be difficult to shake it off.

What are the characteristics of a good tubeless foot pump?

Depending on the brand of your tires, wheels, or rims, it is difficult to use the compressor. However, some models stand out and offer you unparalleled comfort. It is vital to take an interest in the technical characteristics of the product so that you can better understand the little details that will make the difference.

The tires of an ATV are unfortunately not universal. As a result, it is important to adapt the Tubeless foot pump to the technical characteristics of your bike. If you do not take the time to consider it, you could simply end up with equipment that you will not use. You will be interested in the universal nozzle, the length of the hose, the portability, and the high pressure to make your choice with confidence.

How to choose the best tubeless pumps and inflators?

Tubeless foot pumps have different inflation capacities depending on the model. If you want to have sufficient pressure in your tires, we must adapt it to get a higher pressure while providing a minimum of effort.

Again, it is a technical feature that you should consider, or you will spend a lot of time and energy just to re-inflate your tire. Choose the type of tubeless foot pump according to the situation and according to your needs.

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