Best BMX Helmets in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you want to get into BMX? Are you not a beginner, but need advice on buying a BMX helmet? Here are the top 6 best BMX helmets in 2021.

BMX is a dangerous sport. This sport is high in risk that an accident can happen quickly. However, even if BMX does not force its athletes to harness equipment, it is essential to have a helmet. As in this kind of sport, it is often the head that strikes first and it can hurt a lot. To limit the damage, you absolutely must protect your head with the best BMX helmets.

If you do not know what you want for a BMX helmet, it is okay. After all, we live in a consumer society and every brand tries to defend its product as best it can. They all want to have the most beautiful design, the best performance, or even the most sales. But we must not forget the rest. The brand should match its customer as best it can. It must meet the needs of the latter. Are you ready to look for the best BMX helmets? So follow the guide!


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Top 6 Best BMX Helmets For a Safe Ride

Top 1: 1Storm BMX Helmet

The first product in our selection is a BMX helmet from the Skullcap brand. It is important to note that this brand offers different original products. Indeed, you have the choice of colors and patterns. However, these models are not penalizable. There is something for everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will inevitably find what you are looking for among the original designs.

Note that this helmet is safe and robust. Indeed, the materials used for the making of this helmet are of extreme quality. So it will not disappoint you. But also know that helmets like the one offered by Skullcap are much safer than bicycle helmets. It is often in the lower area of ​​the head that injuries occur.

It is vital to consider that this helmet is well ventilated. It is always pleasant when doing BMX to have a helmet that is ventilated. Whatever the temperature, an athlete always needs to feel cool. There are no less than eight air channels to keep you cool in all circumstances.


  • Choice in terms of colors
  • Easily adapts
  • Breathable helmet


  • Designs can be too original

Top 2: O’Neal BMX Helmet

We are coming to a second product. It is the O’Neal Crank 2.0 helmet. For this second product, we are offering a full-face helmet. For some sports competitors exercising the BMX, it is much safer to have a full helmet on the head.

In terms of design, it looks like a motocross helmet. But for the colors, you will not have many choices. This helmet is only available in three colors: white, green, and blue. But you will have better luck with the sizes. The smallest size referenced is the XS and the largest the XL. So, this helmet adapts to all heads.

Unlike its competitor above, you will play with the foam so that your BMX helmet fully adapts to your head. We are sorry to inform you you will have to find your happiness among the sizes offered or simply take another brand of BMX helmets.

It is also a breathable helmet. At present, it is unthinkable to ride BMX without having a breathable helmet. The O’Neal Crank 2.0 helmet comes with ventilation holes to allow the maximum air to pass during your physical activity.


  • Full-face helmet
  • Resistant
  • Breathable helmet


  • Not suitable for all head shapes

Top 3: KINGBIKE BMX Helmet

The third product that we are going to present to you is the KINGBIKE model. In terms of aesthetics, this helmet is integral. If you go for this kind of product, you will not be afraid of falling. Indeed, your entire head will be completely protected.

It is vital to take into consideration that this helmet is robust. Indeed, the design of this product is made using excellent materials. It can receive shocks and is a real investment. You can easily keep it for several years. It is a helmet and a lasting brand.

Regarding the ventilation, it will not disappoint you. Your helmet has 15 ventilation holes that will keep your head cool, whatever the weather. You will be comfortable in this BMX helmet.

It is also crucial to know that your BMX helmet is lightweight. You will not feel it weighing down on your head. It weighs only 612g that is very light for a helmet of this size.


  • Full-face helmet
  • Robust
  • Lightweight


  • It is not a multi-sport helmet.

Top 4: Retrospec CM-1 Helmet

For the fourth product of our selection, we chose the Retrospec brand. It is one of the best brands of BMX helmets today. You should look at what the competition is offering. You cannot choose the color or the pattern of your BMX helmet.

This BMX helmet is also ventilated. Indeed, several zones are provided for this purpose. You will have a cool head, whatever the weather or the outside temperatures.

Also, it is vital to note that your BMX helmet goes down rather low at the level of the forehead. It will prevent you from being bitten by the various insects likely to do so. This BMX helmet does not contain a visor so that it protects you from the sun or the rain, which is a shame.

Regarding the buckle closure, it is the same as on a classic bicycle helmet. And you have protective foams on the chin for more comfort. It is a pretty solid BMX helmet. I will not disappoint you with the quality of this BMX helmet.


  • Durable and solid
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable and ventilated


  • No choice in terms of design.

Top 5: TurboSke BMX Helmet

TurboSke helmet is a complete kit that will delight the lovers of extreme sports. It might interest you if you want to gain the best BMX helmet for children. Also, it offers an unbeatable price.

This equipment is suitable for children between 3 and 15 years old. It comes with seven accessories including a helmet, two knee pads, two elbow pads, and two pad cuffs. It adapts to several sports such as BMX cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, skateboarding, and many other outdoor activities.

The helmet is distinguished by its style as its design offers a classic look. Regarding its shape, it is rather basic but sufficient to offer excellent protection to the head of its user.


  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Premium components
  • Withstands impact


  • Flat at the level of the fasteners

Top 6: O’Neal 2 Unisex-Adult Off-road BMX Helmet

The last product in our selection is none other than a helmet from the O’Neal brand. It is the O’Neal 2 series. If we have selected two products from the same brand, it is because they have excellent quality.

This BMX helmet is a full-face helmet. If you fall on your head, you will be fully protected. Also, it is a tough and robust helmet. The design of this BMX helmet comes with polycarbonate. So, it offers an excellent material that resists shocks.

Regarding the closure of your BMX helmet, it will not disappoint you. Indeed, the closing buckle is a magnetic fetlock. You can easily close your helmet with one hand. If you have gloves, it is also possible.

In terms of design, the helmet is nothing special. However, be aware that you will not have the choice of color or patterns. Regarding sizes, they range from S to XL. You can easily find the size you need. If you want a comfortable BMX helmet, know that the O’Neal 2 series is one of the best in its class.


  • Full-face helmet
  • Optimal comfort
  • Fidlock buckle


  • No choice in terms of design

Why Should Buy BMX Helmets?

The helmet is one of the basic equipment. It is compulsory for young people under 12 to wear it. It makes up the ally of protection that follows your little athlete during his various outings. Thus, it must be comfortable and suitable for the intended use.

Who Should Buy BMX Helmets?

A helmet with a visor is ideal. Indeed, it is what will protect you from the sun and the rain. It will also allow you to protect yourself from insects. In a sport like BMX, it is important to have a visor.

As we told you more, a full helmet is not mandatory to practice BMX. However, every rider needs a suitable helmet. Do not take an ATV helmet to do this activity. Indeed, it is necessary to prioritize a BMX helmet covering most of the helmet. It should also protect the back of your head, unlike mountain bike helmets that only protect the top of your head.

Best BMX helmets FAQs

How to choose a BMX helmet?

The first thing to look at is how your helmet is made. Indeed, for BMX it is better to favor very resistant and robust materials. A full-face helmet is not required to ride BMX.

The second thing to consider is of course the locking system. There are three kinds of helmet closure buckles. For BMX, we strongly advise you to opt for a Fidlock buckle. It is the simplest system clipped with one hand.

Which material is the best?

To determine the cost of a BMX helmet, you need to know the materials that the manufacturer has incorporated into the product. Besides giving a reference price, we will also show the level of quality and protection of the head.

For safety, skimping is not an option. So, when choosing a BMX helmet model, it needs to be sturdy and durable so that it can withstand the impact. The most common models incorporate materials such as ABS plastic or polystyrene on the outside.

What is an ideal weight?

When you compare BMX helmets, features such as weight and size are qualities you should not overlook. Although safety cannot be compromised, it is possible to choose models with materials that are light, sturdy, and offer high protection.

As these are helmets for extreme sports, we recommend they are lightweight and not uncomfortable for the user. They will perform their function effectively, but not do not reduce the performance of practices. Weights should not exceed 800 grams.

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