Keep Your Feet Warm with The Best Winter Cycling Shoes         

In the early 1900s, cycling was one of the more popular ways to get around town. Nowadays, cycling is becoming more fun, but it is a way to help you improve your physique and improve the lungs’ cardiovascular and respiratory activities. Manufacturers also make accessories to facilitate more efficient cycling, such as the best winter cycling shoes.

Specialized cycling shoes not only protect your feet but also help you keep the steering wheel, especially in extreme weather like winter. So how to choose the best winter cycling shoes? The following article will give you a few essential shares to help you find the right product for you.


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Top 6 Best Winter Cycling Shoes            

Top 1: Sidi Zero Gore Cycling Shoes

The Sidi Zero Gore shoes’ upper part is made with microfiber mesh and synthetic leather. At the same time, the underneath part is the Gore-Tex membrane that can prevent the shoes from soaking. You can see the Velcro secure the tall neoprene ankle cuff at the top. 

This Velcro strap is used to cinch the toe box, and the Techno-3 dial is also featured over the forefoot. Besides, the sole is from Millennium 5 Carbon Composite that is said to be not affected by the remarkable temperature gradients.  


  • Dial closure
  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • Reinforced heel


  • Lugs cannot be replaced

This pair of shoes is made for both mountain bike and road versions. However, the off-road version adds more versatility and traction from the aggressive lugs. With the Velcro system and cable dial, you can adjust your shoes quickly so that they can fit snugly. 

Top 2: Northwave Celsius Artic GTX Cycling Shoes

These cycling shoes are also designed with the Gore-tex, which can keep moisture and cold out. It means that the temperatures cannot have an impact on your shoes. Plus, the manufacturer reinforced the sole to provide more weather protection, comfort, and traction. The shoes also come with the added Velcro that can keep you warm and secure. 


  • Lightweight
  • Superdry
  • Good value for money


  • The lacing system needs some improvements

Northwave always has a large number of loyal followers thanks to its high-quality products. The cycling shoes from this brand are best for transferring power. Especially with the winter shoes, they are protective and warm enough to help you overcome the harsh weather condition. 

Top 3: Mavic Ksyrium Pro Thermo Shoes

The first feature you might notice is the accurate sizing, and you will feel a comfy fit when wearing thick socks. There is a large rubber bumper in the head to protect your toes. This rubber can keep your feet safe in a crash or survive it in good condition at least. Simultaneously, the sole is wide and raised some alignment marks, which work well. 


  • Comfortable
  • Very warm
  • Stiff soles


  • Not waterproof

Overall, the Mavic Ksyrium Pro Thermo shoes are relatively fantastic, thanks to several decent features. They are comfortable, warm, and easy to slip on or off. If the weather is cold and dry without raining, they will be an excellent partner for every road you go. 

Top 4: Lake MX145 Cycling Shoes For Men

The uppers are built with textile, synthetic leather panels. This material gives you a feeling like waxed canvas and microfiber. Along with that is the BOA lacing dials providing you with the perfect fit. 

Besides, you can easily adjust your shoelace in case it is loosened with gloved hands. In terms of sole, it is imprinted with Hyper Grip ICE Lock, which can help you hold against the ice and snow well. 


  • Warm
  • Very comfortable
  • Good quality fabrics


  • Not waterproof

The only minus of this Lake MX145 is that it cannot deal well with water. Thus, it will be better if you use these shoes under dry weather conditions in the winter. They are incredibly warm, well-made, and comfortable. 

Top 5: Fizik R5 Artica Black Shoes

Apart from being warm and highly water-resistant, these shoes also offer a great fit and a sleek look. Their tops are covered in fleece fabric that is very soft and comfortable. In comparison, the bottoms are designed with foil-lined features for additional heat retention. 


  • Great waterproofing
  • Warm
  • Good closure system


  • Not stiff soles

With thermal protection and a waterproof outer, these shoes can cope well with the winter’s wet and rainy conditions. They also feature a microtex reinforced shell, an internal speed lacing, and a breathable membrane to warm your feet up. 

Top 6: Fizik Terra ARTICA X2 Cycling Shoes

These shoes’ whole body is made of ripstop fabric and backed by a breathable membrane and an eVent waterproof. Another feature is the closure system that is the wire lace retention and single BOA L6 dial system. The closure system is more durable and easier to adjust and secure than laces do. 


  • True to size
  • Warm
  • Waterproof


  • Slightly tricky to slip on and off

The Fizik Terra ARTICA X2 shoes will not disappoint you even though it might be challenging to slip on and off at first. The overall evaluation of these shoes is that they are immensely waterproof, super comfortable, and very warm. They are also affordable, which will be appropriate for those who are on a tight budget. 

Why Should You Buy Winter Cycling Shoes?

Besides choosing a good bike, choosing the right cycling shoes is essential when cycling, especially in winter. The cycling shoes are designed with a stable construction that will help you efficiently transfer the power from your foot to the pedal. 

Your leg can fall apart without athletic shoe support by pushing the pedal into the pedal and causing arch pain or tendon problems. A carefully protected foot will help you avoid the stress that occurs on the pedal frequently.

Winter cycling shoes are an indispensable item for those who regularly cycle. They provide control over the arch and heel, allowing you to pedal better while providing important balance on the pedal. You should choose shoes that are wider and deeper for riders so that you can adapt to the distortions.

Who Should Buy Winter Cycling Shoes?

You can ride a bike with any shoe, but anyone who rides a regular bike should have shoes designed specifically for bicycles. Winter bike shoes are often paired with compatible pedals to keep your feet safe on the bike and stiffer. This clip-free shoe pedal combination provides minimal control of the amount of pedal power.

Choose a shoe that suits you from the designs that are suitable for different racing or off-road vehicles. Especially for casual riders, there will be no problem with the foot or shoe that can provide the necessary support on the arch and the instep in a shoe that can be used for other purposes. 

They can provide force to the heel. These types of road cycling shoes are often incorporated to meet the casual rider’s needs and seem to have become more popular recently.

Best Winter Cycling Shoes FAQs

How do I choose the right size of winter cycling shoes?

Choose cycling shoes that fit comfortably. Due to the stiff sole, uncomfortable shoes initially have less chance of a comfortable break-in and need time to adapt. All shoes should allow your toes enough room to wiggle a little. Your arch should fit snugly and support, and your heels should not slide up and down.

When trying on bike shoes, you may feel a slight slippage in your heels as you walk. It is due to the sole’s stiffness, which is designed to support your foot in a stable position while cycling. If you feel that too wide shoes are causing the slip, try a smaller size or a different shoe model.

Do winter cycling shoes need accessories?

Shoe dryer: this is the most effective way to dry wet shoes. It uses gentle, warm air to dry your shoes for a few hours.

Cycling Shoe Cover: When the weather gets cold or wet, it will help protect your cycling shoes. These protective layers are usually made of neoprene or a layer of rubberwood to provide insulation and water resistance. The base feature is tailor-made to match the nail or base. Shoe protective cover for riding use only; take them off while walking as the sole is not designed.

How do I ensure the durability of my winter bike shoes?

Please clean your winter bike shoes regularly. Shoes should be kept clean by wiping them with a cloth or rag when soiled. For stubborn dirt, use a brush with warm water and a soap pad.

After washing your shoes, you must know how to dry your bicycle shoes properly. Make sure to dry your wet shoes completely. It’s best to use a towel first, then remove dirt from your feet so they can dry on their own.

The Bottom Line  

In general, dedicated cycling shoes are indispensable for cycling in winter. These shoes will bring you great benefits and help you enjoy your trip. Hopefully, through this article, you can find the best winter cycling shoes to keep your feet safe.

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