Best women’s mountain bike shorts 2021 – Detail Review

Are you seeking a pair of best women’s mountain bike shorts that are not only comfortable but also practical to wear? We’re glad to say that there’s a variety of biking shorts designed specifically for women. And each of them suits specific people, ranging from a newbie, a skillful rider to a professional mountain biker. Here, you can choose an ideal pair of shorts for your style no matter what sort of riding you love. 

Today, you’ll get to pick out the best women’s mountain bike shorts that make your riding experience more fun through our recommended roundup below. We also mention how comfy they are in the saddle and how well they allow your legs to breathe. All you do is get ready and suit them up before heading out with your bike!


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Top 6 best women’s mountain bike shorts 

Top 1: Eco-daily Women’s Bike Shorts with Pocket

What we love the most about Nirvana shorts is the lightweight 4-way fabric that offers the riders unbelievable freedom of motion. At the same time, their triple stitching on the inner seams adds more strength and durability to prevent any unwanted scratches. And the waistband plus other seams are well-combined to create the highest comfort for women racers. 

Now you’ve got the heavy-duty pair of Nirvana shorts! It means you can easily go through all kinds of riding, from enduro to trail. With the anti-abrasion material, the shorts claim to tackle any roughness accompanying your ride along the way. Along with that, there are the easy-to-use and handy inner waist adjusters for your perfect fit. Well, lightweight, durable, and comfortable are the best words to describe these trail shorts.


  • Durable and comfy fabric
  • Built-in pockets for content storage
  • Triple stitching for long-lasting wear


  • Easily stained fabric 

Choosing Eco-daily women’s bike shorts, the riders get to enjoy a great balance between the lightweight texture and the advanced fabric durability. No doubt, they shorten the gap between enduro riding and cross-country riding, making them one of the best women’s mountain bike shorts this year.

Top 2: Fox Head Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

Fox Head Women’s mountain bike Short shorts are what you need the most for taking up the trail, not to mention how comfortable they are. By having plenty of coverage, the shorts are promised to protect your skin from unexpected scratches. Also, the pair features 2-way stretchy material and one crotch to make sure that the riders can easily move and shift on the terrain. They have two zippered pockets allowing you to contain a phone and other stuff.

Those zippers can be seen at the top of the pocket, offering more security as you can’t zip them properly. For the fit, it’s pretty much like a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts going with clean lines and high-quality fabric. Without a doubt, they’re specifically made to be used with or without knee pads. 


  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Stylish appearance 
  • Nice color options
  • Useful pocket placement


  • Slightly heavy on hot summer days

Overall, Fox Head Women’s Bike shorts are near perfect that we have no idea what else to say. All we can say is that you can wear them for a long time. But what you will love the most would be their handy waist adjustments. These are facile to use for a perfect fit. 

Top 3: Club Ride Apparel Women’s Bike Shorts

It’s not hard to find a beautiful pair of women’s mountain bikes or outdoor shorts with many features! Club Ride Apparel Women’s Bike Short can satisfy all your needs at once. Like some others, these shorts have a waist adjuster system enabling you to get the ideal fit no matter what body shape you’ve got. Besides, the shorts own the functional zipper thigh vents for extra airflow and the highest comfort on the road. 

Better than thought, Shredly tends to provide mountain bike shorts for women in two various fit options. The original ones come with a zipper while the curvy shorts go with a yoga-styled waistband plus a loose fit in each thigh. How come? The “curvy” shorts aim for curvy women who find it hard to find the shorts wide enough for their hips and narrow enough for their waist.


  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Stylish appearance 
  • Nice color options
  • Useful pocket placement


  • Slightly heavy on hot summer days

Overall, it doesn’t matter whether you own a straight body or a curvy one; the Club Ride Apparel Women’s Bike Short still works well for you. The waist shuts through a zipper or a yoga-style adjustment. These shorts deliver the great durability and benefits of a mountain bike short, such as abrasion-resistant material and one crotch for mobility.

Top 4: CYCWEAR Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

As you spend more time on the dusty trails, then choose CYCWEAR women’s Mountain Bike Shorts for greater mobility. With a perfect body fit, the Roamer shorts work excellently on most epic rides without making you exhausted. Thanks to the nylon-spandex material, the riders can enjoy outstanding breathability. For the look, it’s sleek or simple, based on your favorite style. 

But we’re sure that the shorts are specially made to offer the highest comfort on your bike. You can easily know that through the lightweight and 4-way stretch fabric. If you ask me whether it becomes one of the top picks for comfort or not, I would say yes; why not? These shorts are just perfect for your large and long days on bicycles. But it doesn’t mean they can’t handle short rides. Well, they can do it well. 


  • Ideal slim fit
  • Lightweight and comfy material
  • Plain and minimal appearance
  • Handy pocket placement


  • Not as protective as expected

Last but not least, as compared to many trail shorts out there, the CYCWEAR women’s Mountain Bike Shorts would win us over with its perfect fit and welded seams. They allow you to tweak the waistline without irritation at all, thanks to their waist adjustment system.

Top 5: Pearl Izumi – Ride Women’s Journey Shorts

Are you searching for a basic and comfy pair of bike shorts, the Journey is here for you. Through their elastic waistband, you can feel a smooth and pleasant fit on the journey. For those who hate wearing spandex, then choose this pair though it’s also tight to your body. And sure enough, the style of these shorts looks nice and feel comfortable wherever you go, whether you’re on or off the bike. They’re ideal for hitting the trails.


  • Perfect fit and nice look
  • Ideal for hot weather
  • Great for short rides
  • Removable liner


  • Slightly short 
  • Liner is snug on legs.

In short, Pearl Izumi Journey short is just great for short rides and comes with a detachable liner for extra comfort and protection. Its fabric also delivers the best moisture transfer to keep you both cool and dry at the same time.

Top 6: Santic Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts

Choose Santic Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts to earn a bit of style on the trail without worrying to lose any functional feature. What you’re impressed about this pair is properly its cute patterns: Geo dots! It makes a perfect casual style that every rider would love to try on without a doubt. 

Also, the Freel shorts have the 12-inch inseam offering the full coverage for each thigh. They stay true to size, so you don’t need to size up to fit your hips.


  • Water and dirt-resistant material
  • Comfy and stretchy fabric
  • Durable and protective coverage
  • Stylish look and nice colors


  • No waist adjustment system

Last but not least, the fabric of Santic Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts is waterproof, which does an excellent job of removing any dirt and stain. This is also one of the reasons why many riders pick them out. 

Why should you buy women’s mountain bike shorts?

The main reason many female riders have chosen mountain bike shorts is due to their versatility. It doesn’t matter whether you join the cross-country rides or downhill journeys; these baggies can tackle them all! Moreover, they own the right amount of stretch and breathability to make you feel comfy during your pedaling experience. 

Also, with the great durability, the mountain bike shorts can withstand any challenging downhill riding adventure. More importantly, the fit of these pairs stays right in the sweet spot between the baggy side and tight side. 

Who should buy women’s mountain bike shorts?

Anyone who starts running on the mountain trails tends to purchase these tight-fitting bike shorts. Most of them look very stylish and feel comfortable, which is why several people love them so much. Besides, those who only want to concentrate on the ride without fighting with their shorts would prefer these pairs. 

Though there’s not a single pair that can work for everyone and riding style, an abundance of options is still available. If you like to get the shorts and chamois for hitting the trails, then select from our roundup now before suiting up and riding! 

Best women’s mountain bike shorts FAQs

What are tips for wearing mountain bike shorts?

Buy shorts that can fit your lower body like a glove. If the pair feels too large, they’re likely to move around your hips while you’re riding. Next, do not wear undergarments before wearing the shorts to prevent chafing. Last but not least, get yourself a chamois cream to protect your skin from being chaffed.

Will you go baggy or tight?

There are two basic kinds of biking shorts to select: a tight-fitting short and a loose-fitting shorts. If you ride to work or for shopping, then go baggy. Are you riding on the mountain trails? Go spandex.

Are padded shorts suitable for mountain riding?

People choose padded liners to restrict friction and wick moisture or sweat away. Like downhill biking shorts, these need to get thicker than shorts for other riding styles.


No matter if it’s your initial time to ride a bike or a pro biker, everybody needs a high-quality pair of mountain biking shorts. Hopefully, after browsing our list of the best women’s mountain bike shorts today, you can get the right one to get back on the trail right away.

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