Stay Safe and Comfortable with Our Top 6 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Pants

As a mountain biker, you surely know that mountain riding is not the same as riding on the streets. You will ride on many different terrain types such as rocks, streams, sand, or even mud. It’s fun and it’s exciting too. Yes, we know; but the problem is that you have to face more risks than others. This is the reason why you will need a little more coverage. Having a quality mountain bike pant is important to protect your legs and your knees.

In this article, we will show you the top six best women’s mountain bike pants.






Top 6 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Pants Update 2021

Top 1: 4ucycling 3D Padded Women’s Mountain Bike Pants

4ucycling 3D Padded Women’s Mountain Bike Pants

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Cycling is one of the most exciting exercises that is good for your health and keeps the good shape of the body. Cycling not only helps you in toning your legs but also helps you tone the hip.

4ucycling women’s mountain bike pants are produced with a broad elastic waistband and 3D padded, which helps reduce hip bone pain caused by cycling for a long time or from accidents. Using high-quality nylon and spandex with the percentage of these 2 types are 80% and 18%, respectively, gives 4ucycling women’s cycling pants high-elasticity feature and also quick-drying feature. These biking pants are made of breathable and comfortable fabric, which perfectly aid your mountain cycling.


  • Providing 3D padded
  • Quick-drying
  • The perfect range of stretch
  • Breathable


  • Women mountain bikers might feel uncomfortable because of the thick padding.

In brief, if you are finding new mountain bike pants for your next mountain biking trip, don’t miss this product from 4ucycling. You’ll be over the moon as soon as you try it.


Top 2: BALEAF 3D Padded Women’s Biking Pants

BALEAF 3D Padded Women's Biking Pants

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BALEAF is a famous brand with all mountain bikers. Using premium-quality materials, BALEAF’s mountain biking pants are well-known for their durable and comfortable features, especially their women’s mountain bike pants. It’s believed that women always have higher requirements for a product’s features and mountain bike pants are also included. BALEAF has done the best and provides women mountain bikers this high-quality product made of nylon and spandex with the percentage of these 2 types are 80% and 20%, respectively. BALEAF’s mountain biking pants also provide sun protection up to UPF 50+ along with 3D gel-padded, which make bikers feel more comfortable on a long ride.


  • Wide waistband
  • Back pockets are featured
  • 3D gel-padded
  • Breathable fabric


  • The big sizes are not comfortable as most customers said.

BALEAF mountain bike pants are highly recommended thanks to the 3D gel-padded and sun protection. Women mountain bikers will always feel comfortable even when wearing it on hot days.


Top 3:  SPOEAR 3D Padded Women’s Biking Pants

SPOEAR 3D Padded Women’s Biking Pants

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Made of high-quality fabric with moisture-wicking features, SPOEAR mountain biking Pants for women help keep the bikers dry and always feel comfortable even after a long mountain cycling trip. This product is breathable and soft thanks to 3D Gel-padded featured inside the hip, which also helps your hip and inner thighs always stay in cool condition and keep your balance while cycling on difficult terrains.

Zip pockets added on the back are convenient for storing small accessories such as keys, flashlights, or even cell phones. SPOEAR mountain bike pants for women provide reflectors alongside the ankle zippers too, which improve your visibility when riding during night time.


  • Provide zip pocket on the back
  • Leg zipper
  • Reflectors on the ankle zipper
  • Drawstring closure


  • Some riders find it’s not comfortable due to the bulky padding.

Not many mountain bike pants are offered with reflectors and zip pockets. So if you sometimes have a biking trip at night time, you should get yourself mountain biking pants from SPOEAR.


Top 4: SANTIC 4D Padded Women’s Bike Pants

SANTIC 4D Padded Women’s Bike Pants

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SANTIC has provided mountain bike pants using 4D sponge padding to keep the biker’s balance when cycling on difficult terrains and protect their buttocks. The combination of 20% spandex and 80% nylon used makes the pants become more flexible and has a quick-drying feature.  With the reflective strip added, the bike pants from SANTIC improve mountain bikers’ riding visibility when riding during the night time.

Another feature that makes most women mountain bikers always find it comfortable even after having a long cycling trip is that this product is featured with a wide elastic waistband and breathable mesh.


  • Wide and multidirectional stretch
  • moisture-wicking 4D-padded
  • Provide reflective strips for night time riding
  • A variety of colors selection


  • Do not machine wash

A unique design comes with reflective strips that help improve your visibility during the low and bad condition of lightning and moisture-wicking 4D padding makes SANTIC women’s mountain bike pants become more and more popular to bikers.


Top 5: XGC 4D-Padding Women’s Mountain Bike Pants

XGC 4D-Padding Women’s Mountain Bike Pants

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The next quality mountain bike pants in our top 6 list is a product from XGC brand. Using high-quality and quick-dry fabric, XGC women mountain bikers will always stay cool and comfortable. High-density pads are adopted to help reduce hip pain for women mountain bikers and keep them balanced when cycling on different terrain types.


  • Breathable fabric used benefits for sweat releasing
  • 4D sponges cushion added
  • Ergonomic design with 3D cutting and sewing process


  • Quite expensive than other product on the market

Although the cost is higher than many cycling pants on the market, XGC women mountain bike pants are popularly chosen thanks to their features that meet women’s mountain bikers’ demand.


Top 6: BELE ROY Women’s Mountain Cycling Pants Padded

BELE ROY Women’s Mountain Cycling Pants Padded

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The last best women’s mountain bike pants to end our list is a product from BELE ROY. With moisture-wicking and breathable materials used, BELE ROY’s product is best for women when they want to take a mountain biking trip in summer. With mesh panels and 3D silicone gel-padded used, Women bikers’ hip bones will be perfectly protected and always stay in cool and dry conditions.


  • Zipper pockets added on the back
  • Improve visibility in the dark by providing reflective strips
  • 3D gel-padding
  • Quick-drying and breathable materials


  • Some find it uncomfortable due to the waistband

Providing all the features needed for mountain bike pants at a reasonable price, women’s cycling pants from BELE ROY is highly recommended for a summer biking trip.


Why should I buy women’s mountain bike pants?

Unlike riding on the road, mountain riding is more difficult and dangerous, especially for women. You’re not only riding on the flat road like normal, but you also have to cycle on many different types of terrains. This is the cause of many accidents and injuries.

Whenever having a mountain biking trip, you always have to prepare a lot of protective items such as a helmet, mountain biking shoes, knee pads, elbow pads, and also specific clothes for mountain biking. When it comes to mountain biking clothing, most people like wearing shorts instead of pants because they find that wearing shorts is more comfortable and flexible than wearing pants. Shorts also offer mountain bikers a better range of motion when cycling. However, shorts cannot have the full protection of all your legs, especially your knees. In addition, there are many improvements in mountain cycling pants for women. For example, pads are added inside the pants to provide mountain bikers optimal protection when riding downhill; Provide a broader cut to give you a wide motion range, which is necessary to maintain your balance when riding on any difficult terrain. If you have a plan on having a mountain riding trip in winter or riding through wet and foggy places, you will need mountain biking pants to keep your body warm and cozy. It is also a means of protection methods to prevent you from scrapes, cuts.

From all of what we mentioned above, don’t wait to get the best women’s mountain bike pants to keep you safe and to have a better mountain biking experience if you’re a mountain biker.


Who should buy women’s mountain bike pants?

Are you questioning who would need women’s mountain biking pants? Are mountain biking pants used for all women who are mountain bikers or just used for some specific mountain bikers? Only long-distance mountain bikers need and have to wear it, or is it also a must for short-distance ones?

The answer is simpler than all you have ever thought of. If you are a woman, you can and surely need women’s mountain cycling pants. This product can be used for more purposes than all that you expected in mountain biking pants. The name “women’s mountain bike pants” is used for this product just because it offers a wide range of features that meet the demand of women mountain bikers. But it does not mean that you cannot use it for other activities. From what we have ever seen, most people not only use it when having a mountain biking trip but also when having normal road riding. This item can sometimes also be used for daily jogging or even doing yoga.

Does our answer make you satisfied? Or you are still worried that using mountain biking pants will be unpleasant because it’s long and it might cause difficulties when cycling or doing other exercises with a broader range of motion. If so, you should have nothing to worry about these issues. With all the outstanding features we have listed such as comfortable and durable, protective, and also water-proof, mountain cycling pants are not only needed by women mountain bikers but also needed by other girls who are in love with different types of exercises.



Are there any pads added to mountain bike pants?

The answer is “Yes”, of course. Although not all mountain biking pants are padded because they are usually made with the purpose that it can be used in different situations, not just for mountain cycling, still have some mountain clothing brand focus more on this factor and add pads inside their products to help maintain the riders’ balance when riding on different terrains. So before buying a new mountain bike pant, you should check all the specifications and features carefully to make sure you can buy the right one that suits your demand and for having the best mountain biking experience.

Can I wear jeans on mountain biking?

We said multiple times that mountain cycling is totally different from road cycling and other types of exercises. Any exercise requires outfits that offer enough stretch to keep balance and comfort. They also need moisture-wicking and water-resistant features. These features are really important because when you are working out or cycling, it’s easy to start sweating. All of the features we mentioned are not included in jeans, so this product is not recommended when mountain biking.

What to wear when having a mountain biking trip?

The best pants to wear when mountain biking is the one that provides you the complete motion range that you got to pedal.

Breathable along with moisture-wicking are also the two important features required for mountain cycling pants that help mountain bikers avoid being uncomfortable due to sweating.

If you’re finding the best women’s mountain bike pants over shorts for your mountain biking trip because of cold weather, you will need something that keeps you warm and also wind-resistance.

Last but not least, water-proof is highly recommended for any mountain bike pants to help you avoid water and mud soaking also.

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