Best Women Mountain Bikes You Can Not Resist

From then on, mountain biking is thought of for only men as it requires powerful muscles and passion for adventure which seem not to be appropriate to most women. However, time changes, and “most” isn’t “all”, there’s still a considerable quantity of the best women mountain bikes.

Yet, picking a “feminine” mountain biker isn’t comfortable, especially for beginners, since there’s little information about the kind of these bikes, and manufacturers of women-specific bikes are not too many. That’s why this title is made to guide you to the best women mountain bikes you should try.


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Top 6 Best Women Mountain Bikes You Must Know

Top 1: Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike For Women And Girls

The first mountain bike for women you shouldn’t skip is the Mongoose Silva. It’s an ideal choice for cautious bikers with an aluminum-made hardtail and frame making this bike stiffer and more stable.

Moreover, Mongoose produces its machines to utilize the physical strengths of women, taking the most advantage of women’s strong legs and creating the appropriate geometry to the female physique. 

What’s more, with travel forks of different sizes and two options of  27.5 or 29-inch wheels, you’re able to effectively modify the bike based on your riding purposes as the Mongoose Silva provides two options for travel forks: 100mm and 80mm, and also two options for tires: 27.5in and 29in.


  • Two options for tires
  • Compatible dropper post 
  • Tektro hydromechanical disc brakes


  • Few mounting points for racks bottle, cages, and mudguards
  • Only in S or M frames versatility is provided

In a word, if you are a starter of mountain bike riding, you should miss the Mongoose Silva due to the enormous strengths that it could bring you.

Top 2: Schwinn High Timber Speed Mountain Bike

Although Schwinn hasn’t generally focused on its women-specific model (WSM), the Schwinn High Timber still has a full of traits of a WSM model. This bike is designed to produce a convenient fit, power, control, and stability. It makes an excellent all-rounder choice that could serve as an ordinary bike for work and adventures for mountain biking. 

The Markin 5 is designed with an aluminum frame for stiffness and stability. Besides, the Tektro hydromechanical disc brakes are in charge of smooth pausing in all conditions. For women who have smalls, the two options of smaller frames appear to be ideal with short levers of the brake so that they can brake confidently and comfortably.


  • Kickstand, rack and mudguard mounts 
  • Women-specific design
  • Control and stability


  • Short-reach brake on smaller sizes
  • Heavy fork

For the Schwinn High Timber, I would say that every female mountain bike rider just buys it and feels the convenience and versatility it brings you.

Top 3: Gq2019 Women’s Speed Mountain Bike

This Gq2019 racing hardtail possesses a suitable saddle, handlebar, and gear ratio for female bikers. Thanks to carbon wheels, it enables you to accelerate the Gq2019 quickly. The bike is equipped with two sizes of rim widths: the rim 30mm sizing for offering traction and the 28mm one for reducing rolling resistance. This combination helps you be upright under any kind of terrain.

The Gq2019’s seat post clamp is enhanced with a rubber-made seal, which was used for the Inflite (the winning model of World Championships 2018). The bike is designed to quickly discard mud, so your bike doesn’t need to carry that unnecessary extra load. 


  • Women-specific contact points and gear ratio 
  • Two rim options for the smooth control
  • Impact guard unit and versatile seatpost clamp 


  • Not very eye-catching design
  • Muddy terrain is a challenger

The Gq2019 is especially for women who are keen on riding cross-country as it has a fork of RockShox, carbon wheels, and a female-specific saddle.

Top 4: XRQ Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike For Women

Dubbed as a full-suspension bike, the XRQ Full Dual-Suspension is designed to handle the mixed terrain. Thanks to the 29er unhindered tires and the rear and front 100mm suspension, the bike provides a smooth and comfortable riding. The ALUXX aluminum-made frame is light but strong combined with thru-axles of 15mm length and boost spacing; the Pique 29 can meet the XC racing requirements.

Shimano 1x gear system provides efficiency and simplicity, with lots of gears letting you climb efficiently, whereas the Fox 32 fork enables you to hold control when encountering challenging terrains. The most striking feature of this bike is that 29er tires can fit all sizes, even the XS size.


  • 29er tires fit all frame widths
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame
  • 1x gearing of Shimano SLX 


  • No larger size for taller mountain bike riders
  • Not very eye-catching design

The XRQ Full Dual-Suspension is truly one of the best women mountain bikes with smaller and shorter details.

Top 5: Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Status 2.2 is designed with the 5001 frame and its advanced geometry, including long reach, a slack angle, and steep angle. Its 27.5-in tires offer greater traction in loose and wet terrains, while the extended front and rear suspension make the Mongoose Status 2.2 float practically over chubby surfaces.

One of the most prominent characteristics of the bike is that its flip-chip lets you modify the geometry and tailor it to roads you’re riding. Riders are able to switch from the slack and low mode to a higher and steeper mode to utilize on climbing. 


  • Adjustable geometry
  • Taller riders fit the spacious geometry 
  • Lifetime frame warranty


  • Stock brakes need advancing
  • Carbon fork and frame are better

Top 6: Roadmaster R8047WMDS Women’s Granite Peak Mountain Bike

Like its sibling, the Roadmaster R8047WMDS 1, the Roadmaster R8047WMDS  covers a composite linkage and an aluminum frame making it become super light and stiff to tackle all the tracks. The Liv’s 3F design provides a female-specific geometry and a shock specifically for female riders. 

Thanks to flip-chip, riders are offered two options of geometry settings in order to tailor your riding to the rolling terrains: making it steeper and higher if you are climbing and relaxing it. Furthermore, with the added cushioning, you can run a shorter travel fork setup so that you won’t miss any fun. 


  • Adjustable geometry
  • Maestro suspension
  • Setting up tubeless 


  • Not very fast
  • Muddy terrain is a challenger

Why should you buy women mountain bikes?

In this section, I’ll show you reasons why you should buy women mountain bikes.

Initially, the women mountain bikes certainly are far more appropriate to women than the unisex mountain bikes are. Take a saddle, in a women-specific mountain bike, saddle is smaller, then fit a smaller rider. There are many consumer reports on habits and hobbies determining how women mountain bikes are manufactured.In this section, I’ll show you reasons why you should buy women mountain bikes.

Initially, the women mountain bikes are far more appropriate to women than the unisex mountain bikes. In a women-specific mountain bike, take the saddle, and the saddle is smaller, then fit a smaller rider. There are many consumer reports on habits and hobbies determining how women mountain bikes are manufactured.

Furthermore, some excellent branches specifically manufacture mountain bikes for women. While some female mountain bike branches are based on frames of unisex bikes with women-specific finishing kits, others from the Canyon and the Liv Cycling are designed based on statistics from women body dimensions only.

If you tend to purchase a mountain bike and you’re a woman, please pick out the women-specific bike instead of the unisex one.

Who should buy women mountain bikes?

The answer is absolutely women. First and foremost, you have to find out what kinds of riders you are and your riding purposes. Then, come to the classification below; it might help you pick out the best bike for yourself.

For fitness and family fun

If your riding purpose is to take on easy roads with family or friends, the Canyon Exceed CF 7 WMN, or the DIAMONDBACK LUX 2 might be the best choices. Their frames are women-specific designs that are easy to hit the ground, get on or off the bikes. Moreover, The Diamondback Lux 2 is equipped with high handlebars putting you in a comfortable riding position for long hours.

For whole day adventures

If you desire a bike with full suspension, the Marin Rift Zone 1 or the Liv Intrigue 29 1 is for you. With the suspension systems, these bikes won’t break the line; however, this positively doesn’t affect their perfect performance. Furthermore, the large wheels appear to be too fantastic, enabling riders to tackle any most challenging trails while having fun. 

For versatile biking

The most striking characteristic of these kinds of women mountain bikes is that they can handle any kind of terrain, including muddy roads, technical terrains, challenging paths, and so on. I want to recommend the Salsa Horsethief and the Liv Pique 29 1. With a durable and lightweight frame alongside longer suspension for more comfort on tough terrain, these bikes might bring you confidence and give you the feeling of complete control. 

FAQs about the best women mountain bikes

What’s the prominent advantage of a women mountain bike over a unisex one?

It is clear that the women mountain bike always has smaller design than the unisex one. That’s a convenient thing for female riders who usually have thin and slim bodies with not very strong muscles.

Are the women mountain bikes cheaper than the others?

I have to say “Yes”, as mentioned, the parts of a women bike is fewer and thinner than of a unisex bike, this will downgrade the price of a women mountain bike.

Why shouldn’t I ride a unisex mountain bike, I’m a female rider though?

That’s an interesting question. It’s just like you’re a woman and you wear male suit. Yes, you can, however, it doesn’t fit you and brings lots of uncomfort. Thus, if you’re a woman, you should buy a women mountain bike, it’ll bring you riding comfort and its look must be appropriate to you than the unisex’s

The final words

Lightweight mountain bike riding is a wonderful way to take adventure outdoors while improving health and keeping fit. This kind of mountain bike is appropriate to any gender or age; thus, you should buy some for all members of your family and hold an outdoor trip to mountain areas. That’ll be a great memory!

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