Best Women Mountain Bike Saddles in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Choosing the right women’s bicycle saddle allows you to adapt your posture to your practice and use. The best women mountain bike saddles are the most crucial component of a bicycle. It guarantees a pleasant outing and allows you to get a taste of cycling when it is well adapted and comfortable. The saddle is soft is not a guarantee of comfort. Whether or not they are in gel, the best stools are neither too soft nor too hard because they limit the sinking of the sit bones.

As we know, the bicycle saddle must respect the female anatomy to offer more comfort. However, the subject of women’s intimate discomfort in their saddle is still taboo. For lack of knowledge or for embarrassment to talk about the subject, many cyclists endure this pain or turn away from cycling. Here, you will find the complete guide to choosing your best women mountain bike saddles, including all the aspects and parameters to consider.


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Top 6 Best Women Mountain Bike Saddles

Top 1: Selle Italia Road Bike Saddle

Born in 1897, on the outskirts of Milan, Selle Italia, based in Casella d’Asolo (west of Venice), is one of the world’s leaders in lightweight bicycle saddles. This SLR TM Flow manganese is part of this performance tradition that has driven the Italian brand since its creation.

Designed to meet, as a priority, the needs of cyclists and occasional competitors, this Selle Italia SLR TM Flow manganese is 275 mm long, for a width of 131 mm. It offers an excellent level of performance with extraordinary comfort. The other side of the coin, the moderate weight (announced at 220 g and verified at 222 g), places this saddle in the average of what they do at this price level. In the nomenclature of Selle Italia, they classify it as S1. It is aimed at small pools, cyclists with a reduced inter-ischial gap and whose flexibility are not the primary characteristic.

The hull has composite materials, reinforced with carbon fiber. The rather flat profile, the Duro Tek coating, and the central Flow recess play in favor of comfort. Long-distance enthusiasts and athletic hikers should appreciate this. The 7mm diameter rails reduce weight while ensuring actual strength. It is a good deal for cyclists who accumulate the kilometers in all conditions.


  • High level of comfort
  • Premium central flow recess
  • Excellent manganese rails
  • Reasonable quality/price ratio.


  • The weight is only in the average.

Top 2: Selle SMP TRK Medium Saddle

Created in 1947, in the center of Padua, by Martino Schiavon, SMP (Schiavon Martina Padova) is one of the most innovative specialists in high-end bicycle saddles. In 1979, after having moved a few kilometers from its historic premises, the manufacturer was actively working on the comfort of its products. It wedges the basin without being compressed. This technology was the subject of an article in the very serious The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

This SMP Extra saddle is part of the series that has satisfied hikers and cyclists looking for excellent support without pressure on the perineum. The shell, identical to the Professional range, is made of nylon 12, reinforced with carbon fiber for flexibility. Its hollow shape out in the center allows you to pedal stalled while reducing the pressure.


  • High level of comfort
  • The spout goes downwards.
  • Excellent design of the rails
  • Affordable price


  • Heavyweight

Top 3: Bontrager Hybrid Gel Saddle

Bontrager is the props and parts made for the American giant Trek. Thanks to its Research & Development department, the Milwaukee brand offers high-quality products at competitive prices starting with saddles for road bikes.

This Bontrager Hybrid Elite is no exception to the rule. The shell made of nylon reinforced with carbon fiber offers flexibility that will convince the most assiduous competitors. Its relatively flat shape and the large central recess allow many positions.

However, as a corollary, it requires a high level of flexibility. The widened saddle spout also makes it possible to wear it at the front. No wonder Bontrager rated this Hybrid Elite in the Posture 2 category. Mounted on hollow titanium rails with Hollow Ti technology, this saddle allows excellent recoil and an excellent forward position.


  • Excellent level of comfort
  • Enlarged spout
  • The premium quality of finish
  • Excellent quality/price ratio.


  • Some people find it too hard.

Top 4: Selle Italia Women’s Diva Gel Superflow Saddle

As a world leader in bicycle saddles, Selle Italia, which is based a few dozen kilometers east of Venice, has never made any compromise to quality. The Selle Italia SLR Titanium Superflow is totally in this line.

It offers an excellent level of performance with exceptional comfort, thanks to its large open work surface. The saddle reduces pressure on the perineum area and its gel padding. The surface coating, Fibra Tek, is resistant to wear which gives this saddle important longevity. Long-distance enthusiasts should give it a go.

The shell made of nylon reinforced with carbon fiber offers flexibility that will convince the most assiduous competitors. Besides, the Shock Absorber system wonderfully filters vibrations. Cycle tourists will love it, especially when they learn that it makes the rails of titanium.


  • Large central recess
  • Premium titanium rails
  • High quality of the finish
  • The high flexibility of the shell
  • The excellent durability of the coating


  • Expensive

Top 5: Fizik Argo Tempo R3 Saddle

Founded in 1996, Fizik is the sports and competition saddle brand of the Italian leisure saddle giant, Selle Royal. Based in Pozzoleone, Veneto (Italy), the brand dear to Riccardo Biggolin has always been committed to offering quality products, with a good dose of innovation.

The Tempo R3 model is worthy of interest. It is attractive given the overall quality. It allows you to pedal comfortably stalled, thanks to a strong curvature and many comfort elements. The shell cam relieves pressure in the perineum area. It comes with carbon-reinforced nylon for proper flexibility.

Classified in the “Made for Bull” category, it also comes with hollow titanium rails of the Kium type. With a view to comfort, the Comfort Core padding and the Microtex microfiber surface coating complete the device. For durability over time, this unit is simply exceptional.


  • Excellent curvature of the shell
  • High-quality titanium rails
  • Premium flexibility of the shell
  • High durability of the coating


  • Heavyweight

Top 6: Prologo – Dimension NDR T4.0 Bike Saddle

Prologo was created a little over 10 years ago, in Busnago (Lombardy) in the heart of the “Silicon Valley” of the Little Queen. Specialized in the saddle, the Italian brand immediately stood out with its Multi-shape technology, which made it possible to change the support surface of the saddle as desired. At the forefront of innovation, the saddler who won the Tour de France 2020 offers this very innovative Dimension NDR T4.0.

Characterized by a large width and by a rather reduced length, this saddle differs from the rest of the Prologo production by an extremely short spout. For comparison, a classic saddle is 30 to 35 mm longer. However, this reduction in dimensions does not result in any lightning of the assembly.

But the essential is not there. With its large central recess, it offers real comfort, especially for cyclists looking to eliminate the pressure on the perineum. This feeling of comfort is also increased by the 3 mm thick NDR padding and the microfiber coating.


  • Excellent quality of the finish
  • High flexibility
  • High durability of the coating
  • Exceptional quality/price ratio.


  • Large for some women.

Why Should You Buy The Best Women Mountain Bike Saddles

Unlike men’s or mixed bicycle saddles, saddles specifically designed for women are very often wider. Depending on the brand, the widths vary between 135mm and 165mm.

This difference is because the morphology of the pelvis of female cyclists is wider than that of the pelvis of men. The saddle must be wider to adapt to the width of the sit bones. This is the point where the pressure is most important.

Who Should Buy The Best Women Mountain Bike Saddles

The position of the cyclist on the saddle is different according to the practices. Indeed, when riding with a VTC, the position is more upright, and the pressure is at the rear of the saddle. For the road bike, the pressure is on the front of the saddle since the bust is more inclined to the front. In mountain biking, the position is very similar to that of the road bike but the saddles must be more robust to withstand and filter shocks.

Best Women Mountain Bike Saddles FAQs

How to choose your women’s bicycle saddle?

For those who are wondering how to choose your women’s bicycle saddle? Many characteristics are crucial. As stated above, we cannot speak of a bicycle saddle for all women. Indeed, there are different models with varying characteristics. It makes it possible to respond to the peculiarities of female morphologies and to limit the irritation the women’s bicycle saddle can cause. Women’s saddles are designed to be ergonomic to reduce pressure on sensitive areas. It also helps promote blood flow to key areas to prevent numbness.

Which women’s bicycle saddle to choose for touring or road cycling?

On the road or during trips by bike, it multiplies saddle pain because the outings are longer. Also, the position in the saddle is more static than in mountain biking. Among the SMP saddles, the ladies’ models feature a design offering great comfort. They combine a central channel, a wide seat, an eagle-beak saddle point, and a rear depression. This set releases the pressure on the support zones and ensures good pelvic support.

Which women’s MTB saddle to choose for sport or bike-packing?

In mountain biking, the body moves regularly that allows the blood to circulate better. On descents, we are resting on our feet. The buttocks do not touch the saddle. Otherwise, on uphill, the pressure is less on the saddle than on a road bike. Despite everything, the roughness of the ground and the friction create discomfort and pain. For regular and intensive mountain biking, Cyclocross, Gravel, and bike-packing, the unisex SMP Well black saddle for road bikes and mountain bikes is an excellent ally. For intensive riders, the SMP Hybrid Gel road and mountain bike saddle are popular.

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