Best Specialized Ambush Helmet of 2021: Review and Buying Guide

The specialized ambush helmet is an indispensable element that you cannot forget when riding a bicycle. In the event of an accident, it reduces the damage to the head, avoiding severe injuries and loss of consciousness.

Do you ride in a country where the use of the bike helmet is required by law? Choosing the perfect helmet requires attention and analysis. More cyclists are aware of this thing and become supporters of the best specialized ambush helmet not only when they use the bicycle for sport but also for everyday use.


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Top 6 Best Specialized Ambush Helmet

Top 1: Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

The Giro Fixture MIPS is an elegant and classy helmet. It is a unisex product with attention to detail. The helmet comes with In-Mold features. It is a technology that combines the polycarbonate outer shell with internal foam to cushion any blows, leaving the helmet lightweight and reducing pressure on the head.

Made of high density and durable PVC and PC, this helmet absorbs impact and effectively reduces shock pressure to protect your head. It has a magnetically mounted protective visor that protects the eyes from wind and sun.

It also comes with LED rear lights with different modes (constant and slow flashing, fast flashing). We can easily adjust the change belt between 54 and 62 centimeters. This unit is available in three sizes: size S (51 – 55 cm) size M (55 – 59 cm) size L (59 – 63 cm).

The most interesting aspect is the Wind Tunnel type of ventilation. It combines the 21 vents with internal exhaust channels to improve ventilation. The fitting specification is ensured by the Roc IOC-5 system that easily adjusts the portability of the helmet.


  • It adapts perfectly to the head, thanks to the rear wheel.
  • Easy to fasten
  • Lightweight and soft with detachable and washable foam strips
  • Good ventilation


  • The anti-insect retina is missing.

Top 2: POC Tectal Helmet For Mountain Biking

POC Tectal is a helmet made with an innovative In-Moud system that guarantees excellent safety with extreme lightness. The Tectal model weighs 220g (size M) and 250g (size L). The fit is ensured by the Up’n Down change that allows you to adapt the helmet to your measurements both in width and height.

The padding material is removable thanks to the velcro. It comes with a Sanitized system that makes it antibacterial and antifungal. The strap under the throat is eco-leather to avoid irritation and washes. It also comes with a premium quality closure system. Besides, the ventilation is ensured by 26 vents.

In some more expensive models, there is the Visibility system. It is a series of reflective stickers that allow you to ride safely, even in poor visibility. There are 20 large air intakes for optimal breathability, even on the hottest days. It also comes with a special grid to prevent insects from entering.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustment both in width and height
  • Quality materials


  • The insect net is missing.

Top 3: FlyingShadow Adjustable Lightweight Helmet

The difference of this Ambush helmet is sunglasses, without nose pad, in polycarbonate and comes with high impact resistance. It also acts as UV protection. The helmet is a retractable visor that can be retracted easily with one hand even during the race.

The helmet comes with In-Mold technology. It guarantees 100% safety thanks to the expanded polycarbonate material that perfectly absorbs shocks. The helmet offers Zoom Evo Adult change that allows for both width and height change.

Ventilation is offered by 11 air vents and 11 ventilation holes. The internal padding is removable and washable. And the straps are soft to adjust with snap closure. The fluorescent strips arranged in the back are useful for greater safety in the home with little visibility.


  • Comfortable and robust
  • We can also use the visor with the visor down.
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with an anti-insect grid


  • The retractable visor is dark

Top 4: LAZER Coyote Mountain Bike Helmet For Adult

LAZER Coyote is a helmet that remains firmly on the head on any type of terrain, even the most uneven, thanks to the Safe T-Dual system. The system adjusts the helmet both in height and in width. It comes with In-Mold technology with particular attention to safety and lightness. The internal padding is anti-allergic. The branch visor is adjustable in two positions with integral air intake.

It is a lightweight, fully molded EPS bike helmet. The unit has a comfortable detachable visor that protects the eyes during sunny days. The interior is soft, removable, washable, and antibacterial pads for maximum comfort.

The 25 air intakes promote proper head ventilation. This unit is suitable for a head circumference between 56 and 62 cm. It has a one-hand adjustable rear wheel that allows you to adapt the helmet, favoring maximum grip.


  • Excellent value for money
  • A robust and safe helmet
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Well ventilated


  • The visor can only assume two positions.
  • Insect protection is missing.

Top 5: POC Octal X Spin Helmet For Mountain Biking

POC is a Swedish company that has set out to improve the technology that deals with protecting cyclists through continuous studies and research. The POC Octal X Spin is a light helmet built with high-quality materials and attention to detail. The novelty of this product is the patented MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) developed in Sweden by the teamwork of scientists, doctors, engineers, and designers.

MIPS technology allows the inside of the helmet shell to move 10/15 mm to reduce the movement of the skull and absorb part of the impact. The outer shell can protect against more energetic effects. It works to soften and progressively dissipate multi-directional effects.

There are ten holes to ensure good ventilation. The straps are durable and close with a clip hook. The helmet is securely fixed through two straps behind the neck to adjust it perfectly and make it comfortable. The helmet comes with a white carrying bag and spares internal protective sponges.


  • Top security with the MIPS system
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Resistant to dents
  • We can wear goggles under the helmet.


  • No detection

Top 6: TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet For Adult

The ultimate place is the TeamObsidian helmet from advanced research to offer lightness, safety, and comfort through In-Mold technology. TeamObsidian technicians have dedicated particular attention to the study of the human head and its safety, looking for innovations in technique and design.

We consider 21 foreign air vents holes organized to keep your head cool and dry for maximum comfort during your runs. The helmet comes with a visor lightweight and removable place on the front part of the product to protect it from mud and dust.

It is a lightweight, fully molded EPS bike helmet. It has a comfortable detachable visor that protects the eyes during sunny days. The interior comes with soft removable, washable, and antibacterial pads for maximum comfort.


  • Lightweight and a good fit
  • Bright colors
  • Good value for money


  • The insect screen is missing.

Why should I buy a specialized ambush helmet?

Bike helmets have transformed. Today, they have reached lightness and wearability that was unthinkable until a few decades ago. It is because the manufacturers had to face a challenge: the mandatory nature of helmets in bicycle racing.

All specialized ambush helmets have the same purpose. It is to protect the user’s skull in the event of a collision. This absorption and protection capacity is guaranteed by the certification. In a nutshell, it means that a certified helmet sold at an affordable price will offer the same protection as another whose price reaches three figures.

Who should buy specialized ambush helmets?

The helmet should fit snugly where you measured your head without over-tightening. Do not make the mistake of looking for a larger helmet if you feel it touching your forehead, neck, or temples once you put it on. If as soon as it feels comfortable, it is likely to be too big and will become impossible to use in the long run.

Before putting on the helmet, adjust the nails at the back to get a longer and a shorter one, to facilitate closing under the throat. And now slide the side straps, so that they form a V, in front of and behind each ear. If you can close it, secure it to not come out of position. Fasten the chin buckle, until the helmet is snug so that you cannot put 1 or 2 fingers between the chin and the strap.

Best Specialized Ambush Helmet FAQs

How to know if a bike helmet is safe?

At the time of purchase, always check if there is a label on the helmet with the words CE EN 1078. The CE-certified helmet according to the European standard EN 1078 guarantees that the helmet has passed a series of tests to verify its actual safety characteristics.

These tests examine multiple aspects, including the construction of the helmet, the field of view, the shock absorption properties, the effectiveness of the attachment system, and fasteners. To take part in certain events such as sports competitions, they often require wearing a helmet that meets this standard or an international equivalent.

Some devices increase the safety factor, such as an integrated LED light that increases visibility, especially in the evening.

What is MIPS?

We often hear about MIPS, and many manufacturers are choosing to equip their year-end helmets with this system. Let’s start by saying that MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It is a special coating designed to reduce the rotational forces on the brain. It can occur in the event of an accident by adding an extra layer of friction and thus spreading the impact.

How to know if the helmet is suitable for me?

If a helmet does not fit properly, it will not do the job. Helmets are often available in different sizes relative to the head circumference. Although you can measure your head with a tape measure and buy it online, we highly recommend that you go to a bicycle shop and try on a helmet before buying it.

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