Best Smart Turbo Trainer in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

In recent years, indoor training has taken on an increasingly important role in preparing cyclists and triathletes. It is no longer a fallback choice because the trainers have changed. The tools to train have significantly improved the pedaling, making it similar to the real one.

If you think the price is a barrier to buying this cycling tool, you do not need to worry. In this practical guide, you discover it is easy to find an excellent cheap bike trainer without sacrificing quality. Below, we present the choices for the best smart turbo trainer.


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Top 6 Best Smart Turbo Trainer

Top 1: Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer

Tacx Neo 2 Smart rollers are the best smart turbo trainer on the market that is solid and practical. Thanks to the weight of the flywheel, it guarantees realistic pedaling downhill. It is not exactly perfect but pleasant when used with Zwift.

The Downhill function is available. When you stop pedaling, the roller does not stop immediately but guarantees the feeling of continuing to have inertia. However, this feature only works if it connects the tool to the mains.

The device has a maximum peak resistance of 2200W, making it perfect for sprinting jobs too. It also has a negative consequence that the roller is challenging to move given by the excessive weight. Through the ANT+ protocol, you can record data on Garmin, and manage the roller itself.

The roller is decidedly quieter than non-direct drive ones. Therefore, you can also use it in an apartment. The noise you hear is the bicycle transmission since the cooling fan is not noisy.


  • Solid rolling operation
  • Downhill function
  • High power
  • Data recording


  • Expensive

Top 2: CycleOps H3 Direct Drive Indoor Bike Trainer

The CycleOps H3 model is a scaled-down version of the flagship model. The Core frame is less robust, the flywheel is slightly smaller and does not include a sprocket set, but the price is much lower. The CycleOps H3 trainer is a silent and reliable, smart trainer with a high-power calculation accuracy. The roller has a maximum power of 1800W and simulates a slope of 16%.

This roller may sound simple, but you need to push hard on your bike because the rollers require you to keep pedaling. It means it is even harder to stop to breathe. They ensure a stable and non-vibrant ride that is ideal for those with limited home space.

Thanks to the ANT+ or Bluetooth connection, you can use the trainer with all the most popular applications, such as Zwift. Also, we have some unique accessories, such as the Climb slope simulator and the Headwind fan.


  • Silent and reliable
  • High accuracy
  • ANT+ or Bluetooth connection
  • Climb slope simulator
  • Headwind fan


  • Less innovative than the flagship model

Top 3: Elite Tuo Home Bike Trainer

Elite Tuo is an Italian trainer with a cube-shaped design, made with high-quality materials: aluminum, steel, and beech wood. It is perfect for absorbing stress. It combines all the interactive features found in the most expensive devices. The small-brushed aluminum cube houses a soft roll made of Elastogel and the automatically controlled magnetic resistance unit.

It can simulate slopes up to 10% with a maximum resistance of 1250W and a high-power accuracy. It is compatible with road or MTB configurations and can accommodate bikes with wheels up to 29 inches. The unit includes adapters to mount bikes with 130 × 5mm Quick-Release hubs up to bikes with Boost 148 × 12mm thru-axle.

The device features eight resistance levels that can be managed from the handlebars. It also comes with adequate levels for any training. We should note that the Tuo force roller is compatible with bicycles with quick release with a diameter of 5mm and 130x5mm, and 135x5mm carriages. For bikes with thru-axles, the relative adapter is necessary. From the point of view of the structure, it is a valid product, easy to assemble, stable, and robust.


  • High-quality materials
  • High resistance and accuracy
  • Many levels of training
  • Compatible with all models


  • Expensive

Top 4: Tacx Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer

Tacx Flux is perfect for athletes who want to train throughout the year. Thanks to ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth Smart connectivity, Tacx Flux is versatile and compatible with most training software. It offers a fast response from electronics and flywheel to transmit even the smallest changes in resistance.

The manufacturer also provides speed, cadence, and power data on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The maximum resistance is 1500 Watts of power within 10 seconds (via electromagnets) and a maximum slope of 10%. Tacx Flux comes with a universal EDCO Multisys body that fits all Shimano and SRAM cassettes. Like most direct drive rollers, Flux produces minimal noise, even during the most intense efforts.

For people who do not want to spend too much, the Tacx Flux smart trainers are an interesting solution. These are magnetic rollers that allow you to control the resistance through a small lever to be mounted on the handlebar, connected to the tool by a cable.

The level of resistance it offers is good, but not great. Also, when you push hard, the rear curtain wheel slips. The item includes the rollers, the hubs for the wheel that connects to the rollers, and the change knob to be fixed to the handlebar.


  • ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • Versatile and compatible
  • High speed, cadence, and power data
  • Universal EDCO Multisys body
  • Produces minimal noise


  • The average level of resistance

Top 5: Elite Qubo Fluid Home Trainer 2016

The Elite Qubo rollers fall within the medium price range. They are magnetic rollers with a cost of about 400 euros. The assembly is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The trainer is supported by Zwift and features the FE-C system, Fitness Equipment Control. It allows the setting of the resistance level to simulate a certain path, such as a climb.

It means that a roller with this characteristic allows synchronizing the slope variations established by the program with the resistance of the braking unit. An increase in incline makes pedaling more challenging. If you want to use the roller with Zwift and other applications of this type, it is one of the best solutions.


  • Simple assembly
  • Reasonable price
  • FE-C system and Fitness Equipment Control
  • Zwift support


  • Low durability

Top 6: TacX Neo 2T Smart Bike Trainer Buddle

In a higher price range, we find the Tacx Neo rollers. It is a direct drive roller that locks the frame to the roller by releasing the rear wheel. The unit acts on the cassette which is mounted on the roller itself. It also transmits to other devices via Bluetooth, ANT +, and Fe-C technology. However, the USB Ant + antenna is not included in the package.

The roller comprises a freewheel that is compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo cassettes. The trainer is available with an adapter that allows mounting with 130 and 135mm quick releases. It connects the freewheel to a 7kg flywheel and allows it to develop a power of up to 1500 watts. The mass of the flywheel guarantees a rather realistic pedaling.

Obviously, given the weight, the roller is difficult to move and store. With the low noise level, it is perfect for an apartment. Besides Zwift and the other training programs, the trainer can also be used with the relative application and to be installed on the smartphone.


  • Excellent connectivity
  • Compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo cassettes
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise level


  • The USB Ant + antenna is not available

Why Should Buy Smart Turbo Trainer

Bike trainers are tools that allow you to train with your bike even at home. They design these indoor tools to make up for the lack of those external conditions. It would make the use of your bike on the road pleasant, or at least bearable.

In summary, using bicycle trainers you can do activities at home without giving up your passion, although it is still something different from going on the road. There are conflicting opinions regarding these tools. However, not everyone appreciates them, they often represent the only alternative way to the inability to train caused by adverse weather.

Who Should Buy Smart Turbo Trainer

Anyone who does it like a true professional or even for an irresistible passion knows well the reasons you cannot train on the street during the winter months. Rain, snow, frost, and reduced visibility make outdoor practice dangerous, even for the most extreme mountain bikers.

The hours of light are drastically reduced, making it more difficult to take advantage of every moment of your free time. The training rollers come in handy precisely in this circumstance because they can carry the practice out at home, in the box, or the tavern.

Best Smart Turbo Trainer FAQs

How do bike trainers work?

The principle of the rollers is very simple. They comprise a small stand, to which it attaches the rear wheel of the bike.

The wheel remains slightly raised from the ground and the surface of the tire rests on a roller coated in rubbery and elastic material. When pedaling, the rear wheel turns and by friction it makes the roller rotate.

Inside the roller, it connects the roller to a flywheel. It is a heavy disc that spins and guarantees the inertia necessary to make pedaling smooth. There is also a brake system that reproduces the friction of the road and the air.

What is a virtual reality with bike trainers?

The rollers come with a resistance change system, comprising a knob control that is fixed on the bike handlebar. Or in most advanced systems, the resistance is controlled directly by a computer or tablet that can also reproduce training programs.

Is the training duration of a smart trainer useful?

Usually, shorter sessions are performed on the rollers than on the road. They allow you to practice more targeted exercises. The average running time is between an hour and an hour and a half. The metabolic effort is greater as the exercises take place at a constant temperature and there is no possibility of adequate cooling. There is also the aim of psychological difficulty of sustaining training for longer times.

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