Best Road Bike Clothing – 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

For all people who are passionate about cycling, the accessories and clothing that go with these sports are vital. The best road bike clothing is the most crucial item for all cyclists who want to practice their favorite sporting activity.

In other words, it is advisable to provide yourself with adequate sports equipment and practice cycling well in total safety. With the right clothing that is suitable for facing any outdoor circumstance, it can protect every cyclist from accidental falls, from joint sprains or muscle tears. These accidents can occur in both amateur and competitive cycling.

Therefore, the right sportswear allows you to give life to optimal performance. But only if you pay the utmost attention to some criteria that distinguish the ideal clothing for cycling.


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Top 6 Best Road Bike Clothing

Top 1: Lixada Men’s Cycling Jersey Suit

This full cycling clothing of Lixada is suitable for all riders who intend to practice cycling activities in winter without fear of low temperatures. The windproof polyester fabric, which makes up both the jacket and the pants, is internally lined with thermal fleece. It offers ultimate comfort and warmth.

The jacket comes with a raised collar and a zipper with a top stop that is useful to avoid any scratches to the chin. It also ensures the maintenance of body temperature. Again, on the back of the jacket, there are three large pockets. They are useful to contain personal effects and various objects.

You also have a reflective strip that is useful in cases of low light. The pants of the suit are elastic and allow you to move freely and in comfort. They come with a padded cushion, placed on the groin area and suitable for avoiding hip pain.

The sizes are available for this model of cycling suit range from S to XXL. The Lixada cycling suit is an excellent product, thanks to its excellent value for money. After all, it has the limit of not being able to be used during summer.


  • Windproof polyester fabric
  • Ultimate comfort and warmth
  • Ensures the maintenance of body temperature
  • Reflective strip
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not suitable for summer

Top 2: FASTONT Men’s Cycling Jersey Short Set

The cycling suit of FASTONT is a complete winter cycling for men. It is also suitable for women with 80% in woven polyester and 20% lycra. They are the materials that give elasticity, resistance, and maximum comfort.

The jacket of the suit comes with a zip that is a closure up to the neck to avoid the infiltration of cold air. There are three comfortable rear pockets at the back and a zip closure. They are useful as a holder for various kinds of objects.

The pants are available with 3D padding (an antibacterial gel pad). It is ideal for avoiding groin and hip pain during long journeys in the saddle. You can cushion any shocks due to the instability of the terrain.

Both the jacket and the trousers come with a rubber band on the lower hem that is suitable for not slipping clothes when on the move. There are reflective stripes on the jacket and pants for night journeys or in low light conditions.

This FASTONT outfit is available in sizes from M to 2XL. Overall, it is a good cycling outfit, especially thanks to its protective quality from the cold. The only flaw is the trousers that are not being a dungaree. During long journeys, it slips slightly.


  • Perfect for winter cycling
  • Durable zip
  • Three comfortable rear pockets
  • 3D padding (an antibacterial gel pad)
  • Reflective stripes


  • Bad-quality trousers

Top 3: Moxilyn Men Cycling Jerseys Long Set

The Moxilyn offers an unrivaled cycling outfit. It is a cycling uniform suitable for both agonists and amateur cyclists. The suit has an elasticized mesh with zip closure in breathable and highly resistant polyester fabric.

On the back of the jersey, two pockets are suitable for carrying personal effects and cycling equipment. The suit does not come with classic trousers but with antibacterial polyester and elastane overalls.

It comes with a soft 9D gel cushion that is perfect for cushioning shocks and avoiding pain in the hips. The Moxilyn cycling suit is on top of the game for its excellent quality compared to an affordable price.


  • Suitable for both agonists and amateur
  • An elasticized mesh with zip closure
  • Resistant polyester fabric
  • 9D gel cushion


  • Bad-quality zipper

Top 4: Nine Bull Cycling Jersey Short Set

The cyclist’s suit from Nine Bull has a mesh elastic in polyester fabric. It is breathable that comes with a large back pocket where you can keep your smartphone and other personal effects.

The trousers have comfortable lycra with high elasticity, comfortable materials. The latter comes with 3D gel padding. It is useful for protecting the groin area from shocks and hips from excessive strain due to long rides.

Both the shirt and the dungarees come with reflective strips. They are ideal for driving in the presence of little light. The sizes provided by this cycling suit range from S to 5XL. The Nine Bull cycling suit is suitable for the spring, autumn, and winter seasons. For this reason, it is one of the most sought after and purchased cycling suits.


  • Polyester fabric
  • Large back pocket
  • High elasticity
  • 3D gel padding
  • Shock absorbant


  • Expensive

Top 5: Moxilyn Quick-Dry Cycling Jersey Set

Here is another cycling outfit of Moxilyn. The jacket has polyester that is perfect for keeping the body warm during winter. It is in lycra to provide high elasticity. It also comes with a practical closure with a zipper. On the back of the jacket, three roomy pockets are useful for carrying minor items.

With polyester and lycra, the pants come with a 9D gel padding for preserving the groin area and preventing overexertion of the hips. The lower hems of the jacket and trousers come with a rubber string. You should not purchase slipping clothes during movement.

This cycling suit model is available in sizes ranging from S to 3XL. In conclusion, we are dealing with a good quality product that is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The quality/price ratio makes it a highly sought-after outfit within everyone’s reach.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • 9D gel padding
  • Polyester and lycra


  • Wrong size chart

Top 6: X-TIGER Jersey Clothing Long Set

For X-TIGER sets, it is easy to notice how the fabric is lighter and more suitable for the summer period. The transpiration proposed is higher than the model previously showed, although its resistance is a few points lower.

Washing with warm water makes this technical cycling clothing perfect after a training session or at the end of a competition. Thanks to its composition, this suit is suitable for the summer period.


  • Light fabric
  • High transpiration
  • Washing-machine compatible


  • Thick design

Why Should Buy Road Bike Clothing

Cycling shoes are the only point of contact for direct power transfer between the legs and the bike. If chosen wisely, they ensure efficiency and comfort. They often ask us what the best road bike clothing is. The answer is simple. The best road bike clothing does not exist. But in that wide range of different clothes, each cyclist can find a pair that is the most suitable for his needs and his feet.

Choosing the best road bike clothing is not an easy decision, as there are so many considerations to make before purchasing. First, they must be comfortable. Discipline, driving style, construction, stiffness, and change system are some of them.

Who Should Buy Road Bike Clothing

When analyzing this kind of clothing, we must also evaluate the coloring. The fabric must have a bright shade to reflect the light for safety. A motorist may not notice a cyclist who trains in areas where light conditions are poor or absent.

So, it is vital to choose a garment that is easily noticeable, thanks to the bright shades that distinguish it. The quality of the fabric needs to settle on fairly good levels since a suit must be resistant to tears and also to any falls by the cyclist.

Best Road Bike Clothing FAQs

How to adjust the bike clothing?

The cycling gear fits properly when you lean forward on the handlebars. It means that shirts and jackets have a longer back to cover your lower back, and sneakers have a higher waist in the back.

To prevent your wrists from being exposed, the sleeves and shirts are a little longer. Otherwise, the leggings are cinched at the waist and knees so they don’t interfere with pedaling.

What are Jerseys?

Usually shaped like a t-shirt, but Jerseys clothes come with a sweat-wicking synthetic material or merino wool blend. The cycling jersey usually has a stand-up collar that protects you from the sun, a front zipper, and side pockets.

The most common costumes have short or long sleeves. But sleeveless jerseys are also available for hot days.

Why is bike clothing better?

The first reason is to provide an extra layer of shock absorption. Modern short cushions have at least one layer of foam on the inside. They come with different thicknesses and densities. The idea is to help reduce the road shock going through your butt by working in tandem with the padding in your saddle.

Cycling clothing can help you go faster by avoiding wasting energy while riding. The most important difference is that cycling clothing is more aerodynamic than regular clothing because it fits perfectly with no spare fabric flapping in the wind.

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