Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Stems: Reviews and Buying Guide

The mountain bike or MTB, a type of bike among the most purchased whose structure makes them suitable for driving on rough terrain and guarantees fun on almost all other surfaces. Today, we will see which are the best mountain bike stems for a safe purchase.

The MTB is the reliable friend that accompanies you both in the city and the countryside. It is ideal not only for facing the daily routine but also for practicing sports and action-packed tours. It is a hope for a better future that marks a change from the current situation.


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Stems For Your Safe

Top 1: RaceFace Ride Mountain Bike Stem

RaceFace’s latest model comes with a solid and resistant structure combined with a low weight. It has an excellent quality-price ratio. With the height of the U-bolt is 31.8mm, these stems are suitable for practically any bicycle.

It has satisfied many bikers in terms of functionality and robustness. This stem is 6061 aluminum and measures 40mm in length and 31.8mm in diameter. The diameter of the fork is 28.6mm. It is one of the best mountain bikes for strength. The unit is resistant and weighs only 500 grams. And the mounting is of A-Headset type.


  • Solid and resistant structure
  • Suitable for all models
  • Premium functionality and robustness


  • Expensive

Top 2: Lixada MTB 31.8 Stem 50 mm

Lixada MTB is the best stem for mountain bikes. Made of 6061 aluminum alloy, it has been CNC machined. With an excellent finish, it is suitable for 31.8mm diameter handlebars and can clinch the position.

According to several reviews, this inexpensive model is extremely lightweight and easily mountable by anyone. Besides, this MTB handlebar stem model combines the simplicity factor with efficient resistance. The aluminum alloy offers a strong fixing of the handlebar to the bike frame. Also, the material offers the high security that this part can be installed and adjusted with extreme ease. The size is suitable for bikes with a handlebar of about 30cm.

Overall, made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, this stem guarantees resistance, and solidity in all circumstances. However, we do not recommend it for those who practice extreme disciplines such as downhill or real professionals.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable price
  • Premium materials


  • Not suitable for professions

Top 3: RXL SL Stem 31.8 Carbon Fiber

RXL BMX handlebar stem has excellent resistance and allows a quick installation since the simplicity factor identifies this part for your bicycle, making maintenance immediate. Thanks to the tightening torques, it is possible to fix the stem. So, we can connect it to the handlebar and the bike frame.

The size of 28 mm in circumference ensures this tool has excellent compatibility with the different MTB. Therefore, it has no problems at the time of installation.

This stem for the MTB handlebar is the best for road bikes but also mountain bikes. Made of aluminum alloy in combination with carbon fiber, it has a light and resistant structure. RXL stem has a pleasantly shiny appearance that is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 25.4 and a length of 50 mm.


  • Covered in carbon alloy
  • Quick installation
  • Excellent compatibility


  • Low durability

Top 4: Lixada Adjustable MTB Stem

Lixada is a registered trademark that focuses on helping products for people who enjoy running, cycling, swimming, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Besides, it stands out for this characteristic hosepipe for MTB handlebars. It is coated with a layer of machined steel that allows it to get high resistance. Therefore, this steam can minimize all the possible maintenance operations that must be carried out for its installation.

According to various reviews, this tool, which can be adapted to a 31 cm handlebar, is so resistant. The unit is not easily damaged or changes tone because of effect or exposure to atmospheric agents. So, you do not need to pay attention to rainy weather, but cleanliness is more important. Lixada adjustable stem is the best MTB stem for DH, AM, and Enduro. It has a waterproof and rustproof structure with built-in aluminum alloy.


  • Versatile functions
  • High resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Expensive

Top 5: Fomtor Short Bike Stem 31.8 35 mm

As being lightweight and robust, the Fomtor MTB stem model combines the simplicity factor with that of resistance. The aluminum alloy ensures a potent fixing of the handlebar to the bike frame. The unit also comes with a slightly higher price tag. This high-quality product also offers security. Also, the size is suitable for bikes with a handlebar of about 30 cm.

If descents are your forte, the Fomtor system is the perfect MTB handlebar. Made of 6061 aluminum alloy, it is robust and durable. Overall, the unit is suitable for DH, Freeride, and all-mountain disciplines. It is a part of the best MTB stem category for its value for money.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable and robust
  • Premium materials


  • Only available in one size

Top 6: Wake MTB Stem 31.8 90 mm 0 – 60 degree adjustable

The reduced size for this Wake handlebar stem easily adapts to all the different MTBs. The aluminum that distinguishes it has premium quality. As it is the installation phase, the stem requires few operations. So, it is possible to use the bike immediately. From our perspectives, it guarantees greater stability while driving, leaving it quite pleasant and free of complicated aspects to deal with many situations.

The Wake mountain bike handlebar stem also stands out for being fully adjustable and offers maximum riding customization. Thanks to the practicality and functionality, this stem allows you to work on your MTB. So, you can customize your ride every time. Finally, the unit always guarantees maximum practicality and extraordinary resistance.


  • Premium materials
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum riding customization


  • Expensive

Why Should Buy Mountain Bike Stems

The stem for the handlebar of a bicycle extends beyond the handlebar itself. Like the latter, the attack determines the direction of the vehicle and directly affects the fluidity of the steering. It is a component capable of completely changing the behavior of the bike in any riding condition. Also, riding position and comfort depend on him.

As we have already mentioned, this important accessory can connect it to the rest of the body of your mountain bike. Its key feature is to allow a solid coupling between the upper part of the bike that serves to direct its path. And the lower part allows it to move. The handlebar support must have a sturdy structure to support the weight of the handlebar and that of the driver’s arms.

The best handlebars for MTB are also easy to assemble. This feature should not be underestimated if you want to buy a product that can be perfectly integrated with your MTB, without getting lost in long-standing assembly phases.

Finally, the dimensions of the attack should not be neglected. Identifying the correct length of the mount for MTB handlebars means being able to determine the correct posture on the bike and the stable riding of the biker.

Who Should Buy Mountain Bike Stems

This part is essential, as its purpose is to fix the handlebar to the rest of the bike for all bikers. As can be easily understood, without the handlebar, it is impossible to drive the MTB. If this part were to be unprofessional, the risk of a ruinous fall becomes more and more present, making driving less pleasant and safe than expected. So, it is the fundamental importance to choose the ideal binding or the one that allows you to get on board the MTB and drive it with no worries.

Best Mountain Bike Stems FAQs

Which material to prefer?

Solidity is fundamental for the accessory we are talking about. For the choice of materials, you have several options available. But here, we have shown you only the best. To buy an excellent MTB stem, you can opt between two unique solutions: aluminum or carbon.

How many types are there?

Several models vary according to length, inclination, and material. First, length is the major factor in choosing the right stem and is the orthogonal projection on a plane normal to the axis of the fork steerer, of the two axes of steerer and handlebar. This measure is the primary reference in choosing an MTB stem. The most common lengths on the market vary from 40 millimeters upwards: 55, 70, 85 mm.

How to choose the best mountain bike stem?

Surely, the mountain bike stem is one of the most important components of the bike, and we often underestimate its characteristics. To be sure of your choice, it is essential to have clear immediately what your needs and requirements are and to place them before any other parameter.

It will be possible to have the first idea to determine which products can satisfy one’s desire and fall within the budget and which ones cannot. According to the opinions of many bikers, finding the right MTB handlebar stems means connecting the handlebar of your bike properly to the rest of the entire structure. But it is not always simple.

For the best stem for MTB, evaluate many aspects, such as the discipline you practice and the driving style. Buying the wrong product can negatively change the performance of the MTB, including comfort and handling of who is in the saddle.

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