Best mountain bike shorts

Are you searching for a comfortable and stylish pair of shorts meeting your riding needs? Today, we’ve tested all six pairs and introduced you to the best mountain bike shorts. No matter if it’s about enduro racing or cross-country tasks, these shorts will go through it. They basically endure all kinds of weather, from hot, wet, to cold.

This comprehensive guide and honest review will help you find the best mountain bike shorts to satisfy your riding budget and style. Most of them arrive in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, there are more riders who love the casual styles while some others prefer the daily shorts. But overall, the shorts remain common features such as zippered pockets and vents.



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Top 6 best mountain bike shorts Update 2021

Top 1.   POC, Resistance Enduro Shorts

POC, Resistance Enduro Shorts

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Specially made for higher protection, the Resistance Enduro shorts guarantees the riders have the best performance. It’s built from a stretchy, wicking fabric that can draw the moisture away from your body. The shorts get boosted with Vectran on the knee and hip for further durability. With it, you can have great comfort while pedaling on your bike.

It also ensures both protection and freedom of movement for all riders. By having more materials on the front of your knees plus a higher back of the waist, the shorts provide a comfy fit in your riding position. But what makes them unique would be the Vectran tear-proof panels. They aim to offer optimized protection in any unwanted accident.



  • Better fit for various riding styles
  • Anti-tear fabric
  • Wicking material to draw moisture


  • High price

In short, the Enduro shorts are very durable with excellent leg coverage. What you might love about it is the adjustable waist. The general design is functional, so we can easily adjust it anytime we want. Aside from it, a Velcro tab of the shorts offers you a chance to adjust each side for higher comfort. Or the tab can keep your shorts on the waist.


Top 2.   Fox Racing Ranger Lite Shorts

Fox Racing Ranger Lite Shorts

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The shorts offer a fantastic mixture of high performance and great comfort to all trail riders. Its articulated waistband is believed to deliver the best-seated position while you’re pedaling. The two-hand pickets with a zippered pocket on the thigh allow you to carry anything you need when getting on and off the bicycle. You will also love its clean lines and cool-looking logo as well.

The Ranger Lite shorts seem to prove once again that you don’t need to spend too much for a decent pair of shorts. Also, this casual style makes you look good on the bike and even off. With a slim and functional fit, the shorts of the Fox Ranger makes us focus on riding more than ever.



  • Highly durable and good fit
  • Useful waist adjusters
  • Two-hand pockets close to legs
  • Zippered pocket on thigh


  • Not the best venting

Last but not least, when looking inside the shorts’ waistband, you will spot how it gets linked with the moisture-wicking fabric. The material can dry fast, and feet quite soft on the skin. Its innovative closer also provides more accurate adjustability. Well, bring it home to enjoy the great freedom of movement and comfort for the roughest trails.


Top 3.   Fox Flexair Bike Shorts

Fox Flexair Bike Shorts

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Unlike normal shorts, the Fox Racing Flexair bike shorts can blow you away with their functional features and practical design. It’s super lightweight, so no wonder why the shorts easily offer unique comfort while you’re pedaling. Try it out, and you’ll see how amazing the ventilation of the pair is. This is all thanks to the oversized perforations.

Apart from that, it has some breathable parts that give you a great feeling during the race. You’re kept cool even when you’re sweating a lot on the road. The unique airflow zones combine well with the 4-way fabric to offer maximum breathability. Trust it or not, you will love these shorts for their perfect fit on and off the bike. The shorts also ensure the longevity of your saddle.


  • Comfortable design and great pockets
  • Lightweight and fast-drying material
  • Super pedal-friendly
  • Top-rated Chamois


  • Too slim for some people

Overall, the Flexair shorts might not be the most stylish piece of clothing you’ve known, but they never lack delicate features. Better than that, the shorts deliver a superb fit and pedal-friendly experience to the rider. For comfort, it’s also brilliant because the Flexair owns a trim fit without making you feel so tight.


Top 4.   Race Face Stage Short

Race Face Stage Short

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That’s a good-looking short for wearing anytime in the year. It doesn’t only own the water-resistant but also a reinforced saddle. Unlike the above one, the shorts might not own any vent, but it can mean less bunching. After using this pair for a while, you don’t have to worry much about durability or damage taking place. It’s quite comfy to wear shorts all year round, which is the best part about it.


  • Stay true to the size
  • Good fit and water resistance
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Great summer shorts


  • One side pocket only

To be honest, what makes these shorts special to many riders is properly its built-in Vectran tear-resistant panels. They can help build better protection in any crash.


Top 5.   Zoic Ether Shorts + Liner

Zoic Ether Shorts + Liner

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Mixing with the out-of-date features, the Zoic Ether shorts are undoubtedly the best companion for your upcoming days on the trails. Among so many interesting things, the shorts own comfortable and high-quality chamois material. This stretch fabric is also believed to decrease any unexpected vibration in the saddle. Well, though they can’t compete with other decent models, the shortstop the chart for the high value.



  • Good-looking and great fit
  • Removable inner liner
  • Handy pockets
  • High-quality construction


  • A bit pricey

Overall, the Zoic Ether shorts and liner fit any style of ride. With the lightweight and highly breathable material, the riders always stay cool and feel comfy on the trails. Better than that, the shorts feature six pockets, one waistband, and an adjustment system in the waist to fit your body perfectly.


Top 6.   Pearl Izumi Select Liner

Pearl Izumi Select Liner

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Now you no longer feel confused when having to choose between the traditional bike shorts or the breathability of liner shorts. The PEARL Izumi Select liner shorts will satisfy all your needs with its top-rated chamois. By incorporating chamois, the shorts make any long ride as much comfortable as possible. Also, the elastic waist in the front and the back can help minimize pressure on the abs.


  • Good fit contouring to the body
  • Top-rated chamois
  • Better protection


  • The padding rubs on the side.

In short, the lightweight mesh of the liners enables for greater breathability on your hot summer days. With it, you can go all day long without rubbing or sweating too much.


Why should you buy mountain bike shorts?

Sure enough, there’s no specific rule against putting on clingy shorts while you’re riding on the street. But you can enjoy a fun time on your own bike more if you’ve got the right clothes and protective gear fitting how and where you’re riding. That’s also the reason why you should buy mountain bike shorts right away. They help protect you from unexpected hazards of branches and rocks.

Imagine that you go outside with a bike without even thinking about your clothes once. This is so true for mountain liner shorts, especially when they separate the body from the bike. Be honest, they just sit there, do their excellent job, and you forget all about them. There’s nothing better than that!


Who should buy mountain bike shorts?

Most trail and downhill riders are those who commonly choose loose-fitting shorts while some others prefer mountain bike shorts. These pairs will keep them protected from the outside elements and crashes.

No doubt, mountain bike shorts provide a large number of benefits over casual shorts. Each of them owns the unique stretch, cuts, and durability to prevent crashes and work perfectly with knee pads.



1.   What to dress for downhill biking?

For downhill mountain biking, higher protection is the utmost importance. Besides, speed would be higher, which easily causes falling. That’s why you need more coverage and protection. In this case, choose pants that can have cuts to let you wear knee pads. Last but not least, go with your bike helmet as well!


2.   How to care for your ZOIC shorts?

Here’s a general guide to caring for your ZOIC shorts: You need to use a mild detergent and line drying only. This is because using a dryer could invalidate the warranty. Don’t think of using bleach to wash your ZOIC shorts.


3.   What are the essential pieces of mountain bike clothing for beginners?

  • Chamois
  • Shorts
  • Jersey
  • Knee pads
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Glasses
  • Shoes
  • Helmet


Now you’ve known how to get the best mountain bike shorts for your coming challenges of riding on trails! Most of them are breathable, lightweight, and perfectly fit without getting restricted. They are coated with durable and water-resistant material to keep sweat from soaking through your body.

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