Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Jerseys [2021 Reviews]

Besides a beautiful bike, a suitable bike jersey, in depth, plays an essential role in your experience in biking on the mountain. When you choose the best mountain bike jersey that also meets your needs, you will feel more comfortable and confident in the biking process. 

Of course, if you are on a budget, everyday T-shirts are still fine. But, it is suggested that specific bike jerseys are much more suited to this type of exercise.

Therefore, in this article, the top best mountain bike jerseys will be indicated so that you can choose your bike jersey for your mountain trips.


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Jerseys 

Top#1 INBIKE Mountain Bike Jerseys

The INBIKE mountain bike jersey is the first one in our list as the best short sleeve bike jerseys for mountainous trips. The jersey is famous for its high-quality and straightforward but stylish design. 

It is made totally of polyester mesh fabric, making it light and airy, exceptionally comfortable in hot weather. It is tested that however sweaty you are; it does not matter with an INBIKE mountain bike jersey. 

Furthermore, while the jersey has relatively short sleeves, there is no problem with them, even in bumpy terrain.


  • Affordable
  • Cool-to-wear
  • Simple and fashionable
  • Goggle wipe is handy to remove the odd splatter of crud.


  • Few features
  • Fit is specific to the trail or light endura.

Overall, INBIKE mountain bike jersey has been one of the coolest mountain bike jerseys with a relatively low price in the market recently. Although it does not have many features and does not fit all the mountain topography, it is the best one in the summers for a mountain trip.

Top#2 Wisdom Leaves Mountain Bike Jersey

The second one on our list is the Wisdom Leaves Mountain Bike Jersey. As its name indicated, the jersey has short sleeves, making it suitable for hot conditions and usually moisture-wicking bikers.

The jersey uses 100% recycled polyester, a combination between old plastic bottles and discarded coffee grounds. It also has an additional mesh back panel and underarms to successfully avoid being saturated with sweat.

Besides, a unique feature of the bike jersey is its rear zipped pocket that is relatively large and can bring some small items. 


  • Well-priced
  • Additional stash pocket is right for small stuff.
  • Great cut and fit


  • Bikers may be feel hot.

Generally, Wisdom Leaves Mountain Bike Jersey is a good jersey with a short-sleeve. While it is not as cool as the INBIKE jersey, there’s no need to worry about its quality and significant functions.

Top#3 Santic Cycling Mountain Bike Jersey

Apart from short-sleeve jerseys, three quarter length sleeve jerseys are preferred in chilly weathers such as in autumn. Santic Cycling Mountain Bike Jersey is the first one, especially for women, in our list. Santic Cycling Mountain Bike Jersey is made from 47% merino and 54% polyester, making the fabric breathes well. Besides, double of this material makes it as a base layer to help you keep warm in cold conditions. 

Moreover, a drop tail and articulated cut through the torso and sleeves ensure the jersey’s top does not bunch or bind.

However, as with other three quarter length sleeve jerseys, it takes more time for the long-sleve products to dry than short ones. However, no smell appears while testing the jersey with sweat.


  • Be able to double as a base layer.


  • Relatively tight sleeves

Shortly, the Santic Cycling Mountain Bike Jersey fits best for sports people who love biking on the mountain and look for beautiful and functional jerseys for autumn trips. With good material, aesthetic, and fit, it promises to give you exceptional experiences.

Top#4 JPOJPO Mountain Bike Jersey

The JPOJPO Mountain Bike Jersey has three-quarter-length sleeves, which are mainly for men. It is designed quite loosely, making even enough room for pads and armor underneath.

JPOJPO Mountain Bike Jersey uses Cool touch polyester yarn that makes sure the material is soft and quick dried but hard wearing.

Also, there is a drop tail and an additional suede goggle wipe under the hem to keep your eyewear clean.


  • Using a mesh and cool-touch technology
  • Loose enough for body armor


  • Sometimes too baggy with slim bodies.

Although the JPOJPO Mountain Bike Jersey does not fit all kinds of bodies, it is best for men. The combination of advanced technology and looser fit makes it popular with many mountainous bikers.

Top#5 FREE FISHER Mountain Bike Jersey

Concerning long sleeves, the FREE FISHER Mountain Bike Jersey is a beloved option. It is made of 100% polyester, making it easier to wick sweats than other long-sleeve jerseys. Also, with a medium-cut, it suits various disciplines, from downhill to trail riding.

However, the armor underneath maybe needs sizing up with some specific bodies. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Cool enough on hot days
  • The sleeves can be rolled up.
  • Neutral fit


  • Slowly dry out

Overall, if you are on a budget and are looking for the best long-sleeve bike jersey for your mountain trip, the FREE FISHER Mountain Bike Jersey is worth considering. Although it takes time to dry out, it is still cool on hot days, and the sleeves can be rolled up without any confusion.

Top#6 INBIKE Moisture Short Sleeve Jersey

The last one on our list is another short-sleeve jersey, INBIKE Moisture Short-Sleeve Jersey. 

With someone who is not big fans of FREE FISHER Mountain Bike Jersey’s color or design, this impressive but straightforward jersey’s design is an excellent choice for you. Although it requires a relatively high price, it has incredibly high quality and a high-quality certification to be comfy with its ethical practices.


  • Comfortable all day long
  • A high-quality certification
  • Suitable with many disciplines


  • Fairly expensive

In general, INBIKE Moisture Short-Sleeve Jersey will give bikers great experiences even on all hot, long days. Moreover, its cut and material are highly appreciated.

Why Should Buy Mountain Bike Jerseys

There are many reasons why buying a mountain bike jersey is essential.

Firstly, different from everyday clothes, mountain bike jerseys are produced only for biking on mountains. These jerseys help decrease the wind resistance, so your jersey needs to most fit your body and not be as loose as regular or daily sports clothes. Besides, a 3D design also uses the material’s elasticity to support the reaction force for muscles while working, which protects the muscles from being hurt while biking.

Secondly, a specific bike jersey to climb the mountain has the function to absorb sweat and moisture, so your bodies keep dry while biking.

Furthermore, the cut and seams of the mountain bike jerseys are also better than the normal ones. For example, a more extended size at the back and shorter in the front makes it more comfortable while biking in trails or downhills. 

Besides, some other parts associated with the jerseys make it much more valuable. For example, extra goggles and glasses wipe inside the bottom hem of the shirt and a pocket will be more convenient if you need to bring some small things. 

As a jersey for biking on the mountain, every biker should choose this type of cloth.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in biking, its fit, materials, sleeves, and style are all the features helping you have great experiences. 

Indeed, for someone who wants to find the fittest and proper cloth for your trip, a mountain bike jersey is the best one. 

Best Mountain Bike Jerseys FAQs

What is the best mountain bike jersey?

The INBIKE Mountain pike jersey is the answer to this question. A famous brand produces this jersey in the jersey market. More importantly, the cloth has special features to satisfy any customers. Not only is it affordable, but it also has a simple and fashionable design. Other than that, with an inexpensive jersey, you can own a handy goggle wipe to remove any annoying odd splatter of crud. Notably, it best fits on hot days because it has incredibly high-quality materials, making you comfy all day long.

How should a mountain bike jersey fit?

Whether a mountain bike jersey fits or not depends mainly on your body. Additionally, it would help if you thought about the weather before riding with your jersey. If it is cold, choose a long-sleeve jersey, maybe the best choice, and vice versa.

What features to consider while buying mountain bike jerseys?

There are some main factors you should consider before choosing any jerseys for riding on mountains. They are fit and riding style, materials, sleeves, style, and extra parts. 

Are our mountain bike jerseys worth it?

Of course, if you want to have the most incredible experiences while riding on trails or downhills, a bike jersey is unable to lack. Of course, if you are on a budget, you can choose some relatively cheap but good items such as Wisdom Leaves Mountain Bike Jersey or JPOJPO Mountain Bike Jersey. 

Why are mountain bike jerseys so expensive?

Mainly because it is a specific product with exceptional features. For example, the available material must be more high-quality than regular clothes so that it can wick away sweat well.

Final Words 

Overall, 7Mesh Desperado Henly Women’s is the best mountain bike jersey for women, with three-quarter-length sleeves in cool weather. It both has a drop tail and articulated cut, and its material can double as a base layer to keep you warm. Plus, if you are looking for the Best Mountain Bike Jersey, INBIKE Mountain Bike Jersey is an intelligent choice. It’s affordable, neutral fit, and also relaxed with high-quality material.

To conclude, above are the six best mountain bike jerseys in 2021. Besides, the article also gives you some necessary pieces of knowledge to choose your suitable jersey. Hopefully, you will find your bike jersey to have great mountain trips!

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