Best Mountain Bike GPS – You Can Select Your Own Choices

Best mountain bike GPS is one of the modern accessories that you’d love to have on your ride. It means both convenience and helpfulness to the bikers. Especially when mountain biking becomes a sport and adventures, specific support like a GPS will mean a lot. 

Due to the climb of demand, many makers join in developing the best mountain bike GPS. The variety could make your head spin, mostly because of examining specifications and functions. 

Let’s get you cool off right now with our best options here. Don’t worry about specs since they are already good to go. Just need to check up your budget and demand to find the best bang for the buck!


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Top 6 best mountain bike water GPS

Top 1: Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bolt GPS 

It is probably one of the best from Wahoo since it’s the most modern edition. The Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT includes heavy-duty performance and super helpful with the smart application. 

The best about Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT is its functional tracking feature. You will have the map downloads and upload automatically with any of the best biking apps. You can connect with Strava Live Segments or Ride with GPS. MTB Project or Singletrack are all compatible with this device. 

Especially, to make it the best for outdoor activities like riding, the maker made them water-proof. You’re free to ride under snow, storm, or rain since it can work fine under 5ft of water. 


  • Easy and convenient setup
  • Complete package
  • LED notification for turns
  • Long battery life
  • Water-proof


  • Narrow spots to press buttons
  • Costly 

Top 2: Garmin Edge 1030 GPS With Navigation and Connected Features

Next to Wahoo, Garmin is also one of the giants in bike GPS. This Garmin Edge 1030 is the first name we call, and you’ll find more options below. 

When you choose a Garmin, you will have its database included immediately. Since it shares a significant stake in the market, its database for routes also means many riders. The device offers comprehensive navigation and helps you to find the best trails wherever you go. 

If you fancy modernization and ultimate convenience, this one is the choice. Its touchscreen can ease your anger with buttons, not to mention the ease of use. 

With 16GB of memory and up to 20 hours of battery life, Garmin Edge 1030 will be an ideal companion. Take it and go!


  • Colored display
  • Garmin data included
  • Convenient with alerts and pre turns
  • Large memory
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive

Top 3: Garmin Edge 530 Dynamic Performance GPS

Garmin Edge 1030 is modern, but it’s also a significant investment. When you are not up for that fancy, a Garmin Edge 530 could be a good alternative. 

Garmin Edge 530 is offering a high-performance monitor that inherits from the Garmin cycle map. Besides, users still obtain a device to track personal data such as distance, calories, performance, etc. 

Garmin Edge 530 is a steal for technology. With almost everything right except the touchscreen like the above.  


  • Convenient touchscreen
  • The smart system with alerts and everything
  • Long battery life
  • Free app included
  • Multitasking monitor


  • Vaguely sensible buttons

Top 4: LEZYNE Mega C Cycling GPS

Let’s have a break from Garmin. We have a LEZYNE Mega C, which you would love for price. It’s one of the affordable options, but still, you’ll have everything you need for a good ride. 

It supports both Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity, so either way, as you feel comfortable with. Besides, the devices can run for 32 to 48 hours without breaking down. Therefore, we find it ideal for long-day cruises. 

Users can have the device connected with available databases from popular applications. However, you can also contribute to customizing your route. The device will help you record personal exploration and be with you loyally on the road. 

If you need a raw and customizable bike GPS, we highly recommend this item. It’s not the most modern, but it could fit you the best.


  • USB port for charging 
  • Super long battery life
  • Customizable routes
  • Compact size
  • Synchronized calls and texts with a smartphone
  • Off-line map available


  • Dimmed display that’s hard to see in the dark

Top 5: Garmin Edge 130 Plus Cycling GPS

Garmin Edge 130 Plus is the older edition, so it’s much cheaper than 1030. However, this piece can nail your ride as it did. 

The other Garmin models are modern and high-tech, while this one is basic and simplified. Hence, it’s super suitable when you’re in favor of old-school and simple devices. 

Garmin Edge 130 Plus works on black and white display, but it represents everything you need to know. Your route, heart rate, performance, and distance will always be on track with this little beast. 


  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • Ability to pair with your training process
  • Notifications included
  • Garmin data included


  • LiveTrack only available with a connection to smartphones

Top 6: Garmin Fenix 6 Premium Multisports GPS Watch

Garmin doesn’t stop by GPS devices to mount on your bike; they even make GPS watches. If you fancy ultimate convenience, a watch will be better than a separated device. 

This Garmin Fenix 6 watch can also show you the location when you connect it with smartphones. Using this, your data like heart rate, calories, muscle work could be more precise since it measures you. 


  • Portable and ultimate handy
  • Connected with smartphones
  • Training record synced
  • Satellite navigation system


  • Not in front of you to see as other GPS

Why should I buy a mountain bike GPS?

A bike GPS device is much cheaper than buying a bike for sure, but it’s one of the costly investments regarding bike accessories. Hence, people usually hesitate to buy one or not.

We highly recommend having your GPS device, no matter how much you trust Google Maps or phone’s maps. To tell you so, we have our reasons. 

Bike GPS is made to show bike trails and roads. The point is they built up the data from different sources, including your exploration. Many apps by the makers have been with increasing databases just for biking. As a result, having a bike GPS means a much more convenient method to track your paths.

Next to tracking, a GPS device is made to record your training. You can review the distance you rode, calories burnt, and heart rate after the cruise. Who doesn’t like that?

If you are not up yet for the above benefits, take credit for your safety. These devices can track your biking routes better than Google Maps or mobile phones. So, why not?

Who should buy a mountain bike GPS?

As for safety, we supposed all mountain bikers should have a GPS device. In case you’re on your routes so well, let’s see the device from another perspective. 

A GPS device shows that you are a professional cyclist. You have your training prepared and take it seriously with all equipment. Not for decoration, this little mounted thing could have your ride recorded and help you to make a better training plan. 

When you’re in practice or training, a bike GPS seems to be even more critical. It’s a finishing touch, like a buddy, to get you improved along with all other accessories.

Best mountain bike GPS FAQs

Is it necessary to buy a bike GPS?

A GPS device is not compulsory for biking; however, it helps a lot. If you mean to have a quality riding time, then a GPS will be a decisive addition. It can help to trace your routes, record calories burnt, and so on. 

What app can I use on bike GPS? 

Along with the rise of bike GPS, we have a bunch of apps. Some are customized for the devices, and some are for general users. Among so many options, we recommend the most used applications for biking, such as Strava and Trailforks. The more users use it, the larger the database grows. Besides, GoPro, Singletracks, MTB project, or Weather app also make up a significant market share. 

Garmin- a big name in the bike GPS industry among apps for everyone- also develops its app. Considering the Garmin GPS users, the app also means an excellent database for routes, trails, and bike roads.

Can I track my bike on Google Maps?

Google Map also presents routes for biking. You can find the route or directions and opt for the vehicle “Bike.” However, Google Maps’ database is not adequate if you want to explore new or specified roads.

Can the iPhone track my bike?

The good news for iPhone users is that you can track your bike using the device. You can start with importing data in the “Activity” section and go along with its tracking work. Based on this section, you can record additional info such as exercise periods, distance, and so on. 

Can I trust Strava?

Strava’s accuracy depends on the source of data. It’s usually better if you use the phone rather than Satellite. 

The location also affects the accuracy of Strava due to the difference in signal frequency. 

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