Protecting Your Hands During The Ride With The Best Mountain Bike Gloves 

When it comes to the items attached to mountain bike rides, mountain bike gloves are an indispensable accessory. It not only ensures the safety of the cyclist but also has many other excellent advantages.

Capturing the needs of consumers, manufacturers have created a variety of mountain bike gloves. However, not everyone knows the best mountain bike gloves for them. The following article will give you the reviews and necessary information to find the best product for yourself!



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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Gloves For You

Top 1: Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Mountain Bike Gloves

First of all, the Seibertron Dirtpaw comes in a massive range of colors and sizes, perfecting for adults and kids, depending on sizing. Secondly, its touchscreen compatibility is genuinely a perk as it allows you to use your mobile phone without taking off gloves during your ride. 

Plus, the gloves are designed and padded with the Lycra material, enhancing grip strength and the handlebars control ability. These gloves become ideal for mountain biking, downhill biking, ATVs, and BMX biking with high versatility. 


  • Affordable 
  • Useful touchscreen capability
  • Fit reasonably well


  • The fingertips’ interior seams are slightly uncomfortable

This product is one of the best options for those who are on a tight budget. They offer a good grip, and the fabric is also breathable. Many previous customers leave great recommendations and good reviews for this pair of gloves. 

Top 2: Giro DND Men’s Mountain Bike Gloves

If you are seeking a protective pair of gloves, you can consider this Giro DND model. They are made with breathable, strong, moisture-wicking, and stretchable material. These features help to prevent the fabric from absorbing water and liquids.

Additionally, the manufacturer added the EVA crash pads and the suede microfiber palm for riders to get more protection. Although these gloves are compatible with the touchscreen of smartphones, it is still a hassle when getting them to work effectively somehow. 


  • Added pads for protection 
  • Moisture-wicking prevention
  • Compatible with touchscreen


  • Not suitable for winter riding

In general, the Giro DND product is likely your favorite all-around pair of gloves with a minimalist design. Besides, you will also be satisfied with the durable and strong synthetic fiber that provides improved performance, grip, and durability. 

Top 3: GEARONIC Shockproof Mountain Bike Gloves

The gloves are made of nylon fabric, improving the strength and durability. The tough palm pads are also included to increase comfortability and grip. Another benefit that you can get is breathability, as the air can flow through when you are riding if you have fully enclosed gloves. 


  • Breathable material
  • Anti-shock slip pad
  • Well-made


  • Taking a while to stretch and conform to your hands

Coming with the harsh, high-quality fabric, this product becomes the best value on this list. However, some people might not like the fingerless style. This style can be a plus, but your fingers will not be protected from harm, not to mention that they might be cold in the winter. 

Top 4: POC Resistance Enduro Mountain Bike Gloves

When mentioning POC Resistance mountain bike gloves’ features, you will be amazed at the thin and vented palms. They are manufactured with the moisture-wicking material, giving a comfortable bar feel and avoiding heat build-up also. Moreover, you can find out the silicon print designed on the two braking fingers as well as a terry cloth added on the thumb. 


  • Comfortable material
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Ventilated palm


  • Expensive

The POC brand always gains a reputation for quality and unique design. That is why their products do not come cheap. However, when buying these products, you will possess a functional pair of gloves. 

Top 5: Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

This is another leading brand for high-intensity biking equipment, so you do not need to worry about its quality. One of the best features is the reliable, durable, and developed full-fingered design. The material is 100% nylon fabric and absorbent micro-suede in the pointer and thumb fingers. 


  • Well-made
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality


  • They are not compatible with touchscreen devices

It is easy to find these gloves in different sizes with two primary colors that are black and red. Wearing this pair of gloves is not convenient somehow for those who need to use their mobile phones frequently when on trails as the screens will not recognize these gloves. 

Top 6: Cool Change Unisex Mountain Bike Gloves

With the terry cloth and SBR padding, the gloves will give you increased shock-absorbing traction, grip, and power. Besides, the materials are comfortable and stretchy, which are not affected by the weather condition. However, they are suitable for hot weather than cold ones as they are not waterproof. 


  • Fit perfectly
  • Well-made
  • Worth the price


  • Not water-resistant

Generally, this pair of gloves is stylistic and essential for any rides on the road or through the forest. The gloves are available in 10 colors and four sizes. Therefore, you can quickly and comfortably choose the one that fits your style. 

Why Should Buy Mountain Bike Gloves?

The hands are the organ that contains the most nerves in the human body. Therefore, we need superior protection to avoid the collision to damage it. Even in everyday life, we all need to pay attention to protect our own hands. Along with that, many mountain bikers choose to choose bicycle gloves to protect their hands.

Using mountain bike gloves is an effective way to protect the hands, especially when they are on long trips. These products are specially designed with comprehensive hand protection capabilities, limiting the user’s hand from being damaged by impact. The glove design is often equipped with a plastic or rubber hump, creating an outer barrier, reducing the external impact on the hand bones, fingers.

Wearing gloves while cycling also helps to reduce the risk of an accident on the road. This glove helps to create friction, supports the user to hold better, increases safety. If riding a barefoot bicycle will be challenging to achieve, especially when the palms are often sweaty, or it is raining.

Mountain bike gloves act as a barrier, protecting the hands from adverse effects while cycling. Not only can they protect hands from injury, but these gloves are also equipped with many other features, increasing utility.

Gloves help the user block the sun, protect his hands’ skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays. It helps users to enjoy trips even on hot summer days comfortably.

Many mountain bike gloves are used mainly with water-resistant materials, increasing their service life and improved ability to use them.

In some designs, gloves are also lined with cotton or felt to help keep heat. With such products, users use the car to ride and keep warm, helping to prevent cold hands.

Who Should Buy The Mountain Bike Gloves?

For those who regularly ride mountain bikes, gloves are an indispensable accessory. Mountain bike gloves are usually very thin and are made of a more flexible material than work gloves. This advantage helps cyclists with gloves but still has an excellent feeling to control the vehicle accurately, especially for sudden braking and moving the bike on steep terrain.

Bike gloves are also effective at protecting your hands from cuts and scratches. So, if you plan to go on a mountain bike adventure, you should not miss this essential accessory.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves FAQs 

How should I store mountain bike gloves?

It would help if you chose gloves that suit the needs and purpose of your trip. The protective humped gloves are suitable for frequent long-haul rides, and weather-resistant gloves suitable for hiking trips.

The right size gloves will hold your hand close. It will keep you from feeling too tight or too loose with gloves. Besides, it would help if you cleaned the gloves regularly, avoiding the smell of them by absorbing too much sweat.

Depending on the material and your glove line, you should choose the right cleaning method: dry cleaning for leather, wet washing for synthetic fabrics, especially, keep gloves in a dry place.

How to choose the right mountain bike gloves?

When it comes to mountain biking, bicycle gloves are the essential thing to grip your bike handle and protect yourself. When you’re cycling on the trails and jumping off boulders, your hands need to loosen or grip the bike handle tighter to maintain control.

Choose mountain bike gloves with a palm-shaped texture for maximum grip. These gloves also need a palm pad to protect the hands from injury that can worsen in the long run.

Because there is another risk that you will fall while cycling, gloves should also be durable enough to withstand the effects you will likely face while cycling. It allows you to use your hands to help you if you fall.

Be sure to try out a few different glove sizes. If they’re too broad, your hands will slip around while cycling, eliminating the benefits of having more grip.

How long can I use mountain bike gloves?

If you know how to preserve it, mountain bike gloves can last from a few months to a year. At a reasonable price, it is the accessory that you should equip your mountain biking.


Hopefully, through the above information, you will choose your best mountain bike gloves as desired. At the same time, they will make a great companion for you throughout your trip. Thanks to that, your journey to explore and conquer nature will be complete.

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