Best Mountain Bike Forks in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

A mountain bike without a fork is useless. The best mountain bike forks are the essential devices for the proper functioning of this type of bicycle. Even some experienced riders need help in determining which one would suit their machine perfectly.

Once you have a simple idea of ​​the 6 best mountain bike forks, you will not be in trouble with other models. Remember that an excellent fork must be rigid, robust, and easily malleable. With these key features in mind, you can begin reading.


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Top 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks Updated 

Top 1: RockShox 30 Fork

Choosing a fork today is a professional job. It is an activity that is not open to everyone, given the complexity of this area. Likewise, given the multitude of creations already set up, we wanted to shed the light on this special model, the RockShox 30 fork.

Although being lightweight, this easy-to-use fork is the result of an impeccable manufacturing style. Made from over 25% steel, this fork has up to 45% magnesium. Its durability is certain given the high-end materials. Likewise, the maintenance task can also be complex.

But this quality fork with adjustable rebound will be useful to you, even if it is not adapted for the steep terrain. The design of this fork is the result of a well-developed work. It provides users with an accessory capable of withstanding considerably.


  • Excellent quality
  • Appreciable clearance
  • Adjustable rebound
  • With conical pivot
  • Recommended diameter
  • Guarantee offered
  • Excellent for cross-country
  • Easy to use


  • Lightweight
  • Reduced compatibility
  • Complex maintenance

Top 2: RockShox Recon Fork

Are you looking for a durable, beautiful, and lightweight fork for your mountain bike? This RockShox model can meet your requirements. With its sturdy frame and stylish lines, you cannot find a better replacement. Although it is qualified as high-quality equipment, this part of the bicycle justifies its high quality-price ratio.

The structure of a bicycle fork matters a lot. If it is solid, it lasts longer. Otherwise, it represents an investment at a loss. Inspecting that of the RockShox Recon model, we realize the manufacturer has gone all out. Besides its steel plungers, it also has Solo Air springs and External rebound, and Turnkey lockout shocks.

With a peak performance with the travel of 120 mm, the latter allows the rider to tame any terrain. It even benefits from several driving technologies, thanks to the compatibility. If you need more flexibility and lightness when pedaling, this fork would be a great recommendation. Apart from its high price, it does not disappoint on any point.


  • Good structure
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick assembly
  • Increased durability
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • Great compatibility


  • High selling price
  • Sold without accessories

Top 3: RockShox Judy Fork

RockShox Judy fork is one of the essential elements on a bike, both in terms of performance and comfort. This fork provides you with comfort when traveling, whether on small or large shocks. It is a fork that has a simple assembly and is compatible with all brands.

For the strength and ability, it is long-lasting over time thanks to reliable construction materials. The designer wanted to please his users by giving them something solid. With its solid construction materials, this fork is all-terrain and capable of taking all roads whether they are rough. It is a model that can be used in any season and has an elegant design. It does not have any gasket kits and is expensive.


  • Fairly simple assembly
  • Compatible with multiple bikes
  • All-terrain fork
  • Solid building materials
  • Suitable in any season
  • Compact dimensions


  • No gasket kit supplied
  • Costs a little expensive

Top 4: SR Suntour Raidon Fork

The fork of your mountain bike is no longer efficient and becomes awkward to handle. Do not panic because SR Suntour Raidon fork is here to come. Adopting it for your bike can assure you of incomparable efficiency and performance. It is compatible with V-Brakes for dry and efficient brakes. Also, it offers excellent spring suspensions with a travel of 50 mm. You can venture on all the grounds without fear for your performances.

The SR Suntour Raidon fork is a piece of equipment that not only performs well but is highly robust. Indeed, it can withstand any level of pressure that is worthy of the greatest champions. It is one reason this unit is so popular with mountain biking professionals.

It is in aluminum. It is a resistant and ultra-light material. This fork also incorporates a hole in the arch for night lighting. However, you cannot use it on all ATV models.


  • Excellent braking
  • Very good suspensions
  • Resistant material
  • Device for planned lighting
  • Easy to install


  • Risk of incompatibility


If you want to change your old mountain bike fork for a more efficient, robust, and high-performance device, you can safely rely on the BUCKLOS LUTU MTB fork. It is suitable for the most demanding users. This fork comforts you and precision with extremely easy handling. Its contemporary design gives your bike a stylish look.

Besides, this fork is efficient with quality brakes. It comes with a 160 mm brake with spring suspensions for high performance. This model is also a robust device with a unique level of ergonomics. However, this equipment is not compatible with the V-Brake type.


  • Comfort and precision
  • Sober design
  • Excellent stability
  • Ultra-robust equipment
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not compatible with V-Brake models
  • Costs quite expensive

Top 6: Fox 32 Fork

The Fox 32 fork is a device that will make you rediscover the pleasure of cycling, whether you are a professional or an amateur. If you choose to adopt it, its ease of maintenance will seduce you. Whether it is to calibrate the guide rings or change the seals, everything is simple.

Also, it is a robust device made from an alloy of aluminum and steel. The fork weighs only 1300 grams that gives you easy handling. You also have a warranty of use of two years. This fork also offers a wide level of compatibility. Whether you have a mountain bike or a city bike, it can adapt well enough to give you an exceptional level of performance. Unfortunately, to have it, pay a high price.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent material
  • Reliable suspension
  • Perfect handling
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed performance


  • High price-performance ratio

Why Should I Buy the Best Mountain Bike Forks?

Depending on their size, forks are categorized by inches. Apart from the size, there is also the diameter that helps to classify the forks by inch. As an example of an inch, we have 26-inch MTB forks and 29-inch forks. In this part, look at the benefits of the 26-inch fork. The 26-inch fork wheels, compared to the others, are small and compact.

So, with this kind of wheel, you will gain speed and it is useful when you need to speed up out of a turn. If you prefer the tracks in the undergrowth, you will have the ease of surveying the tight and winding paths. We recommend MTB forks to people who are less interested in comfort and priority riding techniques. In short, MTB forks give you more precision and speed. It is an asset of choice for rather winding or narrow paths.

Who Should Buy Best Mountain Bike Forks

For a leisure mountain bike ride, you can take a coil spring fork if you prioritize reliability or performance with travel between 100 and 130 mm. For cross-country outings on a semi-rigid or full suspension mountain bike, choose a light fork with an air system and travel of 80 to 120 mm to limit losses because of the phenomenon of pumping. Locking the handlebars if possible and adjusting the trigger is necessary for sports use.

When doing All-Mountain, the performance and lightness of an air fork will be an asset. But a coil spring can also be an excellent choice for its strength. Opt for travel between 130 and 160 mm to handle the descents without problem with your mountain bike. Locking the fork is not mandatory, but we recommend compression and rebound change to suit many tracks.

Best Mountain Bike Forks FAQs

What is a bike fork?

The fork is an essential component that makes up a bicycle. For a bicycle enthusiast, this element should be no stranger. Indeed, the fork serves to connect the handlebars and the frame of the bicycle with the front wheel.

With the help of this element, you have control of the direction of your machine. The mountain bike fork is essential to the functioning of the bike. So, if you want to have a high-performance bike, you might as well take it upon yourself to have a good quality fork.

What is the point of opting for a rigid MTB fork?

We speak of rigid forks to those that are not made with suspensions. We recommend this kind of MTB fork for people who prefer race mountain bike races and are not interested in the comfort that the suspensions could provide. It reduces the weight of their bike and appreciates the sensations.

In the past, these fork models were aluminum or steel. But over time, carbon models have taken over the market. In fact, by staying more curved towards the front of the ATV, these models allowed better comfort. These so-called rigid forks are lighter and require less maintenance or special overhaul. Suddenly, a simple cleaning stroke is enough to make the fork clean. But be sure to check the condition of the screws.

How to choose your MTB fork?

In deciding which fork is best for you, it is best to consider some given variations and your riding style. First, note that for the shape of the fork, you have three options: the curved fork, the straight fork, or the suspension fork.

Returning to the first option that it is the curved fork, we recognize it is the first model released. Its forward curved shape reduced road impact. The second option, the right fork is best known for its ability to bring more agility to your bike. As for the last option, the option of the suspension fork allows absorbing the shock in rough terrain.

But the flip side is that with this fork, spend more on its purchase. And it is quite heavy and requires a lot of maintenance. The suspension fork gives you the choice between two shocks, the air shock or the coil shock.

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