Due to the development of XCO courses, the mountain bike is required to have proper posts and bigger tires for tackling riders’ increasingly-technical demands. Consequently, the slight mountain bike is less manufactured.

However, there still remains some excellent race machines for featherweight mountain bike lovers which are going to be introduced in this article. Let’s learn of the best lightweight mountain bikes!


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Top 6 best lightweight mountain bikes you should buy

Top 1: Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Being one of the lightest assembly-line production mountain bikes with a stiff frame (seat collar and rear axle included) and a total weight of 37.1 pound are prominent characteristics of the Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike.

This bike has various sizes, and each size is equipped with a slightly specific layup of ‘Rider-First’ delivering riding comfort. Its sculpted front is designed with a 100mm travel Brain-equipped and RockShox SID extreme fork. The manufacturers use a 42mm offset fork crown to achieve extra stability. Moreover, the nearly 69 degrees flexible head angle is an excellent element enabling riders to tackle sharp bends more smoothly. 

Additionally, the Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike would bring you long-time riding convenience with a 30.9mm FACT carbon seat post and 143mm carbon fiber saddle. Sporty and eye-catching design with pure white colorway must be another advantage of the bike that you don’t want to miss when purchasing a lightweight mountain bike.


  • The lightest frame
  • Riding comfort
  • Ultimate racer specifications


  • Acquired taste BRAIN fork 
  • Relatively high price

Even though its low quantity of spoke wheels (24 upfront) could be a little wayward when it has to work hard, the bike’s brand kit is too light. These things are why the Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike always remains one of my favorite bikes in XCO tournaments.

Top 2: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

With the carbon fiber frame, its total weight is astonishingly light at just 8.7kg allowing riders to kill the mountain road thanks to 550g rigid fork. The super-flat and kinked top tube helps the bike dissipate the additional shock coming, while the long carbon legs bring you a smoother riding than you suppose. 

The super-slender stays are constructed for more flexibility; however, there’s still an abundance of meat surrounding the chainstays and cranks to reduce weight count and kick hard. The 100mm fork has a similar length just to a travel unit; therefore, swapping won’t distort the short and agile wheelbase tackling. 


  • Forgiving frame
  • Customizable purchasing options
  • For both genders


  • Rigid descending is appropriate for those who have strong wrists and finesse. 
  • Somewhat inconvenience in muddy roads

The fantastic thing is that you could customize the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike by picking the necessary components provided by its customization program. 

Top 3: Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

The Podium Carbon is known as a genuinely distinctive silhouette with progressive aesthetics. The Podium’s exceptional forward geometry of the Mongoose Status Mountain Bike is designed for effective control, more excellent safety, greater handling, and balance on dangerous trails. 

Moreover, its 920g medium frame is made of Stealth Carbon that is a needed requirement for a too light and quickly-responsive bike. The seat stays and super-slim top tube are combined with a 27.20mm seat post for delivering riding comfort, especially on rough roads.

The Mongoose Status Mountain Bike is integrated with the special Technology, which provides a lighter, more integrated, and stiffer aero-style model for 2017. With 128gr fiber made of Carbon, it gives dominant steering precision and greater rigidity.


  • Outstanding integrated look
  • Riding comfort
  • Stealth Carbon frame


  • Fairly old-fashioned geometry numbers
  • High price

If rear suspension and curved Forward Geometry are what you need to handle the roughest roads, you should look at the lately radical and updated Mongoose Status Mountain Bike.

Top 4: Roadmaster R8047WMDS Mountain Bike

With just 8.63kg weight, the Roadmaster R8047WMDS Mountain Bike should be on the best lightweight mountain bike list. Its very lightweight is a significant advantage when handling mountain terrains; now, let’s figure out the reasons for this.

Since 2019, the frame has been evolving into not a total-new model, but a notable one. At present, the Roadmaster R8047WMDS Mountain Bike‘s main tubes become bigger, tire clearance is wider at  2.35in, and the integrated Seatpost holder provides a more slightly-flexible Seatpost. 

Moreover, while the bike’s stem has a 90mm length, its carbon bar has a 760mm width, but this product is still flat and slim to keep your hands below over its 29in front tire.


  • Amazing accuracy of the one-leg fork
  • Super-slim frame
  • Flexible seatpost and saddle


  • Enve kit appears to be unforgiving
  • Steering could be snatchy

Top 5: ZHANGZHANG Mountain Bike

Now we can see the ZHANGZHANG Mountain Bike‘s impressive performance in the 2019 tournament. The prominent characteristic of this bike is apparent black coverings encased around the head tubes. 

The new supercaliber of the ZHANGZHANG Mountain Bike spotlights a 60mm Fox shock directly coupling the top tube with the seatstays. Although the Trek is relatively heavier compared with the other lightweight mountain bikes, it enables riders to smoothly handle a climb or rock mess with flexible tires and a carbon frame. 


  • Unique suspension with extraordinary accuracy
  • Dealing well with rocky terrains
  • Quickly-rebounding tires


  • Somewhat heavier than others in lightweight mountain bike family
  • Not too fast

More importantly, the relaxed head angle is upgraded up to 69.5 degrees that makes the ZHANGZHANG Mountain Bike become the slackest featherweight mountain bike

Top 6: Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike doesn’t need too much introduction. Combined between the Nino skill and power, the bike has been a relentless racing machine in many tournaments.

The frame geometry is equipped with Spark rolling on 29er tires that makes this bike more technology trail-ready and radical than most of the other featherweight mountain bikes. Additionally, an 1800g chassis with trimmings and shock still forms the lightest, full-suspension, mass-production frame around.


  • Fun and fast on technical roads
  • Great suspension
  • Excellent value


  • Lack of dropper post
  • Somewhat heavier than others in lightweight mountain bike family

In short, the cantilevered one crown carbon-made fork makes the Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike become a slighter fork, and once you could find the sweet spot, it’s also completely smooth.

Why should I buy a lightweight mountain bike?

In this section, let me help you learn about two significant reasons to buy a gravel bike.

Firstly, as shown in its name, a featherweight mountain bike is slighter than all the other mountain bikes. You can easily bring it anywhere you want without any inconvenience. If you encounter a challenging trail that you could pass, you can just get out of the bike, take it by one hand and go through. As you see, low weight is an advantage.

Furthermore, if you are not a professional biker or a beginner, the featherweight mountain bikes are born to serve you. Due to having inherited all functions of the conventional mountain bikes, the slight mountain bikes are able to help you conquer the arduous mountain trails and tackle the toughest terrains. This kind of mountain bike also covers a stiff and flexible frame and forks, so that you don’t have to worry about its durability. Don’t judge a book by its cover; the lightweight mountain bike is thin and slim, but astonishingly stiff and durable. 

Who should buy a lightweight mountain bike

Due to the dominance of mountain bikes with big wheels, the featherweight mountain ones are decreasing in the quantity of production. Thereby, choosing a slight mountain bike is challenging, and picking one that is appropriate to you is an even stricter process. However, I’m here to help you pick the most appropriate bike for you, lightweight mountain riders.

First and foremost, you have to answer the three following questions.

How much will you spend?

Answering this question is indispensable whenever you buy a lightweight mountain bike. For example, if you desire a carbon fork and frame, you will have to prepare a large budget enough to meet the increasing price compared to other fork and frame materials.

Where are you going to ride?

The kind of terrain is the key. You have to define whether it is steep or rocky and technical with roots, whether there’ll be lots of shuttle or climbing laps, and whether how big the jumps and drops are. Depending on the answers to these questions above, you should determine how aggressive your bike will be.

When are you going to ride?

If you’re going to ride solely during mid-summer in mountainous terrains, an endure or standard trail bike will be fine. For snowy trails, a fat lightweight mountain bike is the best choice. While maybe a road bike equipped with 2.3″ wheels will be a better idea for middle summer cycling. If you desire to ride only one lightweight mountain bike in the entire year, a lightweight mountain bike with attached fat wheels appears to be the best choice. 

After having dealt with these questions, you must be able to select the most appropriate featherweight mountain bike to your own.

FAQs about light weight mountain bikes

What are the prominent characteristics of a lightweight mountain bike making me buy it instead of an ordinary mountain bike?

Firstly, it’s a financial issue. A lightweight mountain bike can provide full functions just like an ordinary mountain one can at a lower cost. Besides, you can quickly take the featherweight ones away into cars. Just imagine you drive to mountainous terrain and ride on your lightweight mountain bike, then you come back home without any troubles. That’s a convenience this kind of bike brings to you.

Can I pick and buy distinct components of a lightweight mountain bike and assemble them into a complete one?

Totally yes. At the featherweight mountain bike market, there’s an abundance of different items of the bike, so that you’re free to pick and create your own bike. Moreover, if you come to Orbea Alma M-Ltd, there’s even a program for those who’re keen on featherweight mountain bike customization.

Are there any gasoline-operated lightweight mountain bikes? I’m tired of cycling?

Really? Are you kidding me? The answer is an absolute “no”. I just can’t believe that there are such kinds of questions. The missions of the bike in general or lightweight mountain bike, in particular, are to produce a healthy lifestyle and to protect the environment through no carbon emission release. Cycling on a featherweight mountain bike on the weekend is not a bad idea. Try it!

The final words

Lightweight mountain bike riding is a wonderful way to take adventure outdoors while improving health and keeping fit. This kind of mountain bike is appropriate to any gender or age; thus, you should buy some for all members of your family and hold an outdoor trip to mountain areas. That’ll be a great memory!

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