Best Kid Mountain Bike: 2021 Review And Assessment

Previously, buying best kid mountain bike is not an essential issue for parents since there were not many options to choose the proper bike for their little children. Kids had to ride on adults’ bikes even if it is too big for them, and it created uncomfortable feelings when they are discovering outdoors. Therefore, this adjusted kids’ ambition to go out more.

Nowadays, we live in modern society, the demands for hobbies are also increasing a lot, especially for children, who would prefer to stay outside and ridding on a bike to experience biking in the mountains rather than at home. Understanding this issue, many brands were jumping into the market and making a massive investment in researching and developing new models for mountain bikes. It is about fancy design or high price and about comfortable and fit correctly.



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Top 6 Best Kid Mountain Bike New 2021

Top 1: Rocky Mountain Reaper Kid Mountain Bike

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This ideal bike is a perfect motivation for any boy or girl, making them more confident because of the perfect design and comfort.

Origin from Canada, Rocky Mountain Reaper occupied fit properly formula 24-inch wheels that lets kids take advantage of discovering every bump or any obstacle on their roads. The design is perfect with a fork up front, and middle seat, which helps children is more freedom to ride and travel whenever they want without hesitation.

Equipped by hydraulic brakes and a fan-blade of 180 mm fore and aft, it contains a plus of stopping power to keep children safer on their dangerous path.

Lastly, Rocky Mountain Reaper can be easily converted from 24-inch to 26-inch wheels, since the kids will grow up very fast so that the parents can save an amount of money for their bike and it is still suitable for kids even when they are getting taller.


  • Easy convert to 26-inch wheels
  • Comfortable fore and aft
  • Fit design


  • Tires might be small when riding on some roads.
  • Have no seat behind.

Not reasonable price for internal cable routing


In general, this model creates a comfortable design for kids and can be reused even while they grow up. Also, this provides a comfortable design for children to ride on their adventure.


Top 2: Norco Fluid FS Kid Mountain Bike

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Produced in British Columbia, Norco Fluid FS is introduced as an improved design that provides a unique combination between fitting and handling to boost your experiences on every path. The most significant feature of this model is the aluminum frame is made by 6061, it is welded very smooth, and its tube size maintains ride quality across roads. Besides, the smart transmission also helps to sustain a quiet journey.

The Norco Fluid FS features 120 mm of buoyant rear adjustment, opted to fork 145mm. The high speed provides fast, stable shifts, and the piston brakes will give you immediate prevention if your kid is active and wants to get fun out of hand.


  • Containing lots of fork travel and smart frames
  • Standard tires
  • The back seat is secure for children.
  • A neat internal transmission


  • The tool brake price is not reasonable.


The bike with a specific aluminum frame will be along with you in every path very smoothly as they provide innovative motion to maintain a peaceful itinerary.


Top 3: Commencal Clash Kid Mountain Bike

Commencal Meta AM1 MTB Full Suspension Bike

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If you are looking for a sporty bike for your kid and your children want to travel to a big road,  Commencal Clash 24 is the best option ever. Here are reasons why you should choose.

Firstly, the geometry of the bike has been reviewed in depth. The uphill riding position is upgraded thanks to a strengthened tube and a straighter seat tube angle. In the downhill, the longer the area reach, the more stability will speed up more stability,

Moreover, this model is proper for a rider in various shapes, from smallest to 27.5-inch wheels and suits for other riders with shorter roads according to brand information.

In brief, this bike is perfect for a long-travel rider with lots of comfort and energy for kids if they want to chill with their friends.


  • Standard back seat
  • Clever geometry design


  • Quite expensive
  • The tire’s cost is not reasonable.


Commencal Clash is one of the most bike mountains for kids, building up their confidence and interest in riding because of their proper design and balance.


Top 4: Huffy Kids Hardtail Kid Mountain Bike

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Huffy deserves to be on the list among the big names of mountain bikes for kids because of its best functions and intelligent design.

Huffy contains enormous features that are quite friendly for children and easy to use. The first thing is this bike provides a compact design that can help children’s journey goes well. Equipped with a modern grip brake, which is quite simple for children to use, it is sufficiently strong to stop for a while.

The combination between metal wheels, aluminum framework, and large tires perfectly match every path – even on the most challenging road. Besides, the place is quite relatively easy to modify, and the backward component follows Japan’s standard also helps to adapt to children’s improvement. Parents are not worried about putting more money on a bike when they grow up.

In summary, this bike design is more appropriate for smaller kids since its functions are quite manageable and propitious.


  • High-quality tires and brakes
  • Perfect design for small children


  • The brand should improve the brake’s quality.
  • Pedals are not always in stable condition.


This model is a perfect choice for both children and parents due to its utmost and convenience. Besides, it can be adapted quickly with kids’ growing without any changes in design.


Top 5: Diamondback Cobra Kid Mountain Bike

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The US’s brand will not make you disappointed because of its functions and flexibility.

The first impression calls for fancy detail, such as an advanced stretch skeleton. The internal cable is settled along with the bike’s side, which is very convenient for kids traveling on the paths. The framework is made from high-quality aluminum, which is substantial enough for children.

On the other hand, the bike’s saddle and backward components regulate and make children more enjoyable in the journey. Moreover, the brake system is quite exquisite and proper for children. They are not as strong as adults, so they prefer an easy and straightforward brake to handle and modify during an adventure.

One last thing is the super wheel, and it can be a ride on an even dangerous path with abrupt topography. This ability to maintain a smooth itinerary for kids the whole time.

Overall, this American’s brand bike mountain associated multiple features for kids on every road with a reasonable cost level.


  • High quality of the framework
  • Adjustment fork restricts barriers on the road.
  • Powertrain with high speed for larger gear-wheel


  • The frame is a bit heavy.


The specific framework combines with an adjustable back seat is one of the most bright signs. Children will be more enjoyable when riding with that bike and give them more chances for discovering our world!


Top 6: Mongoose Ledge Kid Mountain Bike

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If we talk about the best bike mountain for kids, we need to name Mongoose in the list.

This bike is designed and produced by alloy, which can reduce plump for children while riding. Moreover, the suspension system is also stand helping riders to have a stable journey without any distractions.

Except for that, this bike provides over 20 speeds for children to choose and it owns a crankshaft that can support children when they cross for challenges in the path. Also, the backward tires are equipped by shock- down system that increases the road area’s grip to maintain the journey.

Shortly, if you are looking for a high-quality bike mountain for kids, this bike should be on the top, and it is super proper for children because of its durability and substantially.


  • Perfect features
  • Improved geometry
  • Durable tires
  • Control brake easily


  • The seat is not comfortable.
  • Proper for small children


Mongoose Ledge is an excellent choice for kids at a reasonable price with all famous’s brands. The combination between a high tensile framework and brakes makes this bike become one of the best options for kids.


Why Should Buy Kid Mountain Bike?

As we know that, nowadays there are more and more choices for us to choose a bike for children since lots of brands has researched and classified bike kid mountain as their essential products.

Why mountain bike for kid plays a vital role now?

Mountain bike is a funny thing for children, and it is challenging and healthy and helps children have a chance to broaden their minds and activities, rather than stay at home surfing the Internet or playing with some boring thing.

On top of that, the kid bike mountain owns its design for children, which perfectly fits their height and ability. This point motivates them to hang out and discover more paths than they have ever been.

Apart from that, instead of buying a playing game which costs over one thousand dollars, the parents can save more money to buy a mountain bike, since after using a long time and your kid is getting taller, you still can resell your bike with reasonable price. That is a good deal at all!

Owning a customized bike for yourself is also a merry for children. They would be happier and confident to go out, even with family or friends. This feature leads them to increase their creativity since they need to know how to use and protect their treasure.


Who Should Buy Kid Mountain Bike?

The children are target riders for the kid mountain bike. Ideally, the range age should be from 9 to 14 years old.

Most of the brands provide various types for each age, which depends on physical and ability. If your kid is under nine years old, you should consider very carefully before choosing a bike, since most of kid mountain bike requires rider need to have relatively good health and understand how to use it.

Besides, your kids should be a person who has ambitious with discovering and riding; otherwise, the bike will not be useful for them, since the children are often getting bored speedy and find exciting things in the short term. Thus, when you spend lots of money, and your children lost excitement right after, it wastes money and time.


Final Words

In conclusion, a mountain bike for the kid is a perfect option for families whose kids are active and want to broaden their creativity. However, it also suitable for coward kids since it can boost their confidence inside. Now start researching and choose the best selection for your demand and enjoy your free time with a great bike mountain!

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