Traffic Jams And Parking Issues Will Never Happen With Our Top 6 Best Folding Bikes

In the modern days, with the rising traffic congestion in rush hours along with the rising cost of petrol and road taxes causing many bad effects on human life, cycling has become the best way to escape from these problems.

Using bikes instead of cars or other means of transport that need petrol and diesel not only help people reduce the daily cost but also improve their health and keep staying away from the traffic jams every morning. However, it is not easy to bring your bicycle to the offices, cafeteria, or convenience stores? That is the reason why folding bikes came in. The following article will provide some necessary information to help you find the best folding bikes update 2021



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Top 6 Best Folding Bikes Update 2021

Top 1: Schwinn Loop 20-inch Wheels Folding Bike For Adult

Schwinn Loop 20-inch Wheels Folding Bike For Adult

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Schwinn Loop 20-inch folding bicycle for adults succeeded in producing a folding bike with a deluxe look but still accessible to those who don’t have a high income.
With the weight of nearly 34 pounds – of course, this product is not really lightweight for a folding bike.
The Loop uses a really simple hinge, which is placed on the main tube of the frame, near the crankset.
The center of Schwinn Loop’s folding bike is the frame made of reinforced aluminum, which surely improves the stability and the strength on the daily use of the riders.
Using 20-inch wheels made from alloy and 30 spokes help prevent rims’ bending.


  • Like a regular full-size bike
  • Easy and quick folding
  • Offer a total of 7 gears for the best speed and maintain high within space allowed.
  • Great folded size goes along with a handle that makes it easy to carry.


  • 34 pounds is quite heavy for a folding bike.
  • The tires used are not the best ones. You will need to upgrade them for a better experience.

Great price for all the quality parts used and features mentioned above, this folding bike from Schwinn Loop is highly recommended when you need to buy a foldable bike.


Top 2: EuroMini Folding Bike ZiZZO Campo

EuroMini Folding Bike ZiZZO Campo

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Made from aluminum, the mainframe of this folding bike is just 28 pounds. This frame is also one of the simplest frame designs that help users fold it up just in seconds and easy to take along so that you will never be worried when leaving it outside.
Providing 7 gears for the best speed and a shifter style of grip.
Easy to fold with a single fold stem. The folded bike’s frame can be held securely by a magnet catcher along with folding pedals.
Uses 20-inch multi-terrain kind of tires and v-style for the brakes.
Folded size is pretty small and lightweight.


  • Lightweight and simple frame design
  • Well balanced and safety
  • Using multi-terrain kind of tires is perfect for roads as well as trails
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • 7-speed gearing


  • There are no fenders and carry rack used
  • Flimsy Pedals

If you’re finding a lightweight foldable bike for daily use in the city or trail riding also, this Euromini Zizzo folding bicycle will make you satisfied.


Top 3: Xspec 20″ 7 Speed Folding Commuter Bike

Xspec 20" 7 Speed Folding Commuter Bike

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Another folding bike in our top list will make you want to get it as soon as possible. As the 2 folding bikes mentioned above, this bike from Xspec offers 7 gears for a better experience in speed and 20-inch tires for stability and security. The best feature that makes this item become the perfect choice for students or commuters is that it can be folded into a small size that fits the car’s trunk. The users can fold it just in seconds and carry it with them anywhere they go.

The seat is adjustable and comfortable for riders from 5 feet to over 6 feet tall.


  • Great price for everyone
  • Easy and quick to fold or unfold
  • Adjustable and Comfortable seat
  • Gear can be changed smoothly


  • Shock absorbers are not provided.
  • Pretty heavier than other folding bikes.
  • Fenders are a little bit flimsy.

Although the weight of this bike is a little bit higher than other folding bikes on the market, the entire bike, after being folded, is still easy to carry. The price is also reasonable for the different income ranges.


Top 4: Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

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With the minimalist in designing using no shifters and V-brakes, this folding bike from Vilano Urbana offers a lower price than many bikes on all the ground. The mainframe is made of aluminum, so the bike’s weight is just around 21.5 pounds, and the size after being folded is a plus point that makes a lot of people choose this one.

As the coaster brake is equipped with this bike, the riders might find it’s not familiar when using it; you just need to backpedal to stop instead of using V- brake. But it’s not a big deal, you will find it better than the design using v-brakes and it helps optimize the folded size of the bike.


  • Easily foldable feature and lightweight
  • Cheaper than most folding bikes


  • Using cheap materials

Vilano Urbana brings us a good bike at a lower price when we can’t afford other expensive folding bikes. This is the reason why the product is highly recommended.


Top 5: IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer Folding Bike

IDS Home unYOUsual U Transformer Folding Bike

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This 20″ Folding Bike probably will give you better experiences than what you expect in a foldable bike with the price considered cheap.

Most people are surprised at their first ride on it. The product will give you the feel of reliability and stability. The adjustable and comfortable seat is also a feature that is popularly mentioned.

In addition, this folding bike has flawless gear shifting and the brakes reliably and smoothly working.


  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Easily folding process.
  • Smoothly brakes and gear shifting.


  • Heavier than other folding bikes
  • Flimsy plastic chain guard

With an affordable cost and containing a wide list of the best features, the drawback in weight does not make this product less popular.


Top 6: EuroMini Urbano Folding-Bike

EuroMini Urbano Folding-Bike

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Another product from EuroMini but with the lightest weight in the wide range of products from this brand.
It is considered as one of the best folding bikes with smooth riding and a spread shifter with 8 gears.
The adjustable stem makes it more popular with people from under 5 feet height to over 6 feet height.
Easily for folding in seconds with the folded size is just like a backpack.


  • Solid and stable frame
  • smoothly 8-speed shifter
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • More color options
  • Lightweight


  • No rack and fenders are offered

A little bit costly than all the products mentioned above, but this EuroMini Folding bike is one of the best-selling bikes recently with its best features.


Why should we buy a folding bike?

If someone suggests you buy a foldable bike, you will question yourself why I should buy a foldable bike and does it have anything better than the normal one? Besides, because this type can be folded up into a size just like a big size backpack, still, there is a prejudice against folding bikes from most people that the price of folding bikes is always higher than a regular bike. This opinion has no longer been true with the improvement in the use of materials in production and the optimization in designing.

If we have to use just one word to describe folding bikes, “practical” will come up immediately in our minds. After reading the following points, we surely believe that your point of view about this foldable bike will change and you will want to get yourself one immediately.

Simple to use

Cycling is for everyone. You don’t have to take the license test to be capable of riding it. Just follow some easy rules. However, a helmet is needed for safe cycling.

Security and Convenient

With a few easy steps, this type of bike will be folded up into a small size that you can carry into your home, your office, or even on a train. Your worry of parking and being stolen will disappear.

Save space and money

Your house does not have a garage? Your workplace collects parking fees? Or the increase in petrol costs makes you stressed? All you need to do is owing to a foldable bike. You will never face these problems anymore.

Best Folding Bikes
Best Folding Bikes

Who should buy a folding bike?

With all the benefits mentioned above, there’s no doubt that folding bikes can use for anyone, any occasion, and with any purpose.

Thanks to the function that can be folded up into small size, it’s perfect for employees with low income, they can save time to go to the station, and also be allowed to take it on the train or bus. Parking fees, road taxes, petrol costs or whatever, they no longer have to think about these troubles anymore. This is not mean that the ones who use cars do not need this product; they can also fold up and put it in the car trunk and bring it with them on any trip.

Besides, folding bike manufacturers have been focusing more on improving the functions, sizes, and designs so that not only an adult can use folding bikes, but also kids. In addition, some folding bike brands have launched products with two seats for parents and their children can ride together.

Using electricity as the energy to work instead of cycling is also a plus point of a new kind of folding bike in recent years. The old can use it without being tired of cycling by themselves with the support of electricity.

To sum up, with the improvement in using materials for the frame and the variety in frame design as well as functions along with the price not too high without requirements of petrol and license, folding bikes are becoming more and more popular with every range of ages.



Is folding a folding bike easy?

Folding a foldable bike is not difficult. Despite having different frame designs, all folding bikes can be folded up follow 4 steps:

  1. Lower the bike’s saddles and the handles
  2. Move onto smaller parts like pedals and stand
  3. Continue by folding it into half of the bike’s frame
  4. Finishing by folding the handlebar down across the frame


Does the speed of folding bikes is affected because of using small wheels?

Most people think that using small wheels will make folding bike riding slower than regular bikes. But the surprising fact is that small wheels give us better acceleration and do not require as much force from legs as big wheels to pedal. Some people may think it’s not easy to control folding bikes at the first time of use because they are not familiar with this type of wheel but most of them just need about 5 to 10 minutes to get used to riding folding bikes.


How can I choose the best foldable bike for traveling?

When you’re on holiday, you actually will not just take a long ride, you may want to walk around to enjoy the landscape and the atmosphere of the local, but it’s too tiring to walk all day long or to find a place for cars parking in tourist places too crowded makes you stressed. Folding bikes will make all those not be a big deal anymore. But there are many kinds of fold-up bikes on the market and you will wonder which one is best for your trip.

There are 2 main points to consider when choosing a perfect folding bike for your tour:

Easy and quick to fold is an ideal feature when you want to take a look around because you will need to fold your bike up and unfold it a lot of times.

Along with the folding feature, the folding size of your bike is also a crucial factor. Some public spaces do not allow people to take their bikes in, but with a small folding size, you can carry your bike into any public areas you want.

In brief, having a folding bike not only helps you solve many transport issues but also helps you save money and living space because it doesn’t require a large space to store. This is also a method to keep you healthy and active.

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